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  • by Eric Ward
    With roughly 20,000 press releases a week injected into the webosphere, I'm wistful for the day back in 1995 when I sent one of my very first email-based press releases to announce a web site for Annie Through the magic of Google and Deja that press release is still out ... more
  • by Mike Wagner
    There are at least two big ways to get laughs .... - tell a joke or do A comedian who simply tells jokes is trying to sell the audience a clever story and a punch line. Their laughter. On a good night their warehouse of punch lines "sells" like hotcakes. ... more
  • by Ann Handley
    Are you going to ? I am, as an invited "embedded blogger," so to speak, and I'd love to see you I don't attend many marketing conferences these days. Fun as many are, the truth is that I am so swamped with the day-to-day business of producing all manner of ... more
  • by Roy Young
    Cheryl Keener, recently named senior director of customer development at Sunnyvale, CA-based Network Appliance, leads her company's "Evidence to Win" program. In part, the program is designed to cultivate positive relationships with major customers by documenting the success stories that customers tell as a result of using NetApp's products. Here, Keener ... more
  • by Robert Moreau
    Marketing departments perform many tasks throughout the year: hiring good talent, keeping quality employees, choosing the right communications strategy, improving ROI, and generating higher quality leads for Sales. But with increasing competition and diminishing budgets, achieving these goals is becoming increasingly difficult. Fortunately, there is a crucial step that marketing departments ... more
  • by Ted Mininni
    What does it really take to cement brand loyalty? In addition to time, patience, commitment, and sound brand management, what else can marketing executives do to build and maintain brand loyalty? Especially in an age when the consumer has so many choices—too many choices—in an increasingly global marketplace? more
  • by Hank Stroll
    This week: When you aren't ready to send a product out to pasture, how do you reinvigorate it? How can a company reposition its brand and increase sales? more
  • by William Arruda
    To be successful today, you must have a clear and compelling online identity. People are googling you and making decisions about you from what Google reveals. Whether you are an employee looking to advance in your company, a professional seeking your next marketing role, or a consultant looking to land your ... more
  • by Tim Jackson
    As bloggers, how many times have we asked this question or had the question asked of "Are you gonna blog Last week I had my yearly with one of my major parts suppliers for the annual new product presentation. During this meeting, I get to see all of the latest ... more
  • by Lewis Green
    Since Donald resigned (or was he fired?), I keep thinking about the significance of having a personality that rubs people like sandpaper across a baby's This is significant in life and in work, I For a moment, let us forget Rumsfeld's handling of Iraq or his restructuring on military capabilities, ... more
  • by Ann Handley
    Most of you bloggers have heard about , right? But please... don't tell me you've thought of Here's the PayPerPost pitch, in a "Get Paid for Blogging. You've been writing about Web sites, products, services and companies you love for years and you have yet to benefit from all the ... more
  • by Stephan Spencer
    Getting high rankings with a blog is child's play -- with the right mentor by your side and tools at hand. With a few hours of SEO training, my 15-year-old daughter cracked the code on making money while she sleeps! A search engine optimized about Neopets, decked out with Google ... more
  • by Gavin Heaton
    Ideas circulate on the blogosphere with a ferocity that can surprise us all. Often our response or reaction can be immediate and visceral -- while at other times we need a little longer to reflect on what we read, see or This week I watched a video that made me ... more
  • by Andrea Learned
    Given all the press that marketing to women has been getting lately, I imagine we'll see a surge of new ideas, approaches and campaigns competing for the womens' market There will be those brands that actually read the recent articles and absorbed their point - and so talked with women ... more
  • by Andrea Learned
    I noticed, with great interest, a brief article on the Saturn brand's "second " in Sunday's NY Early on in the 1990s, had been a shining example of transparent marketing to women. The no-dicker sticker they were known for tended to women's ways of buying without thinking The tagline back ... more
  • by Sara Holoubek
    Deep-tagging video has me very excited. Let's start at the This year, 2006, is the year that video found success online. The majority of households have the bandwidth to experience a smooth ride, and we have collectively observed that our media consumption patterns are forever altered. We can't get enough ... more
  • by Ted Mininni
    The Food debuted a new show this past summer. Billed as light fare, Road " features the brothers and , sons of the personable, well-liked Paula –on their culinary adventures as they criss-crossed the country in search of local food specialties created by small business Interestingly, the individual show episodes ... more
  • by Mario Sundar
    Five reasons why Borat boldly goes where "Snakes on a Plane" could Snakes on a Opened in 3,555 1st Weekend $15.3 Fahrenheit Opened in 868 1st Weekend ~$24 Opens in 837 1st Weekend $26 In spite of alleged comparisons to Snakes on a , I'm convinced more than ever that ... more
  • by Lewis Green
    Not long ago, I wrote a piece called "Stupid Things Corporations Do." But never did I think that stupid could fall into the moronic range. proved me According to a Nov. 2 AP , WalMart's revised attendance policy forbids lateness due to snow. Apparently, Forrest Gump thought WalMart when he ... more
  • by Jim Kukral
    Did you ever read a business book that filled you with enough creative energy and inspiration to just about make your head explode– in a good way? That's what happened to me last week when I picked up a copy of Marketing by Jon . Foreword by Mark I was ... more
  • by Jonathan Kranz
    In Sunday's Boston , Chris Reidy's article, Experienced Musician for , addressed the growing phenomenon of famous-name music acts pitching products via songs or even TV ad In Reidy's words, "The trend comes as advertisers avidly woo the 18-to-25 market, a coveted group to win over because people this age ... more
  • by Tim Jackson
    As a blogging advocate and a non-stop blogging dork, I get asked a lot of questions from peers and other folks about what it means to be a good Smart ass that I am, I am usually tempted to reply "good spelling and an endless amount of opinions," but I ... more
  • by Alan Sharavsky
    How did the NBA overcome the 1999 retirement of Michael Jordan and a variety of black eyes that might have doomed a lesser brand? It launched and supported a new product—one by the name of LeBron James. The NBA's resurgence is a classic example of the power of a new ... more
  • by Wil Reynolds
    Overall, big brands typically screw up search in two big ways, and Nike is no different... . more

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