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Marketing Articles: Social Media

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  • For Tech Support Just Tweet
    Here's a story that extols the power of Twitter as a technical-support tool. More importantly, it demonstrates how a large company, Comcast, found its customers in a social-media venue—and responded to them. Neville Hobson, in a post on Social Media Today, discusses the Twitter-centric customer-service operation at Comcast. Twitter hasn't ... more
  • Inc 500 Succeeding With Social Media
    Business leaders among the Inc 500, an elite group of the nation's fastest-growing private companies, consider social media a central part of their marketing strategy, according to a recent study by the Center for Marketing Research at the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth. more
  • We Can Make Music Together
    In a video at, Israeli conductor Itay Talgam gives a spirited 20-minute talk on what modern leaders could learn from great conductors. Interestingly, a lot of the principles he presents in the video can apply to nourishing a social-media campaign. Here are some of his words of wisdom that can cross over ... more
  • This One's For You, Wherever You Are
    We're very proud of the amazing marketing events produced by our MarketingProfs colleagues—they always deliver a lively, insightful experience. If you missed this year's Digital Marketing Mixer in Chicago, Matthew Grant reports on key takeaways like these in a post at the MarketingProfs Daily Fix Blog: There's ... more
  • Marketers to Invest in Email, Social Media in 2010
    Businesses are gearing up to increase their marketing spend on email marketing and social media in 2010, making those the top two areas of marketing investment in 2010, according to the just-released 2010 Marketing Trends Survey by StrongMail Systems. more
  • Ten Commandments for Effective Online Social Networking
    by Paul Chaney
    Here's a 10-step game plan for social-network involvement. You don't have to think of these steps as commandments; rather, they are practical guidelines that will make you a better member of the social-networking communities in which you participate. more
  • Bring the Mayor to Your Doorstep
    Few things are as irresistible as a mobile game that lets players rack points up during waiting-room or bus-ride lulls. But if you're a brick-and-mortar shop, or a restaurant, there isn't much incentive for throwing another branded version of Tetris out into the ether. What to do, what to do? Solution: Hook up ... more
  • Give It to Me Straight
    "Looking for a way to punch up your email campaigns and get subscribers more engaged with your site?" Julie Waite asks in a recent post at the Bronto blog. "Product reviews may be the answer," she says. "Implementing product review functionality on your site can help seal the deal and convince ... more
  • Five Tips for Building an Online Community
    by Cynthia Francis
    Building a successful online community isn't as easy as it might seem. A thriving community requires defined goals and a clear strategy. Below are five tips to help you build an online community. more
  • 'The Open Brand': How Brands Can Thrive in a Consumer-Driven World
    by Sean Howard
    "The Open Brand" is a power-packed framework and guide for how brands can thrive and participate in a world where the consumer is the creator. Here's a Q&A with one of the authors. more
  • Social Media Video Viewing Up 98%
    Time spent viewing video on social networking sites has nearly doubled in the past year, from 503.8 million minutes in October 2008 to 999.4 million in October 2009, according to Nielsen. more
  • I Just Want to Help You
    You're in the business of communicating, and in the age of Internet-and-mobile, your platforms for doing so have expanded almost exponentially. But here's a down side: From fielding phone calls to checking email to ensuring your personal/company blog and Twitter accounts are well-populated, how do you manage it all? Lucky for you, slews of ... more
  • Gen-Y Women Viewed by Gen-X as Trendsetters
    Gen-Y women have emerged as a distinct and influential consumer demographic, and they wield significant brand influence over older Gen-X women, according to a study conducted by Radar Research for Sugar Inc. more
  • Moms Sacrifice Own Purchases for Family's Sake
    As mothers carefully budget for their families, they are sacrificing purchases that are for their own use in order to ensure their families get what they need, according to a study by the Marketing to Moms Coalition. more
  • You Spent How Much on Lunch?
    Prices on the lunch menu at Maloney & Porcelli are typical of restaurants in its segment: You can start with appetizers like the $14 tuna-and-avocado tartare or the $20 crab cake; a mixed-green salad goes for $10: and one of the eatery's signature filet mignons will cost at least $39. As ... more
  • Don't Sow It Alone
    Kevin Nalts, a marketing director who produces hi-lar-ious videos on YouTube under the handle nalts, once joked that after cutting a bazillion notches into his belt, he still has no idea what makes a viral hit with users. And that's the accepted wisdom: Creating a truly viral video—something people want to ... more
  • Come in From the Cold
    Hard, cold fact: Few B2B sales reps relish having to make cold calls. And Laura Ramos could not agree more. "I believe marketing should strive to put sales out of the business of cold calling," she states at the B2B Marketing POSTs blog. Since that's a tall order, she offers a ... more
  • Social Media, Mobile to Guide Holiday Shopping
    Nearly one in five holiday shoppers will rely on digital advancements such as social media and mobile phones for help with holiday shopping this year, according to Deloitte’s 24th Annual Holiday Survey of retail spending and trends. more
  • Yes, Facebook Is a Business Tool
    by Paul Chaney
    Is Facebook really a tool for business? Paul Chaney says yes. Much the same way a power company connects homes and businesses with electricity, Facebook is a "social utility" designed to facilitate connections between people as well as businesses. Accordingly, it can be highly useful as a business tool. This article ... more
  • Shake It Up, Baby
    Based on the premise that data's no fun (and no use!) without insight, BrandZ has launched BrandZ 100, an iPhone app that takes its annual Top 100 Brands Report and actually makes it fun to read. Developed by IconMobile, the app—decked out in crisp black, white and red—takes you straight to ... more
  • Mobile Marketing Not for Everyone
    Mobile marketing is on track to grow 27% to a $2.1 billion market in 2010, according to the Mobile Marketing Association. The total mobile audience is still relatively small, however, and is confined to a limited market segment; moreover, marketers who reach out to the wrong mobile audience risk turning ... more
  • More SMBs Use Online Media Than Traditional
    For the first time, the number of small and medium-sized businesses using digital/online media has surpassed the number using traditional media, according to the Kelsey Group. more
  • So, It's Like a Barn?
    "It's certainly not unusual that a stand up comedian like Tim Washer would be producing absurdist viral videos," notes AdAge. "What is surprising is that the IBM communications executive is doing so for his straight-laced corporate employer." Washer's first mini-mockumentary for the conservative company was called Mainframe: The Art of the ... more
  • Come Tweet With Me
    Hoping to position Lufthansa as bigger than just a German airline, digital agency Profero has helped it create MySkyStatus—a tool that has brought Lufthansa's branding catch-phrase, "passion for precision," to life in a hands-on way. "Communications needs to have a use," explains Profero's Wayne Arnold in a recent article at Adweek. "Saying ... more
  • Social Media Users Open to Branding, Marketing
    Consumers flock daily to social media sites to keep in touch with friends and family, but they are also keen to buy from brands that they have seen on these sites, according to new research from Performics and ROI Research. more

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