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  • by Andrea Learned
    Ghost writers can't write blogs for They can't cover the unique range of topics that might pop into your head and they can't present it, no matter how much they study up on you, as authentically as, well,... as only you In an article about CEOs and blogging in last ... more
  • by Eric Frenchman
    So the stage is set for today's big showdown between Ned Lamont and Joe Lieberman for the democratic Senate primary in Assuming you are not, as my friend Becki D says, a political wonk, here's a run down and why I think it is very interesting On one side, you ... more
  • by Promise Phelon
    Why should you create a Voice of the Customer program? And what steps should you take to do so? more
  • by Brent Hill
    There's an invasion of little orange buttons on Web sites, and it has nothing to do with a new marketing campaign from Home Depot. Often labeled "XML," "RSS," or more recently "Subscribe," feeds are playing a leading role in the user-controlled distribution and fragmentation of Web content. more
  • by David Sroka
    A customer reference program can have a significant impact on all customer-related functions in an enterprise. To maximize and demonstrate the strategic business benefits of a program, an effective RMS needs—at a minimum—the following capabilities.... more
  • by Paul Barsch
    It is the beginning of the fiscal year, and the marketing budget is fully funded. Giddy with delight, you begin diligently signing contracts and distributing spend for marketing investments throughout the year. But pretty soon, you begin to get the funny feeling that something—perhaps the cost-cutting chainsaw—is in the offing. Your ... more
  • by Hank Stroll
    This week: When done right, desktop-based applications are beneficial tools that give marketers a way to keep customers engaged with their company by providing them with entertainment, information, or functionality. Here's how marketers are tapping into their power. more
  • by Cliff Kurtzman
    The growth of MySpace has been front and center in the media over the past 12 months, in part because of the continued incredible growth of the venture but also because of social outrage generated by those who view it as an inappropriate and unsafe environment for teenagers. Here, Cliff looks ... more
  • by Mario Sundar
    I have a penchant for corporate blog rankings Top 10 Corporate , Top 10 CEO ) and in the spirit of extending my trivia pursuit to Corporate Marketing Blogs, I decided to investigate the state of CMO ...(meaning blogs of C-level Chief Marketing Officers at corporations, agencies). The result was ... more
  • by Michael Perla
    Mary , the relatively new CMO of likes to talk about 10 primal "need states" (e.g., hunger and thirst, health and beauty, etc.) in understanding the triggers around a customer purchasing one of Coke's products, according to an interesting article I read in in this It's not anything new per ... more
  • by Harry Joiner
    As a #0000ff;" management , job seekers frequently ask me if they should carry a business card for job searching purposes.  My answer is yes, especially if they are unemployed during their job search.  But what should your card Think of your business card as a tiny direct marketing   ... more
  • by Sara Holoubek
    I am sitting at some awful government building waiting to renew my passport before a 9pm flight tonight. I had thought the in person service was supposed to be a breeze. I was My number, A3543, is still about 100 people away and I am stuck in a dreary gray ... more
  • by Shelley Ryan
    Http:// more
  • by Shelley Ryan
    I'm thinking that my tithe to might not be the best self-promotional strategy when it comes to See and you'll get what I more
  • by Ted Mininni
    Due to the interest I've gotten on a recent blog entry which was a commentary on a business I had read on employee value, and the discussion it sparked, I thought it might be a good idea to do more than comment on someone else's opinions on the What is ... more
  • by Jim Kelly
    Our stellar customer service maven at MarketingProfs, Shelley Ryan, received a letter from a participant in a recent company event complaining about a typo in our collateral Shelley responded by saying, "Yes, this bugs me too. Have you ever read Eats, Shoots & The Zero Tolerance Approach to A brilliant ... more
  • by Ann Handley
    The weekly Top 25 Marketing list has become something of an institution in BlogLand. Every Monday morning, Mack Collier updates his list, and Top 25ers and wannabes flock to The Viral like kids to Santa's This week, MarketingProfs Daily Fix debuts on the Top 25 list, making it Christmas in ... more
  • by Jim Lenskold
    Jeanne Bliss just wrote a wonderful article for on how survey-based success metrics are manipulated to help meet and exceed Read the article, titled "Is Your Company a Customer Survey Score Jeanne shares how companies set metrics like customer satisfaction, loyalty and net promoter scores to measure their performance without ... more
  • by Gerry McGovern
    It has rarely made sense for a business to advertise its weaknesses. Until the Web, that There is a book on called Introducing Operations . It has received a one-star average from readers.One review "I am a senior in college and I have used and read many, many textbooks but ... more
  • by Teri Sawers
    "User-generated content" is much more than today's most tossed-around-the-tongue buzzword. It's the difference between having a flood of site traffic or just a trickle. Empower your users to create information that their peers want to see, and your site becomes a living, breathing place to be. Profiles, photos, and blogs ... more
  • by David Sroka
    A reference management system is an important part of customer relationship management. But if you're waiting for this functionality to get added to your CRM system, don't hold your breath. This is the first part of a two-part article that examines the importance of an RMS and the choices available ... more
  • by Jim Lenskold
    Much as you might dread it, planning and budgeting are not going away. So you may as well make the effort to get more value out of the process. It's actually an ideal time for putting basic ROI analysis to use. Here are four ways to use financial insight to ... more
  • by Mike McLaughlin
    The elevator speech is that tightly scripted, 30-second introduction that should pack as much information about a person as possible in an engaging, persuasive, and interesting way, right? Unfortunately, even the "best" elevator speech can be an express trip to oblivion instead of a shining personal marketing moment. more

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