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  • by Hank Stroll
    Whether you are talking Harry Potter books or more complex products, the timing of release dates can be critical to your success—especially if those products or bundled services are being sold to businesses instead of consumers. So when do you announce a new product's release? See what readers have to ... more
  • by Bob Serling
    Have you ever wondered why a competitor whose product isn't as good as yours always seems to outsell you? It's because either deliberately or by accident, they've discovered an opportunity gap that gives them a powerful competitive advantage. You could easily make up this lost ground by finding your own ... more
  • by Stephanie Janard
    Despite this age of information overload, buyers still need information to help them make the right choices. By incorporating some of these tips, you and your marketing staff can produce pieces that will stand out from your competition's—and guide the buyer to the close of the sale. more
  • by Sean D'Souza
    You've probably already had dozens of reasons and seasons to create the accidental evangelist. And yes, you can play Santa in July, if only you'd listen. Here's how to recognize those "accidental" opportunities. more
  • by Steve McNamara
    It helps to define what "branding" is. Start here: A brand is like a person. And like a person, brands have relationships, and these relationships evolve, for better or worse, over time, and need to be constantly nurtured. more
  • by Chris Maher
    This is an open letter to major advertisers and marketers from one of your own ranks who is also (like us all) a consumer. The author is unhappy, worn out, and ill-tempered. When you think of him from this point forward, he says, hear the words "diminishing returns." more
  • by Steve Bosking
    Sometimes genius comes in the form of amazing innovation. Other times, genius is right under our noses—ripe for the picking. You just have to look. more
  • by Dali Singh
    Having greatly benefited from my relationship with Google in the past several years, the author dedicated this article to the search engine superstar. Their friendship hasn't always been rosy. He got to know Google several years back, when it was just a small fish in a big pond. He started ... more
  • by Jonathan Kranz
    You can think of the case study as a cross between the testimonial and the business article. Like the testimonial, the case study features a satisfied customer who "speaks" on your behalf. Like the article, it's structured dramatically, with a clear beginning, middle and end, and holds your audience's attention ... more
  • by Hank Stroll
    Read your ideas to solve this week's marketing challenge: What's the best way to educate clients about the sales process? Also this week, what strategies do you take to bring a new product to the marketplace? Add your own two cents. more
  • by William Arruda
    We use the word love a lot when it comes to our favorite brands. Similarly, talk about emotions and successful brands is music to the ears of career-minded professionals who want to get ahead. If it's the emotional brand attributes that are so critical to loyalty, then who better to ... more
  • by Robbie Baxter
    Imagine a world where video, photography, text and music are all available from any device that can connect to the Internet at any time. Whether you're using your computer, iPod, television or mobile phone, you will have the information you need and the diversion you want. Such a fantasy world ... more
  • by Heather Lloyd-Martin
    Is it time for your company to jump on the in-house bandwagon? Managing a successful paid and organic SEO campaign takes a dedicated staff, a savvy SEO plan and the time to make it happen. If your company is sitting on the in-house versus outsourcing fence, here are some tips ... more
  • by Phil Kotler
    In his new book, According to Kotler, Phil Kotler gives a summary of the key principles of marketing and how they relate to current events such as corporate accounting scandals, outsourcing, globalization, warehouse shopping and online marketing. Here is an excerpt of it, based on the thousands of questions ... more
  • by Kathleen McBride, Steven Nicks
    From Sales: "We need a robust set of customers for references!" From an executive: "I've got to have a customer join me for this speaking engagement!" From the new head of Marketing: "We've got to have higher-impact customer content!" Sound familiar? In the day-to-day scramble to satisfy tactical stakeholder demands, ... more
  • by Susan Solomon
    What's wrong with most blogs? They're too chatty. Too rambling. They lack passion. If you're going to blog, become an expert on something. This is especially important for blogging in the business world. Think content, not rambling comment. Get the full story. more
  • by Evan Berglund
    Few people would argue that a pilot should give up his preflight procedure in favor of a creative session. But there are those who argue that marketing professionals should always start from scratch and make their own mistakes, even if the exact same mistakes have been made a thousand times ... more
  • by Chris Maher
    How can marketers write "human" email messages, that truly speak to the hearts and souls of your clients? The first step is to figure out a way, by hook or by crook, to say something. Get the full story. more
  • by Lisa Johnson
    In a world that's increasingly inundated with massive choice, filters are a critical market phenomenon. Consumers rely on trusted filters to sift through the raw data and identify the top picks. As a result, many savvy brands are learning to build filtering mechanisms into their brands, their products and Web ... more
  • by joan Schneider
    Successfully launching new products gets tougher every year. In the past decade, the number of new consumer products hitting the shelves has skyrocketed by 59 percent, making it much more difficult for new products to win consumer attention. If you've built a better mousetrap and plan to introduce it into ... more
  • by Manoj Aravindakshan
    If there has been one constant in the ever-transient paradigm of marketing on the Internet, it is that "content" is the key to attract a steady stream of the uninitiated as well the converts. Good white papers serve to generate awareness about a product/service/organization, and more importantly, cause people to ... more
  • by Hank Stroll
    Creating demand for your speaking services can be challenging. This week, read the three more important steps for creating interest in your speaking services. Also this week, supply your advice to: how do you effectively "educate" your clients about the online sales process? Get the full story. more
  • by Karl Moore, Laura Mingail
    Buzz, the love child of strategic marketing and public relations, has been key in establishing street credibility for brands targeting the billion-dollar urban lifestyle market worldwide. This market is not an urban myth. It is arguably the top luxury lifestyle to which the youth market aspires. If you're looking to ... more
  • by Steve McNamara
    Every year Steve conducts a survey of his subscribers to identify ways that marketers are squeezing more sales out of their direct marketing. Here are some learnings from this year's report. The 10 tips offer new inspiration for direct mail campaigns. more
  • by X Murphy
    People of Caribbean heritage remain a large and diverse market. Marketers who ignore them are missing on the opportunities to showcase their products and services to a fast-growing segment with significant buying power. Unfortunately, some of the marketing campaigns of companies who are marketing to people of Caribbean heritage are ... more

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