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  • by Nilofer Merchant
    Many of the new technologies that get hype today won't matter down the road. But there are always a few in the mix that need to be considered deeply. Granted, figuring out the difference is hard, especially with the high volume of noise that can exist in coverage of the ... more
  • by BL Ochman
    Blog advertising expenditures have exploded in the past year. Companies can make a really big brand splash for relatively little money, meaning that blogs provide advertisers an excellent opportunity to reach a devoted audience niche. But blog numbers, until recently, have been little more than curiosities to big brands. more
  • by Mack Collier
    In the past few months, I've seen a pair of perfect examples of what can happen when marketers take the time to and empower their One example came from a maker of scissors that empowered their community, and an unsigned band on MySpace that joined theirs. What intrigued me about ... more
  • by John Jantsch
    The business world is all abuzz with Chris Anderson's best seller, The Long , but after a read I found myself that the book's primary premise was one of those treatises that sounded good on paper, but would never really mean much to the real world business. The usual suspects, ... more
  • by Suzanne Lowe
    Just today, I had conversations with two people with different levels of seniority and in different professional sectors about a scenario I had hoped would never occur as a firm rakes in the revenues and profits, resistance builds to investing in tomorrow's marketplace Conversation A marketing manager in a very ... more
  • by Eric Ward
    Social Linking (some call it "social annotation") is when one person tells another person about a Web site, not by email or IM, but rather by using a third party service like or Millions of people have accounts at services like these, and they are growing faster than you can ... more
  • by John Jantsch
    The title of this post is a question I field often. When I poll a room of small business owners I get lots of different answers, most, more or less, pointing to advertising or other lead generation To some extent the confusion comes from textbook definitions that don't translate well ... more
  • by Allen Weiss
    Congratulations to Technorati for turning 3 and changing the look and feel of its Web site, which you can read about Lots of Web sites make changes to improve the customer interface, but it's service that is still at the heart and soul of customer experience. And in that regard, ... more
  • by Ted Mininni
    Now I know this has nothing to do with marketing, PR or But Bruce Nussbaum, editor of the Innovation section of Business made a blog on July 10th that was so compelling, I just had to discuss James Dyson Sets Up the Dyson School of Design . Wow. The James ... more
  • by Mike Wagner
    Http:// more
  • by Elaine Fogel
    You've seen them before and you'll see them again. The boo-boos. The spelling errors. The simple typos that could have been avoided had someone taken the time to use spellcheck or proofed their writing one more I keep a file of marketing boo-boos. Not because I like to wallow in ... more
  • by Mario Sundar
    If some of you are wondering who Doc is, I suggest you take a ride in the Cluetrain -- one of the seminal works of our times that serves as an operations manual for businesses operating in this newly connected Doc Searls is one of the four authors of the ... more
  • by Suzanne Lowe
    Whoa -- and Hurray. I just read Ben McConnell's post Marketing isn't broke; it's Even though he cites the of Forrester's Peter Kim, it's clear Ben is pretty peeved. As for me, I am at once astounded that these issues are being addressed in "traditional" companies, and thrilled that the ... more
  • by Alain Thys
    In our million-channel world, it is the brands whose customers tell the best stories that win. Yet how often do we give them "real stories" to How many of the things we communicate make their conversations more interesting? Is our brand's story actually sufficiently clear to tell, at So, to ... more
  • by Jeanne Bliss
    Is your commitment to customers real? Or are you merely jockeying for position on the latest customer scoreboard? more
  • by Jeff Thull
    Your initial contact with a prospective customer leaves little margin for error. The first conversation is the most critical and least forgiving point of the entire sales process. Within the first 20 seconds you must simultaneously establish relevance and credibility—or you will be dismissed as just more marketing noise in ... more
  • by Denise Shiffman
    With all the emphasis these days on getting your message out using online media, we simply forget to focus on how to develop the right message. Many a company goes to market without having fully defined its customer value proposition. Don't make that mistake. more
  • by Nilofer Merchant
    Do your customers look at your products with the same eager anticipation as they once did? Have your customers stayed "married" to you? Would you consider them still in love—or waiting it out until someone better comes along? more
  • by Kevin Hillstrom
    Today's multichannel catalog/online environment is a lot like the summer county fair. In fact, there are some surprisingly apt comparisons. more
  • by Gunjan Anurag, Kiran Murthi
    Emerging economies are home to 84% of the global population and account for almost half the world's production. What's more, these regions are home to relatively inexperienced (and apparently, therefore, impressionable) populations and potentially high purchasing power. Clearly, this represents a real opportunity if there ever was one. Or does it? more
  • by Eric Frenchman
    So I've been reading Mark Cuban's blog for a while and I usually find his non-basketball posts interesting, especially the one he posted the other day called The Movie Business The post starts off with this "This is an open challenge. You come up with a solution, you get a ... more
  • by Mack Collier
    Recently Universal Studios did something incredibly smart. One of their representatives contacted Chris Thilk. Chris runs the blog Movie Marketing , which, as the name suggests, covers all things movie Periodically, Chris will publish a 'Movie Marketing Madness' post for a particular upcoming movie, where Chris will meticulously detail every ... more
  • by Suzanne Lowe
    Recently, with what I thought was reasonable clarity, I made a decision to attend an This week, after having attended the event, I realized that it actually "cost" me more -- not in money, but in the expenditure of personal energy -- to attend than I had originally thought it ... more

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