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Marketing Articles: Social Media

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  • by Matt Blumberg
    There has been a flurry of RSS activity in the last two years, including countless startups that are hitting the new technology from every angle. These companies are doing everything they can to get RSS ready for prime time. Unfortunately, it's not quite there yet, but we're getting closer. What ... more
  • by Nathan Kaiser
    Excite co-founder Joe Kraus has a new venture, and he likens the technology driving his new business to the Internet in the mid-1990s, when it was still "trapped in the land of the nerds." His new venture is the collaborative publishing tool known as Wikis. Just what is a Wiki, ... more
  • by Susan Solomon
    What's wrong with most blogs? They're too chatty. Too rambling. They lack passion. If you're going to blog, become an expert on something. This is especially important for blogging in the business world. Think content, not rambling comment. Get the full story. more
  • by Susan Solomon
    There are many approaches a company can take to blogging, each of which has its strengths and weaknesses. A blog written by top management, for example, has the potential of providing news straight from the decision makers. But the downside is that CEOs and senior executives are also wary of ... more
  • by Fergus Burns
    From press releases to event announcements and customer memos, syndicating content with RSS offers a way around spam filters and ensures that interested parties receive your company info. Still, PR and marketing professionals are slow to adopt RSS. Many of you may believe it's too difficult or too technical. Perhaps ... more
  • by Stephan Spencer
    If you haven't heard of podcasting yet, I am not surprised. It's a brand new term—just invented earlier this year, in fact. Podcasting refers to the technology used to pull digital audio files from Web sites down to computers and devices such as MP3 players. It's a significant departure from traditional ... more
  • by Hank Stroll
    This week, add your two cents to the discussion: What should companies consider when deciding whether to launch a blog? What benefits do blogs offer? Also this week, read your answers to last week's query: What's the best way to reach decision-makers? more
  • by Susan Solomon
    Old-school thinking demotes blogs to the domain of college students and frustrated authors battling writers block. New-school thinking elevates blogging to a much different sphere of influence. Journalists have embraced blogging -- both authoring blogs as well as consulting them for sources. And now blogging also has a place in ... more
  • by David LaPlante
    These days, businesses are increasingly using a full range of communication methods including email, Web and fax to enhance relationships with existing customers, as well as a low-cost means of acquiring new ones. Now an emerging communication mode, text messaging—or Short Message Service (SMS)—provides an additional and interesting opportunity for ... more
  • by BL Ochman
    Advertisers, including Paramount Pictures, The Wall Street Journal, and the Gap, are successfully reaching niche audiences for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising. As a result, a handful of bloggers are earning six-figure incomes from their blogs. Why aren't more advertisers and bloggers getting together? Three reasons: fear, ... more
  • by Ben McConnell
    For any organization, a blog should be part of a long-term customer evangelism strategy. more
  • by BL Ochman
    Blogs aren't for everyone. Consider both the advantages and the caveats. more
  • by BL Ochman
    If youíre not thinking about how to use blogs in your business, youíre missing a big opportunity. more
  • by Debbie Weil
    Newsletters or ezines are still the e-vehicle of choice for most marketers. But blogs are being slowly adopted as a channel for business communication. Here's why. more
  • by Nick Wreden
    Here are 10 rules for using blogs and wikis to achieve your branding goals in this emerging area. more
  • by Nick Wreden
    We should always keep striving to improve and enhance the brand called Me. But we should always be aware of the brand called We, which reflects the uncontrollable, omnipresent ability of others to build, enhance or even destroy our personal brands. more
  • by Jerry Fireman
    Convincing journalists to cover your products or services isnít a simple task. Here's how to clear the hurdles. more
  • by Debbie Weil
    ake these definitions as a starting point to think about how you might use a blog as part of your Web site or communications strategy. more
  • by Barbara Payne
    It's time to start having your salespeople write blogs for their customers and prospects. Sound radical? more
  • by BL Ochman
    The majority of the PR industry continues to log behind in the blogosphere, seemingly unconvinced that the influential new medium is worth learning about. more
  • by Bobette Kyle
    ere are six lessons from Major League Baseball that you can take into account to profitably target your own customers. more
  • by Suzan St Maur
    What words work in audio? Suzan has been hired to rewrite too many terrible audio scripts to feel confident that the uninitiated marcommer can achieve perfection -- without some help. more

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