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  • by Eric Gruber
    Although Mark Hyman, M.D, the New York Times best selling author and practicing physician, had a strong, multi-faceted marketing and sales plan in place, the addition of an article-marketing strategy helped in his bid to push his book to the no. 2 spot of the NY Times best seller list. ... more
  • by Hank Stroll
    This week: Many businesses have succeeded in selling products online in the form of e-books, e-reports and other downloadable content. Of course, it's not as simple as posting the product on your Web site and hoping buyers will come. The challenge comes in getting potential customers to your site in ... more
  • by John Moore
    The Starbucks Coffee marketing research department is kept busy providing oodles and oodles of insights into the Starbucks brand through yearly brand audits. And take it from this former long-time Starbucks marketer, the company learns a lot from these studies. However, when it comes to measuring and managing the Starbucks brand ... more
  • by Roy Young
    Do members of your company's executive team—along with your peers throughout the organization—see the connection between marketing and the cash flowing into your company's coffers? If not, they probably view you as merely a tactical tool (brochure writer, a trade-show participant, Web site "put-it-upper"), not a true strategic partner. And ... more
  • by Lisa Johnson, Cheri Hanson
    Some of the most recent cultural touch points—groups riding the underground buzz on YouTube; MySpace selling music from indie bands; and the skinny jeans fashion trend—show a new market code at work. The young, tech-savvy members of a new generation of consumers are rewriting the rules and changing how everyone ... more
  • by William Arruda
    Whether you are working on a personal branding campaign or you're focused on differentiating your company's brand from its competitors, you need to constantly ask yourself if your brand is demonstrating the 10 Cs of branding. more
  • by Gerry McGovern
    Technology can act as a wall or a door between the organization and the customer. Too often it is becoming a I embrace technology. I love it. I'm surrounded by it. What I have to keep reminding myself is that it's not about the technology itself; it is about what ... more
  • by John Jantsch
    Most people are familiar with the laws of motion, but few have thought of it in the context of Newton's first law of motion "An object at rest tends to stay at rest and an object in motion tends to stay in motion with the same speed and in the ... more
  • by Lewis Green
    I believe, and "The Happiness Quotient" argues, that those managing to the bottom line will not achieve the same results and those who manage to happiness. And their bottom lines will suffer for it. more
  • by Mark Vanderbeeken
    Is often described as a site for teens and twentysomethings to hang out and express themselves, sharing photos and passions, listening to music, and connecting with Well, think again, says Bruno Giussani in his blog Lunch over . He found some interesting stats in a recent Fortune which says that ... more
  • by Laurel Delaney
    ...Goes global! And for what better cause than this PEOPLink is a US-based nonprofit organization helping artisans all over the world sell their handmade items on-line while showcasing their cultural richness. Each artisan group maintains its own current catalog with the latest offerings and lots of information on the artists ... more
  • by Jonathan Kranz
    Hey marketers out How many times have you had this kind of At a party or other social event, you're introduced to someone who's opening a new business. "That's great," you say politely. "How are you going to market Their response? "Oh, I don't believe in that kind of stuff. ... more
  • by Harry Joiner
    In an unusual move to subsidize its online business, Home Depot has begun to offer prime product placement on its homepage.  #0000ff;" Click here for a According to Nielsen NetRatings, Home Depot's online store is visited by 4 million shoppers each week, nearly of whom own their own homes.  And ... more
  • by Elaine Fogel
    This has absolutely to do with marketing, but I want to share it anyway - because it's I received this by e-mail recently and decided (at Ann's encouragement) to share it with Daily readers. Once in a while it's healthy for us to put our marketing caps down for a ... more
  • by Ted Mininni
    The has successfully extended its popular brand into a way of life with TV, sports radio and satellite radio coverage, a super-interactive Web site, its own cable network and plenty of licensed In the 1970s, fans could watch Sunday afternoon pro football games on the CBS and NBC networks, and ... more
  • by Eric Frenchman
    We are back from our second vacation down in Walt Disney . One of the biggest changes since our February visit (besides the unbearable heat at the end of summer in Florida) was that almost every park is now matching your fingerprint with your park pass. Disney told us it ... more
  • by Scott Baradell
    In the world of promotions, you know you've come up with some good chachka if the client prospect you ship it to keeps it for the next seven Back in 1999, when I was VP of corporate communications for a company called , I was sent a coffee mug by ... more
  • by Suzanne Lowe
    In recent weeks, we watched Pluto get demoted and Tom Cruise get With reality shows all over the place (featuring people getting eliminated from too many contests to track), getting kicked out is almost becoming de And now this week comes news of the latest in the revolving door at ... more
  • by Mack Collier
    In the music industry, you could call Terry McBride a bit of a Or a hell-raiser, a boat-rocker. The Recording Industry Association of may very well have a few other choice (four-letter) words to describe him. But coming from the customer's standpoint, I would associate a completely different type of ... more
  • by Ted Mininni
    On August 31st, I posted a blog entry "Ask Dr. In that post, I was ruminating about Daimler Chrysler's latest marketing campaign, which utilizes Dr. Dieter Zetsche, its chairman as spokesman, and the pros and cons of such a The TV and radio advertising spots coordinated with a web site ... more
  • by Ann Handley
    Last week, produced a terrible error in our own email marketing As part of a segmented test to the MarketingProfs newsletter subscriber list, we had planned to mail seven different messages to entice MProfs subscription upgrades to Premium. But instead of getting one of those offers, as intended, each of ... more
  • by Tom Asacker
    The marketing times, they certainly are a-changin'. So how does it feel? To be on your own? With no direction home? Like a complete unknown? Like a rolling stone? How does it feel to have consumers in charge of what, how, and when they watch, read, listen, and click? So ... more
  • by Christopher Doran
    B2B marketers who are recognizing the limitations of today's email-marketing and Web-analytics applications for generating qualified sales leads are switching to lead-generation solutions to ensure a continuous stream of qualified leads. Keep these five points in mind to ensure that you make a purchase that meets the needs of your ... more
  • by Jeff Thull
    For many sales professionals, prospecting or qualifying is the least favorite aspect of their job. Often, in the rush to dig into a new account and make a new sale, only a cursory attempt is made at qualifying, and the salesperson ends up spending time with the wrong people. In this ... more

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