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Marketing Articles: Social Media

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  • Advertising Is the Price You Pay for Not Being Creative
    by John Rooks
    We are at a unique place and time. The crossroads of environmental and economic crises provide agile companies with the ability to capture market share in a down market by cutting their media buys and engaging their fan base in new ways. more
  • Problem Solved: What's the Right Social-Media Fit?
    by Claire Coyne
    You know your company needs to jump in to social media to compete in today's Internet-based marketing world. But which channel is right for you? How can you find the right social-media fit? more
  • Online Video Streaming Up 25% YOY
    Two key indicators of online video usage are up 24.8% year over year, according to Nielsen's September US Online Video report. YouTube remains the leading source of online video, delivering almost 6.7 billion streams in September. more
  • They Like Us! They Really Like Us!
    Research coming out of Penn State reports that 20% of tweets—those wee messages published on Twitter—are brand-oriented. And not the way you'd naturally expect. While researchers originally thought they'd find lots of brand engagement in the form of product reviews or referrals, what they discovered was this (hold on to ... more
  • Ten Steps for Creating a FANtastic Facebook Fan Page
    by Mari Smith
    The following 10 elements of dynamic Facebook fan pages will set you head and shoulders above the rest (and keep your fans coming back for more). more
  • Marketers: Don't Just Buy Media—Earn It!
    by Ben Straley
    Want to get started with an effective earned-media marketing program? Here are three tips for launching, measuring, and monetizing a low-cost earned-media program that will drive a surge in online word-of-mouth traffic about your brand. more
  • LinkedOut
    Not long ago, Elaine Fogel used a post at the MarketingProfs Daily Fix Blog to discuss her case of "Social Media Rejection Syndrome." It all began when someone not only rejected her LinkedIn invitation but also sent a note explaining why: "I only make connections with people I've met personally ... more
  • Companies Frown on Tweeting, Friending
    Visiting social networks such as Facebook or Twitter except for clear business reasons is discouraged or outlawed outright at a majority of US workplaces. more
  • FTC Requires Bloggers to Come Clean
    New FTC guidelines will affect marketers who use blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and the like for word-of-mouth and viral campaigns, starting Dec. 1. more
  • Problem Solved: How Do You Convince the Boss That It's Time to Go Social?
    by Claire Coyne
    There's nothing we love more than solutions—top-notch insights from top-of-the-line experts that help solve common marketing problems. Here's this week's solution, featuring SAS, which offers us a solution to the following problem: How does Marketing convince the CEO that it's time to embrace social media? more
  • Expand Your Local Horizons
    For the small-business owner, getting your name out via local search is a must. And to many marketers, that means optimizing for Google's universal results. After all, Google is the leader of the search-engine pack these days. But as David Mihm points out in a recent article at Search Engine ... more
  • It's a Secret (Wink, Wink)
    According to The Wrap, ABC has chosen an unorthodox way to promote a new comedy on its fall schedule—by keeping it hush-hush. "The network is offering the sneak peak of '[Modern Family]' only to members of a special online fan base it's built called ABC Inner Circle," writes Josef Adalian. ... more
  • Social Media Is #1 Challenge, Marketers Say
    Social media poses the greatest challenge to engaging customers today, according to a recent poll of more than 200 professional marketers. more
  • Don't You Dare Dis My Babble!
    This summer, Pear Analytics released a study that got plenty of play in the Twitter/blogosphere. According to the Pear research, 40.5 percent of the messages published on social-media-darling Twitter are "pointless babble," and a mere 8.7 percent of tweets have pass-along value to others. The piece won itself a lot of ... more
  • Google Wave: A Sea Change for Marketers?
    Starting today, Google will invite 100,000 users to beta-test its much-buzzed Wave. What will the hugely ambitious communication and collaboration platform mean for marketers? more
  • Case Study: How AAA Went to Where Its Members Needed Help: Social Media Sites
    by Erik Bratt
    With an increasing number of its members talking about the American Automobile Association via social media, the company decided it needed to monitor and respond. more
  • Searchers to Subscribers to Fans
    "If you're interested in building a flourishing online brand and website that generates links and traffic organically as part of your Internet marketing efforts, it's important to develop an active base of subscribers and fans," says Adam Singer in a recent post at the Online Marketing Blog. Here are a ... more
  • We'll Have a Gay Old Time
    We've seen Sarah Haskins critique advertising that patronizes women, and now it's time for Bryan Safi's take on commercials that handle gay topics with varying degrees of respect. In this occasionally off-color video from Current TV, he begins with a few ads that use gay men as the punchline for ... more
  • Monetize This
    "We were looking at all the conferences coming up," says Guy Kawasaki at the beginning of a video from the Revenue Bootcamp conference, "and everything was about social media and Twitter and basically gathering eyeballs, but nobody was talking about monetizing people. And so we thought, what a concept, maybe ... more
  • Ad Spending on Social Networks Doubles
    Time spent on social network and blogging sites accounted for 17% of all the time Americans spent online in August 2009, nearly triple the figure for August 2008. Ad spending more than doubled over the same period. more
  • Facebook, Nielsen Partner to Measure Ads' Impact
    Facebook has entered into a multiyear partnership with Nielsen to allow better measurement of the effectiveness of advertising on the widely popular social networking site. The alliance is yet another move by Facebook to heighten its attractiveness as a marketing platform. more
  • Moms, Media, and Marketing
    Women with children at home are more likely to use Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter than average adults, according to a newly released survey. They're big on word-of-mouth, and some 15.3% maintain a blog. more
  • Problem Solved: You've Built a Social Media Fan Base, Now What Do You Do to Keep Them Engaged?
    There's nothing we love more than solutions—top-notch insights from top-of-the-line experts that help solve common marketing problems. Once a week, this column will pose a problem, and invite a MarketingProfs speaker—past, present, or future—to help solve it for you. more
  • I Get Sentimental
    "The rise of blogs and social networks has fueled a bull market in personal opinion: reviews, ratings, recommendations and other forms of online expression," writes Alex Wright in a recent New York Times article. "For computer scientists, this fast-growing mountain of data is opening a tantalizing window onto the collective ... more
  • Five Tools for Tracking, Measuring, and Evaluating Your Personal Brand Online
    by William Arruda
    The best kind of personal branding combines real-world communications with virtual visibility and community-building via social media. Online brand-building enables you to reach beyond the people you can connect with in person and allows you to measure the impact of your actions. Since online personal-branding efforts are easier to track and measure, ... more

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