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  • by Nedra Kline Weinreich
    Back in the '50s, Gerhard Wiebe asked the question "Why can't you sell brotherhood like you sell soap?" and thus the field of social was born.* This question has formed the basis of wide-ranging efforts addressing issues like preventing youth , promoting , staving off bacterial infections from , stopping ... more
  • by Lewis Green
    Recently I found myself in a contemplative mood. Not unsual, as I try to think within myself daily. However, what brings me to this writing is that my friend David Armano finds himself in a similar place. In We Are , David "But today I was reminded about what really ... more
  • by Ted Mininni
    Scuttlebutt has it that Whole opened its latest supermarket just before the holidays in North Dallas with a full-service spa–so customers can get off the merry-go-round for a brief respite in the midst of their busy Think of WF is offering customers the ultimate pampering... a choice of various kinds ... more
  • by Jim Kukral
    I'm not a money guy. I know very little about valuations and stocks and well, pretty much anything that has to do with valuing a company monetarily. Fortunately for me, when I rolled off that ironing board at 6 months old (true story) and landed on my head on the ... more
  • by Ann Handley
    Has Second Life peaked? Gartner analyst Steve Prentice recently predicted a in Second Life hype, followed by a stablization and eventual trend toward sustainable in this burgeoning Meanwhile, bloggers and other social media sorts have been debating whether Second Life is so... well, Digitas's Greg Verdino suspects that he might ... more
  • by Alain Thys
    By now you should be close to having all of your top-line budgets approved and be heavily into the detail of spending the marketing funds you've just been entrusted with. Yet before you rush off to fill the pockets of agency wizards and media-moguls, I'd like to stir things up ... more
  • by Jeanne Bliss
    Anyone traveling this holiday season could feel the cuts. There was less staff and less flexibility and just plain less of everything it We picked December 30 to fly because this middle time between the holidays is usually a safe bet for smooth Not so much this year. We got ... more
  • by Paul McCord
    One of the critical parts of generating a large number of quality referrals is, of course, getting quality referrals, as opposed to just getting names and phone numbers. You can assure yourself of getting quality referrals if you take the time to learn who your client knows prior to asking for ... more
  • by Lynn Hunsaker
    Lemonade is refreshing, particularly on a hot day. With a little sugar and a lot of squeezing, sour lemons are transformed into a nice, healthy source of sustenance. Similarly, profitable customer loyalty can be a healthy source of sustenance for brand equity and a powerhouse on hot days of competition. But ... more
  • by Ann Handley
    Gartner recently predicted a drop off in Second Life hype, followed by a stablization and eventual trend toward sustainable growth in this burgeoning metaverse. Meanwhile, bloggers and other social media sorts have been debating whether Second Life is so... well, 2006. Greg Verdino admits that he might have contributed to ... more
  • by Peter Cohan
    Practicing these eight simple strategies will help reduce your quarterly revenues, delay deals, and consume resources foolishly. But making a few changes may move you from being a "victim of momentum" to achieving your numbers predictably. more
  • by Richard Buck
    There are a number of questions marketers should explore when creating and nurturing an online branded community. more
  • by Paige Booth
    What does Mickey Mouse have to do with higher education? Several administrators from St. Edward's University found themselves pondering that unusual question several years ago as they filed into a classroom at the Disney Institute. They came to Orlando, with a tinge of skepticism, to attend a business seminar on applying ... more
  • by Lewis Green
    Foolish you. If you won't listen to "who's he to tell us" guys like me, at least take a hint from the famous Mr. Peter Drucker, who said, Business has only two functions -- marketing and Still not convinced? Then check this According to a just-published article in eMarketer entitled ... more
  • by Laurel Delaney
    Following up on last week's , here are more ideas to inspire you to respond exactly to the needs of your customers in a whole new way in 2007, and to fuel greater global sales growth and profitability for your 1. Cross fertilize your marketing efforts through a variety of ... more
  • by Gerry McGovern
    Who would have thought that the emergence of the Web would have initiated a text revolution? Never before have so many people read and written so Fifteen years ago, if a journalist had asked you to predict what life would be like in 2007, what would you have said? Would ... more
  • by Ted Mininni
    Inevitably, with the beginning of a new year, we all stop and reflect back on the year, the people and the events that have also passed. One of the great architects of the NBA–Arnold "Red" Auerbach, died on October 28, 2006. He was 89 years old, and he had spent ... more
  • by Andrea Learned
    As we close out 2006, one thing I've noticed is that today's technology seems to help men embrace their supposed "feminine" brain traits for connecting without being considered You've likely experienced the women don't phenomenon to some degree. But women aren't necessarily the only ones with empathic brain traits driving ... more
  • by Laurel Delaney
    In the new year, what is your global strategy? Your answer is a decision that reflects an analysis of market potential, company capabilities, and the degree of marketing involvement and commitment your management team is prepared to And since strategy drives how we react and address the business issues we ... more
  • by Alain Thys
    Imagine the following situation. A man sees an attractive woman at a party. They talk and decide to have a few dates. After giving all the right signals for being a loyal, caring, trustworthy and relationship-oriented guy, he convinces her to spend the night. The next day he is gone ... more
  • by Paul Barsch
    A Jackson Pollock painting is auctioned and sold in November 2006 for $140m. Michael Graves' teakettle 9093 sells briskly for $145, while its limited edition predecessor sells for $25,000. Al Yeganeh's seafood soup sells for $30 a quart. What gives and what do all these examples have in Perusing the ... more
  • by Ann Handley
    Last January 19, Publisher Allen Weiss sent me an email from his office in LA. "Hi Ann," Allen wrote. "Just want to confirm your interest in the blog concept...? Should be done within 7 days with a basic layout...." I wrote back from Boston within a few minutes, "Are you ... more

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