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  • by Lynda Partner
    In the first of this three-part series, Partner defines viral marketing and tells why you should consider it. In her view, email is the ideal viral marketing tool. more
  • by Christine Perfetti
    Mitch McCasland is an expert in brand strategy. He has worked with the big guns--Proctor & Gamble, Dr. Pepper/Seven-Up, and Verizon/GTE. Here, he tells how account planning techniques can benefit the way web sites are designed. more
  • by Andrea Learned
    Lest you naively launch an effort to understand every detail of e-tailing, Lauren Freedman will quickly remind you: “Shopping is not and never will be a science.” more
  • by Paul DiModica
    It's now time to calculate corporate sales numbers and roll them up to senior management to be reviewed and okayed. But are your IT sales forecasts for 2003 accurate? Is your firm still talking technology when customers are buying value? Take a simple test to measure your risk. more
  • by Sean D'Souza
    Is your marketing pouring some serious money down the drain, because you don’t have the cookie factor? But first--just what the heck is a cookie factor anyway? And how can you apply this simple marketing and psychological principle to rake in some big bucks? more
  • by Michael Perla
    Forget the spin and Dilbert-speak. What does it *really* mean to "value-add"? How do you define value? How do you know if you're successfully adding it? And what do you do to response to the values that are changing and/or migrating? more
  • by Mischelle Weedman-Davis
    Listen up, all you direct marketers now relying on email to deliver your messages. As with any campaign, you need to plan carefully and adhere to best practices. more
  • by Neil Squillante
    Most recently, the art of serial storytelling has taken root in TV -- where we tune in to The Sopranos or Six Feet Under each week to watch the story unfold. There are some valuable lessons in the art form that can also apply to email marketing. more
  • by Matthew Lancellotti
    Products fail. Especially technology-based products. We marketers need to understand how customers deal with product failures, to be sure they are happy and satisfied even when the unthinkable happens. more
  • by Laurel Delaney
    Companies that do well during an economic crisis are proactive, not reactive. They seek out new opportunities and respond quickly to changes in the marketplace. Here are five recession-proof tips to use in your global marketing effort. more
  • by David Frey
    Previously, the author talked about everything you always wanted to now about securing customer testimonials. But once you have them in hand, it’s what you do with them that really counts. more
  • by Brent Pickett
    From the Olympic Games, to the London Symphony Orchestra, to local dog shows... there seems to be no limit to what companies can sponsor in an effort to build their brand. The real challenge executives face is to devise sponsorship strategies that are on-target, cost-effective and (most crucial) do the ... more
  • by Guy Smith
    In the first half of this two-part series, the author examined what has changed in the realm of technology spending, and studied factors that motivate different companies to buy during depressed economic cycles. In this final installment, find out how to exploit these motivators to pry dollars out of tight ... more
  • by David Berkowitz
    In the introduction to "Business: The Ultimate Resource," author Daniel Goleman makes the case for including "business intelligence" among other forms of intelligence that are now studied, ranging from Howard Gardner's breakdown to the work that Goleman furthered in emotional intelligence. How does business intelligence differ from other identified intelligences? more
  • by Jay Bower
    Here’s the thing about the RIGHT small agency – it can get your work done, it can think big, and it can deliver improved ROI or reduced acquisition cost. At least...that's the opinion of some. more
  • by Jeremy Epstein
    There was a bit of disconnect between what was happening on the vendor floor and what was happening at the podium at the CRM Expo in NYC last month. more
  • by David Frey
    One of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal is a good old-fashioned customer testimonial or two. Here's how to convince your customers to toot your horn for you. more
  • by Dana Blankenhorn
    echnology will get you only so far these days. Responsiveness gets you further. When a customer e-mails you, get back to them. Immediately. Now. Pronto. Drop everything. more
  • by Lomit Patel
    You’ve been working on your brand new web site for months — the graphics look great, it’s user-friendly, easy to navigate, takes your prospects where you want them to go, and so on. Now you have to get qualified visitors to your site, and (more importantly) keep them coming back. ... more
  • by Lee Marc Stein
    E-mail is abused by innocent victims, just as alcohol, drugs and food are. Here's a 12-step program for the electronically afflicted. more
  • by Tony Bombacino
    Just as you don’t like to be let down or mislead, neither do your customers. Although it may be tempting to make claims of greatness or leadership to stand out in a cluttered marketplace, it will not lead to long-term success and customer loyalty if you can’t deliver. more
  • by Adam J. Fein
    Supply chains and marketing channels are being redrawn as e-business, consolidation, and integrated supply alter the relationship between manufacturer, distributor and customer. How can manufacturers best leverage their existing industrial channels to grow in this era of uncertainty? more
  • by Dana Blankenhorn
    If you’re looking to advise people in Web commerce today, it’s best to look where money is being made. There is such a niche, a niche that has transformed its industry just as the Web promised it would. That niche is travel. more
  • by Christine Perfetti
    Flash is a powerful tool that offers developers huge capabilities. Until recently, developers mostly utilized Flash's strengths to create complex animations or fast-loading movies. However, the most recent versions of Flash offer developers power that's far beyond the tool's original scope. more
  • by William Arruda
    In this day of celebrity brands, and branded cities, it is not only becoming common, it is becoming essential, for senior executives to build and communicate their personal brands to expand both individual and corporate success. Here's how. more

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