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  • by Hank Stroll
    Marketing complex products and services is a challenge. This week, add your two cents to: What methods work well for marketing technical services and solutions? Also this week, read your answers to last week's dilemma: What do you do when you are stuck with a no-name moniker and no brand? more
  • by Mal Watlington
    It's the fourth quarter of the fiscal year. Let the finger-pointing begin! In truth, the key to accurate lead-conversion ROI calculations is "self-honesty." While every company has the right to create its own definition of "R" to compare with "I," it is critical to look back at the justification that ... more
  • by Ellen Weiss
    Endorsements can prove to be excellent ways to create a genial relationship between your product and the person or team being endorsed. Just be wary of capitalizing too quickly on a media event that may not be advantageous for the brand! more
  • by Dan Herman
    The act of branding has 10 different meanings, which translate into 10 different ways to create instrumentality or usefulness beyond the tangible benefits of a product/service. Following those 10 approaches will make the difference between masterful creations of brands and amateur imitation. more
  • by Bill Nissim
    At the heart of branding resides a paradox. This article unravels that paradox and examines its intricacies. more
  • by Laura Patterson
    Without metrics to track performance, marketing and business plans are ineffective. Businesses need to know which success factors require measuring, and they must understand the differences between measurements, metrics, and benchmarks. For marketers, three primary metrics constitute a starting point for tracking their performance. more
  • by Hank Stroll
    Unfortunately, life has no crystal ball. This week, weigh in with your advice on: What process or evaluation model do you rely on to ensure your decisions have a better chance for success? Also this week, how do you communicate with one voice to various markets? more
  • by Kirk Martensen
    Most trademark licensing relationships are defined and evaluated based on the terms in a license agreement contract. In the case of a brand extension license, there can be a lot at stake, including the health and wellbeing of the licensor's brand. Surprisingly, many license agreements do not include specific terms ... more
  • by Eric Thiegs
    Times have changed for the account service department. Our role as account executives is to lend expertise and insight as we hack the path for our clients through a post 9-11 marketing jungle. more
  • by Suzanne Taylor
    A brand means much more than its product and service features. Brands are built from nothing less than the sum of a customer's experiences with a product, service or company. Customers' total brand experience will determine whether they will buy anything more from the company and, just as importantly, whether ... more
  • by Mike Schultz
    As service and technology firms begin to awaken from a long, recession-inspired hibernation period, they are again beginning to think about proactive lead generation. If your firm is stepping-up outbound marketing, your first step should be to re-examine your firm's thinking about what works and what doesn't. Consider the following ... more
  • by Hank Stroll
    A name change could mean disaster. How does a company regain its brand without gaining a bad reputation for the constant changes it has undergone? Also this week, read your answers to last week's query: What's the best way to access other divisions of the same company? more
  • by William Arruda
    When your brand is highly differentiated from your peers' or competitors', it is important to fortify that differentiation through all of your brand affiliations. Be aware that such affiliations are not co-branding—sharing a product or service with two brand names. Rather, it is connecting your brand to another brand to bolster ... more
  • by Reid Carr
    With many companies still cost-conscious about marketing, the Web presents a perfect opportunity for marketers to maximize the power of events and quantify returns. The interactive and direct nature of the Web can help marketers to better foster, manage, qualify and follow up on interested leads from trade shows and ... more
  • by Steve Cuno
    Branding, as you might imagine, is not typically what direct response agencies do. But some direct response agencies strongly believe in the power of branding. And smart direct marketers build their strategies squarely on the brand. more
  • by Kevin Gold
    On Wall Street, financial investors speak of CEOs improving their companies' "top line" by increasing sales volume, or upping their "bottom line" by reducing their expenses to expand the margins from their current sales volume. For Internet companies, business owners determining where to direct their improvement efforts should take a ... more
  • by Robert F. Hogeboom
    Generation Y is the segment born between 1979 and 1994. They are anextremely marketing-savvy group that understands how numerous companies actively covet their business. As a result, Gen Y-ers greet new brands with intense skepticism, making it increasingly imperative for Gen-Y businesses to focus on brand strategy. more
  • by Hank Stroll
    This week, the SWOT Team asks: Outside of direct referrals, how do you reach other potential customers within the same company? Also this week, read your answers to the last issue's dilemma: How do you challenge the "customer is always right" policy when the customers, well...isn't? more
  • by Suzanne Taylor
    Great marketers figure out how to make lives better, with the goal of attracting lots of profitable and happy customers. But to measure how well marketing efforts help build a large and loyal customer base, it's essential to identify (and rely on) the metrics that matter most. more
  • by Ernest Nicastro
    It costs your business a whole lot more to secure a new customer than it does to hold onto an existing one. As marketers, salespeople and business owners, very few of us have a weekly face-to-face opportunity to make our customers feel valued and appreciated. But if we are smart, we ... more

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