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  • by Lee MarcStein
    "Listen to the music," they sang. And why should direct marketers listen to the Because the great composers are masters at creating tension to bring you along into the piece and then putting you at ease within specific movements. It is this dueling dialectic that creates great direct mail as ... more
  • by Lewis Green
    The Happiness Quotient is defined and measured based on meeting people's wants, needs and desires, which may or may not tickle their emotional sides Those who question the thesis in earlier comments are We cannot, nor should we try to, control people's emotions. That is not what The Happiness Quotient ... more
  • by Elaine Fogel
    How many business cards have you collected in your inventory? Hundreds? Maybe If you haven't discarded them (after scanning them into business card software), try this Take out 10 random business cards from your collection and for each one, score two points for each of the criteria below. If a ... more
  • by Spike Jones
    The boys and girls over at MediaPost that is planning to launch a "no-holds-barred blog" by the end of the What does that mean? Either that Verizon wants to start a dialogue with their customers or that it's open season on one of the nation's largest wireless carriers. They claim ... more
  • by Tom Ehrenfeld
    As several recent books, most notably Joseph Badaracco's lovely Questions of , have pointed out, managers can draw meaningful lessons from great literature and apply them to the practice of I fully agree, and find the mention this week of three great works of art confirmation of this A recent ... more
  • by Eric Kintz
    New technologies are enabling a subtle shift that marketers have yet to recognize and adapt to .... I call it "dissociative identity Marketers have recognized the need for a fundamental re-design of marketing practices linked to the technology-driven explosion of media vehicles, from the Internet, to cable TV, blogging or ... more
  • by Lewis Green
    A crowd of motorcycles, from Triumphs to Harleys to Hondas, cool quietly in front of in one of Connecticut's most upscale, suburban town West Hartford is not for the weak of wallet, and neither is Starbucks. But inside the cafe sit bearded, braided and bold men, proud of their colors ... more
  • by Karl Long
    I had heard a week ago from the blog of Shel (of For Immediate fame) that a PR agency called had set up an office in , and my immediate reaction was somewhat With , American , and the Starwood Hotel opening, I ignored it as a sort of "me ... more
  • by Ted Mininni
    Verizon Wireless and LG Wireless's much-anticipated new chocolate phone was recently unveiled to lots of oohs and Now that the phone has come off the fashion runway, and cell phone connoisseurs have had a chance to handle the new beauty, the comments are coming in. And they seem to be ... more
  • by Mike Wagner
    Http:// more
  • by Roy Young
    As a marketer, you have no shortage of metrics at your disposal—including brand awareness, customer satisfaction, and ad readership, to name just a few. But your CEO and CFO, as well as your firm's shareholders, care less about these metrics than they do about others—particularly cash flow. Here are the right ... more
  • by Tom Asacker
    Make no mistake about it: When companies run out of ideas, bad things happen to brands. Instead of differentiating their offerings with meaningful value-added features, like healthier and more flavorful products, time-saving recipes and packaging, or even emotive, associative value, marketers end up resorting to price cuts and special promotions. Instead ... more
  • by Bill Nissim
    What do Major League Baseball, Coca Cola, Well Forgo Bank, the W Hotel, and the American Cancer Society have in common? They all use a virtual realm to reach out to potential customers and supporters in novel ways. more
  • by Nilofer Merchant
    Can you imagine what it would be like to charge 20-200% more than your competitor and own market category dominance? This final part of the Boot Camp series focuses on ways your organization can increase its economic power. more
  • by Scott Buresh
    The search engine marketing industry is consistently evolving, sometimes at a pace that makes it hard to believe that search engine marketing services can stay on top of all the latest developments. The one constant for search engine marketing firms, and for the industry in general, is change—usually for the ... more
  • by Hesh Reinfeld
    The author doesn't own a Blackberry. But his clients don't know that. They're impressed when they receive an email from him with the tag line: Sent from a BlackBerry wireless handheld. It shows that he's available 24/7 and always responsive to their every need. Is he lying? Literally, yes. However, in ... more
  • by Ann Handley
    Blogger Kevin Hillstrom publishes an occasional series of short Q&A interviews with interesting people he run across in the blogosphere. This week, he chats it up with Check out Kevin's post, in which I do my best to answer Kevin's Four " about career, blogs, and the future of more
  • by Alain Thys
    When I'm in a cynical mood, I sometimes like to compare corporate innovation to teenage Everyone talks about it, yet at the moment of truth the earth doesn't really move. When I'm really cynical, I think the failure rate in innovations is actually doing our youth a Still, taking a ... more
  • by Eric Ward
    Is there anyone left in the Web marketing world who thinks reciprocal links are still Most of the talk and posts I read on the forums say that reciprocal liks are Don't work. Cause search rank It's too bad, really, because lost in all the commotion is the fact that ... more
  • by Lewis Green
    The buzz today among marketers, brand developers and those who love coffee circles around the announcement that raised its drink prices by a , its first price increase in two So what's the big Starbucks built its reputation on brand image, the Third Place Experience. An intangible. And intangibles are ... more
  • by Gavin Heaton
    Http:// more
  • by Lewis Green
    But maybe you can replace it; however, I have my doubts. About what, you ask? The American Automobile , of I begin with this simple It is stupid to create products and services based on sales data (the what) rather than on consumer wants and needs (the who). Focusing on ... more
  • by Tom Ehrenfeld
    Last month's release of the new Captain Underpants reminded me of how very much I adore the Web site for this silly kid's book My youngest daughter (and okay, her father) find this series absolutely hilarious. Yeah, it's mired in the potty, but it's also far smarter than one would ... more

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