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  • by Paul Bruemmer
    In part one of this article, we talked about the uniqueness of B2B marketing and the dominant role of search engines in the B2B buying process. So it goes without saying that good search engine visibility is an excellent way to boost profitability. Now it's time to explore the return ... more
  • by Sherri Dorfman
    Most businesses these days are under pressure to differentiate their products and services to attract new business. Although customers can play an important role in helping companies define their differentiation, a surprising number of businesses decide to skip this important customer research and launch offerings based on what “we think ... more
  • by John Doerr
    The client relationship built on a strong foundation of constant, varied, and sincere communication has less of a chance of being pushed aside when someone new comes along or happens to be the last one in the door. Follow these five guidelines and the chances of your phone ringing the ... more
  • by Jonathan Kranz
    In the literary world, "good writing" may be notoriously difficult to define. But on the Web, good copy has two clear, easily understood objectives: It elevates your search engine rankings, and it attracts qualified traffic and holds the attention of your prospects and customers. On the Web, your words ... more
  • by Paul Barsch
    A recent book by a popular CRM expert declared the era of the 4 Ps effectively over. The author argues that product, promotion, price and place are no longer key to providing sustainable differentiation. While the author makes many compelling points, the key question remains: has the oligarchy been ... more
  • by Hank Stroll
    This week, read your answers to a previous dilemma: What are the most effective ways to launch a Web site for teens who have little spending money? Also this week, add your two cents to the current dilemma: What makes for compelling Web copy? more
  • by Ann Handley
    Cliff Atkinson has been writing for MarketingProfs about PowerPoint (and other graphical presentation tools) for more years. How much, really, is there to say about PowerPoint? Well, plenty, as it turns out. more
  • by Lisa Wehr
    In the search engine optimization and marketing industry, there's been a rule of thumb: Longer keyword phrases have better conversion rates. But that's not the whole truth: conversion rates peak at four-word phrases. Here are strategies you should consider when developing keywords for your optimization and pay-per-click campaigns. more
  • by Kristie Tamsevicius
    Between getting caught in spam filters or being blocked by ISPs and disappearing in the sheer volume of email that's out there, it's tough to guarantee that your newsletter actually gets into the hands of your customer. Recently, the author worked with a client to improve his newsletter delivery rate ... more
  • by Kathleen Allardyce
    The competitive environment makes branding for real estate brokers and agents a critical issue. However, there are a few common misconceptions about marketing real estate services. Like these. more
  • by Lisa Johnson
    Two years ago, Maytag created an innovative experiential marketing strategy, whereby prospective customers would take their new, top-of-the-line appliances for an interactive "test-drive." Successful retail spaces create a full sensory experience. Consumers want to see, feel, touch, taste and interact with your products before they buy. Here are some strategies that ... more
  • by Wil Reynolds
    Last week, the author hopefully opened your eyes to the importance of staying on top of reviews and posts about your products and services—as well as those about your competition. Here's how to use that information at various levels of your organization to create a better customer experience. more
  • by William Arruda
    When it comes to succeeding in today's competitive marketplace, the "fine" is just as vulgar and undesirable as the other four-letter word that begins with F. If your reputation is "fine," you're in trouble. People rarely get excited in life about things that are fine, and they rarely have emotional ... more
  • by Kevin Labick
    Organizations today understand that the Internet can play a critical role in their success when leveraged correctly, and they hire Web firms for their proven ability to solve critical business issues. That requires a well-crafted request for proposal. That approach works great if you write the right RFP. Here's ... more
  • by Wil Reynolds
    Surprise, you no longer own 100% your brand online! Approximately 26% of adult users of the Internet (about 33 million people) in the US have rated a product, service or person using an online rating system. Are you one of them? Probably. More importantly, has your business/organization been discussed or ... more
  • by Barbara Bix
    It will come as no surprise that customers want it their way (to paraphrase Burger King). Yet many companies don't have processes for figuring out what that means. Take this quiz to assess your customer "IQ" (or "Insight Quotient") and determine the necessary next steps for shortening your sales cycle. ... more
  • by Karl Moore
    The human mind has long been considered as a kind of "black box," something which was rather mysterious. We can measure the results of our marketing efforts, in terms of sales, awareness, liking and so on. We understand reasonably well the beginning and end of the process—but not the ... more
  • by Emanuel Rosen
    We are all talking about ways to engage consumers in a conversation. We all seek strategies to stimulate people to talk about our brands, products or services. What's less obvious is what companies should be going to stimulate buzz. And confusion can lead to unfortunate decisions. So here are five ... more
  • by Paul Bruemmer
    Your average business Web site has come a long way since its brochure days. Savvy businesspeople have learned a lot about Web site design and usability, especially the importance of designing and testing landing pages to increase conversions. But has corporate America discovered the importance and effectiveness of organic search ... more
  • by Chris Nagele
    Usability testing may not be considered a mandatory stage in the design process, but without it you are releasing the product blindly. Contrary to popular opinion, you don't need a large budget for simple usability testing. more
  • by Mary Brown
    Someday in the not-so-distant future, branding as we know it will be thought of as so 20th century. With societal, cultural and technological changes occurring at increasingly accelerated rates, keeping your eye on the horizon of future trends in branding gives your company the advantage. What trends are already ... more
  • by Lisa Wehr
    In search engine pay-per-click advertising, the unscrupulous use of a competitor's trademarked terms is a murky business and contentious topic. With a seemingly anonymous perpetrator, it's a relatively easy offense—and sets off a torrent of trademark-infringement concerns for many companies. more
  • by Jeff Thull
    If you're competing on price, you'll never achieve maximum profitability. Instead, everyone's job must become value creation. But are you sure that you're providing value to your customers? Even if your answer is an emphatic yes, you might want to take a closer look. more
  • by Tom Barnes
    No business can survive, much less thrive, without building a plan that spells out revenue and earnings targets as well as the way to achieving them. An effective strategic plan requires an expression of the challenges and opportunities that the business faces. It also requires clarity on the methods and ... more
  • by Barbara Bix
    There are many reasons for not closing a sale. In today's climate of information and work overload, an increasingly common reason is that prospects don't think of you when they are ready to buy. A critical challenge faced by any company marketing in this environment is how to elevate its ... more

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