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Marketing Articles: Social Media

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  • Eyes Wide Open
    For small and midsize businesses, the advent of social media has created a host of lead-generating opportunities. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media have leveled the playing field for SMBs with a variety of affordable, effective channels for initiating and nurturing the kinds of B2B relationships that produce sales ... more
  • Peter Shankman: Email, Social Tools, Musings on a Web 2.0 Washing Machine
    In a fun but informative short video, Ann Handley talks with PR guru/gadfly Peter Shankman about how he turned a natural gift for schmoozing into a successful business, why his company's email is "the ultimate forwardable email," and what the latest tools do and don't mean for marketers. more
  • Planning an Online B2B Community
    by Nancy Strauss
    B2B communities are often aimed at highly specialized populations and may even be closed to outsiders. However, a growing number of enterprises regard their B2B communities as a secret weapon that gives them a powerful competitive advantage. more
  • Looking Back: A Decade of Changes
    As the decade draws to a close, only 27% of Americans have positive things to say about the past 10 years and 50% say they have generally negative feelings about them, according to Pew Research. The Internet, email, and cell phones, however, are viewed by many consumers as a ... more
  • CMOs Want Measurable Results From Social Media
    Though 2009 may have been a trial run for many companies using social media, CMOs expect social initiatives to have a direct impact on their bottom lines in 2010, according to a study from Bazaarvoice and the CMO Club. more
  • Twitter: Rocking Marketers' World
    Twitter rocks their world, say online marketers, and Facebook gets some serious attention. But LinkedIn, despite its name, gets almost no love at all. more
  • What's the Plan, Stan?
    If you're the owner or marketer of a small business and are trying to make sense of wikis, WOM, blogs and buzz, you know the challenges of creating a social-media strategy from scratch. After all, it's an emerging channel with emerging rules—and everyone worries about missing something or heading in ... more
  • Pay Up or Square Up
    PayPal made it possible to start an online business that transcends physical boundaries. Square takes that notion a step further, making it easier for you to process credit cards or debit cards wherever you are—right from your mobile phone. Here's how it works: Apply to use Square. The company sends you ... more
  • Email Trumps Social Media for Sharing
    Despite reports of its demise, email continues to beat out emerging social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook as the favorite way to share information with colleagues and friends, according to a study from ShareThis. more
  • Business Use of Social Media Surges
    The use of Facebook, Twitter, and blogs for business purposes has skyrocketed in the last six months—with indications of wider adoption and more frequent sessions, according to research by Palo Alto Networks into application traffic patterns of computer networks. more
  • Your Moustache Makes a Good Point
    Ever heard of Movember? It's a movement of men who shave their faces at the beginning of November and spend the rest of the month growing a saucy moustache, which they proceed to show off on Flickr, in blogs and across their social networks. It's now a worldwide phenomenon! What's Movember about? ... more
  • Small Business Marketing in 2010: A Forecast
    Small business owners are planning to engage customers in new ways in 2010, according to an Ad-ology Research study: 28% say they will spend at least the same or more on online video, an increase of 75% over last year's plans; 25% say they will commit more resources to social ... more
  • Brand Control to Major Tom: The New Rules of Brand Management
    by Roger Sametz
    The notion that you can manage your brand by making and distributing messages and materials that you want "out there" is becoming quaint. And though the new age of extreme participation is a challenge, you as brand manager haven't lost all control—and you CAN influence what you can't control. more
  • The Brave New World of the Engaged Web
    by AJ Harring
    We no longer use the Web just for browsing, we use it for doing: posting videos, creating content, sharing things, and connecting with people and organizations. Welcome to "the Engaged Web," a new world where passive websites have been replaced by engaging Web applications and where visitors have become users. ... more
  • How Small Businesses Leaders Use Social Media
    Small business decision-makers who use social media say they do so because of the convenience and speed with which they can access business-relevant information, according to a study by In addition, those leaders who rely on social media for business purposes use on average 5.9 different social media resources. more
  • Add Some Local Flavor
    When McDonald's launched its specialty coffees earlier this year, its banner ads inviting consumers to "McCafé Your Day" were all over the Web. Great branding, but does such online advertising send customers to local establishments? The short answer: When combined with search, it does! According to Christa Hoyland, editor of QSR Web, Google research ... more
  • Where Everybody Holds Your Name
    If there's anything Second Life has taught us, it's that people like having a place to come back to—a virtual hideaway where you're always well-coiffed and surrounded by friends, and everybody knows your (avatar's) name. Well, here's some good news for mobile marketers: virtual living just got a whole lot ... more
  • Seniors Flock Online, Love Facebook
    Americans 65+ comprise less than 10% of the active Internet, but their numbers are growing: In the last five years, the number of seniors actively using the Internet grew 55% to 17.5 million in November 2009, up from 11.3 million in November 2004, according to a survey by Nielsen. more
  • Untapped Opportunities for Online Communities
    Companies tend not to understand what people want from online branded communities––or the role that the brand plays in fulfilling those needs, according to a study by ComBlu. more
  • Naughty? Nice? Get the List.
    In late October, Twitter launched its Lists feature, which might just improve your life in a panoply of organization-friendly ways. The new feature helps you sort your own contacts based on personal relevance, but—maybe more importantly—it also provides you with ready-made groups of people to which to target your messages. ... more
  • Consumers Digitally Dependent, Discriminating
    Americans can't live without the Internet and television; they prefer advertisements that are innovative and playful; and they are open to new technologies that monitor their media usage if privacy is ensured, according to a recent study by Synovate. more
  • Study Explores 'Social' in Social Media
    The integration of social media into American lives has created a world that is simultaneously expanding and narrowing, making it easy to create connections with people and businesses around the world—and in the immediate vicinity—while sometimes behaving in ways one wouldn't in person, according to a recent study by Euro ... more
  • Facebook Pages' Use Patterns Studied
    Fully three-quarters (77%) of Facebook pages––public pages set up by brands, media outlets, and celebrities––have fewer than 1,000 fans and only 4% of Facebook pages have more than 10,000 fans, according to a study by Sysomos. more
  • Window-shopping, Parisian-style
    Get this: 8 in 10 smartphone users say they have trouble accessing content from their handhelds. What's more, they swear they'd spend at least $9 more per month on purchases if the products they wanted were easier to find. The stats come from a survey of both US and UK smartphone ... more
  • Senior Execs Continue Shift to Online Media
    Since 2003, senior executives have steadily increased their use of electronic media—so much so, that as of 2009 80% say within five years they will be consuming over half of their work-related media online and 60% say the same for leisure media, according to a Decision Dynamics Survey cosponsored by ... more

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