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  • by Gerry McGovern
    Do people search using basic, simple, old words? But when they arrive at a Web site, are they moved to action by more emotive, sophisticated The Web is the land of the word. Getting your words exactly right can mean the difference between success and Frank Luntz is a bit ... more
  • by Spike Jones
    Even the most innovative, out-of-the-box (man I hate that phrase) ads aren't pushing sales anymore. Let me back I'm sure that by now you've seen those different Volkswagen where the people are just driving along talking about random things and suddenly get in an accident? The first time I saw ... more
  • by Lewis Green
    Our jobs and our businesses make every effort to get inside our heads and eat away whatever common sense we may possess. If we allow those nemeses to conquer our heads, the heart may soon follow. The old boxing maxim is "kill the body and the head dies." Perhaps the ... more
  • by Jeanne Bliss
    Companies deliver customers a defaulted, unplanned experience... THEN Why don't they like us The truth the experience many of you are delivering to your customers today is likely a blueprint of your organization Think about it. Sales does their own thing, then marketing. Service is not connected, and of course, ... more
  • by Laurel Delaney
    A question that is asked of me often is "How do I develop trust in the global marketplace?" Nobody knows this topic better than Dr. Marsha Firestone, founder and president of the Women Presidents' Organization (WPO), a nonprofit membership organization of women presidents running multimillion-dollar "Recently, we celebrated five very ... more
  • by Ted Mininni
    Just when I thought American 's last season might be the beginning of the end, the show surprised with its , ever this past week. Last , American Idol failed to give us anything inventive or new in the way it selects its potential new Idol–deadly in the entertainment business–but ... more
  • by Andrea Learned
    Test your own brain with "sex i.d. (on the BBC site) to see where it tracks on the continuum between feminine and As the site points The results are based on the angles, spot the difference, 3D shapes and words Bear in mind that your performance may be affected by ... more
  • by Harry Joiner
    Here's a question I saw today on For those familiar with Scouting and the rank of Eagle What is your opinion of its value to a young man's future...? My    Some of the best candidates I have ever worked with were Eagle Scouts.  Last year, I placed a 34-year ... more
  • by Lewis Green
    Marked the 21st Century by appointing a Consumer Advocate. For a company dealing in privacy and security, this seems a large step forward. Is ChoicePoint listening? Maybe or maybe calls itself "a leading provider of decision-making information and technology that helps reduce fraud and mitigate risk." In an article by ... more
  • by BL Ochman
    Be Sounds simplistic, but most post Share what you . People like posts they can learn from. Don't worry about giving away ideas. Those are a dime a dozen. People who can make ideas work are rare as hen's Learn from David Make Top 10 White space is one of ... more
  • by Laurel Delaney
    Before going global, you must develop the right mindset. And that's exactly what Giselle , founder and president of , did before she launched her Swiss watch She thought globally. Famous for successfully launching the children's watch called Flik Flak during her tenure with The Swatch Group, Rufer says it ... more
  • by Suzanne Lowe
    It appears that these differing expectations, and the evolution of the role of professional services marketer, have begun to fall into two distinct camps, both of which are grounded in expertise: the efficiency specialist, and the analytical specialist/market creator. more
  • by Roger von Oech
    Recently, the author has heard the term "mantra" used much more in a business context, as in a "guiding principle" that inspires you to do whatever special things you do. In the past it might have called a "motto," or a "creative strategy," but today... it's a mantra. So what's your ... more
  • by Jodi Bash
    There are many resources on the Web for small budgets, and they can enhance the way you interact with your customers. They key is to understand what you need and find the service that best fits your needs. more
  • by Nilofer Merchant
    Most companies don't know what to do to systematically guide this new breed of consumer marketing advocates. But you can build a "program" that will enable you to access and develop a dialogue with these key influencers. more
  • by Susan Solomon
    Rejecting corporate games is risky, especially for marketers who need to be—and should be— team players. The author writes from many years of experience engineering scavenger hunts through Disneyland and cruise ships, directing countless silly videos and employee film fests, and choreographing send-up musicals, dance-a-thons and sing-alongs. more
  • by Hank Stroll
    Marketing team members, as well as services and sales employees, must work together like this season's football players to achieve company goals. Read on for excellent advice on how to work better as a team. more
  • by Tim Jackson
    As if the cost of gas alone wasn't enough to make your gut gurgle and grumble, now... gasp... the pumps are equipped with little television monitors blaring ads at you while you pump your hard-earned dollars into your After breakfast with this morning, I headed across the street to the ... more
  • by Lewis Green
    The and and the overwhelming attention given to its introduction leads me to Are we becoming less human as we gravitate more and more toward Is the cell phone better for humanity now that its multi-faceted features allow us to live within its fascination, removing us from the environment in ... more
  • Case Study: Smart Marcomm Strategy Enables Precision Manufacturer to Nearly Double Sales in One Year
    by Stephanie G. Hlavin
    In the world of engineers, where numbers and measurable impacts reign supreme, marketing communications may seem like a bunch of mumbo jumbo, a pointless exercise in corporate frivolity. But not to electronics components manufacturer Minco. more
  • by Greg Verdino
    Yesterday was the MarketingProfs virtual seminar, Hitchhiker's Guide to the A Marketer's Tour of Second .  Fellow Digitasian John and I, with help from MProfs maven Ann , led more than 200 marketers on a wild whirl through the We focused on three key well-trafficked ingidenous Second Life sims (in ... more
  • by Elaine Fogel
    A 2006 survey of 143 women by Women in , a professional networking organization in San Jose, California, found that 66 percent of those surveyed had launched firms that focus on marketing -- from public relations to brand management. Turns out that marketing is a strong draw for Francesca Di ... more
  • by Andrea Learned
    If you come across it in your nightly viewing, pay attention to the new Let It " ad campaign for It updates the venerable brand through clever use of story, the appropriate inclusion of "real" people (and - by that I mean, where it makes sense and not just using ... more

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