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Marketing Articles: Social Media

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  • Who Invited You?
    Last summer, Morgan Stewart of ExactTarget quizzed 2,400 people on their attitudes toward marketing and made an interesting discovery. "70% of consumers who visit Facebook at least once a month and are a 'fan' of at least one company or brand, don't believe they have given those companies permission to ... more
  • Why 70% of Facebook 'Fans' Don't Want Marketing, and What You Can Do About It
    by Morgan Stewart
    Most consumers who use Facebook and are a "fan" of a company or brand don't believe they have given those companies permission to market to them; many don't believe marketers are welcome in social networks at all. But here's how companies can connect with fans without turning them off. more
  • Eight Ways Marketers Can Benefit From Using Alltop
    by Mack Collier
    In aggregating and organizing content from top sites around the Internet, Alltop goes a long way toward solving the filtering problem that many of us have. Alltop can be an invaluable tool for marketers. This article shares eight ways that we can benefit from using Alltop. more
  • Talk to the Hand
    If you blog, you've certainly encountered your share of bizarre, offensive or spammy comments. It comes with the territory. Each of us has our own standard, and you've probably developed a list of commenting no-nos. But do your readers know what they happen to be? "I publish every reasonable (and some ... more
  • Getting Hot, Hot, Hotter
    Does the URL to your Web page sizzle? In a recent Bloggapedia post, online marketer Bill Hartzer reports on the Alexa Toolbar's popular Alexa Hot URLs list. According to Hartzer, the list presents "the hottest Web pages on the Internet right now," and it's updated every five minutes! That should ... more
  • Reports of Email's Death Exaggerated
    While some believe that the rise of Twitter and Facebook has sounded email's death knell, Jordan Cohen, writing at the Pivotal Veracity blog, disagrees. He takes issue with statements like this one from the Wall Street Journal: "Email has had a good run as [the] king of communications. But its ... more
  • Successful Selling: Hitting the Trifecta
    There are three elements to selling: access, influence and delivery. Whether you work in sales or marketing, whatever you do must impact one of those elements—that is, give you access to your customers, help you influence those customers and help you deliver on what you promise. So advises sales expert Jim ... more
  • Enjoy Some Good Holiday Cheese
    As the goblins and ghouls out there munch away on their Halloween bounty, fond memories arise of one apparition we saw a lot of this season—the Monster Mash JibJab "sendable." The e-card uses facial-recognition technology to seamlessly attach the faces of your friends or family to the body of a monster. ... more
  • SMBs to Boost Twitter Use for Marketing
    Some 9% of small and midsize businesses (SMBs) use Twitter to market their business, and 32% of SMBs say they plan to include social media in their marketing mix over the next year. more
  • Polish Your Brand With Co-Creation
    "A revolution in both marketing thought and practice is at hand," say three researchers in an interesting new report on brand marketing. In their research, these authors examined "consumer co-creation in an empirical context"—specifically, creative consumer behavior in nine brand communities across a wide array of products, including Apple Newton (a ... more
  • Fall TV Drives Record Online Video Viewing
    The fall TV season premieres attracted record online viewership in September, with nearly 26 billion videos delivered to 168 million US Internet users during the month. more
  • The Three Most Popular Social Networks for Business (and Why You Should Use Them)
    by Paul Chaney
    An ancient proverb states that a "cord of three strands is not easily broken." By way of analogy, I hypothesize that the more individual connections to a particular person you have, the stronger your overall relationship with that person will be. In constructing my social graph (i.e., my network of connections), ... more
  • Making Your Email 'Social-able'
    by Kara Trivunovic
    Take a minute and think about the folks with whom you socialize. You may have a professional network (LinkedIn) and a personal network (Facebook). You may tweet for fun or business, or for both—or maybe you just follow some sports figures on Twitter to keep up to date on the ... more
  • Mind the Big Three Be's
    Fun fact: Only 13% of the mobile market has an iPhone. That sounds like plenty when you consider how long the phone's been available, but it merits remembering that the vast majority of users—and possibly many in your demo—still don't have one. So how to wiggle into the pockets ... more
  • You Lie!
    A recent viral video opens on a pretty blonde, who sits at her desk while cradling an infant son. "Hi, my name is Karen and I'm from Denmark," she says. "And this here is my baby boy. His name is August. I'm doing this video because I'm trying to find ... more
  • 25% of UK Ads on Social Networks
    Social networking sites accounted for more than 25% of all UK display ad impressions in August. Although younger social networkers were delivered the highest percentage of ads, a sizable percentage of impressions reached every age group. more
  • Teaching an Old Brand New Tricks
    Good news: You don't have to lose sight of your brand's tried-and-true persona to participate in the quest for deeper engagement at the new social sites. Just think of the social-media generation as a silver-dish serving of people who already want to talk to you; you just need to make ... more
  • Yes, It's Viral, but I'm not Afraid
    This time of year, the word "viral" strikes fear in the best of us. Images of flu viruses ready to attack spring to mind. (Shudder.) But that word holds a scary connotation for B2B marketers just about any time of year. After all, once an online B2B campaign goes viral, it ... more
  • No Escapin' This
    Ask 100 people for their opinion of social-media tools like Twitter and you'll likely get 100 different responses—ranging from extreme enthusiasm to extreme derision. However you feel about social media, here is one simple fact: Even if you're a naysayer who considers these tools inane and a waste of time, ... more
  • 36MM Germans Viewed 6.4B Videos in August
    Germanyís 36 million online video viewers watched 6.4 billion videos in August 2009, an average of 178 videos per viewer. About 43% of those 6.4 billion videos were viewed on YouTube. more
  • Digital Marketing Factbook: A Glimpse Inside
    This article presents a small sampling of the vital research data about today's email, search, and social media marketing that's contained in the MarketingProfs Digital Marketing Factbook, designed to be a comprehensive resource for every online marketer. more
  • Transforming Customers Into a Community
    by Adam Boyden
    When your customers feel that they are part of a community, they visit your website more often, provide feedback, and recommend your products and services to people they know. They do so because they now have a significant relationship with your company that surpasses brand awareness; they are now your ... more
  • What Would We Do Without You?
    You've probably heard a lot that the days of "push" messaging—a mythical golden age when marketers could feed passive viewers whatever rigmarole the ad department pleased—are dead. So true. But for you, it's not a bad thing; it's a chance to develop long-term, even downright codependent relationships with users. And there ... more
  • 19% of Internet Users Use Twitter
    Twitter use jumped significantly in the last six months, from 11% of US internet users in April 2009 to 19% today. Driving the growth are three groups: people who use social networks, those get online via a mobile device, and younger internet users (under 44). more
  • You Don't Drive Me Nuts Anymore!
    What makes Twitter so useful is also what makes it difficult to navigate: everyone is spewing what they think, all the time, about anything imaginable. This is good for tracking brand buzz, because when you run a search on Twitter it's like being clairvoyant: the opinions are there, raw and ... more

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