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Marketing Articles: Social Media

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  • Five Tools for Tracking, Measuring, and Evaluating Your Personal Brand Online
    by William Arruda
    The best kind of personal branding combines real-world communications with virtual visibility and community-building via social media. Online brand-building enables you to reach beyond the people you can connect with in person and allows you to measure the impact of your actions. Since online personal-branding efforts are easier to track and measure, ... more
  • Social Media Reality-Check
    by Brandon Walsh
    Is the social-media explosion a "big bang" that's creating a whole new brand-communications paradigm, or is it part of an ongoing evolution whereby focused brand-building principles are not only still relevant but more important than ever? more
  • Your Husband: Slightly Dumber Than a Dog
    Comedian Sarah Haskins is back with another Target Women video at Current TV that skewers gender-based advertising clichés—this time it's the Doofy Husband. "Being a woman isn't easy," she says in a mock serious tone. "We work, we take care of the house, we raise children, and we do it ... more
  • Gays, Lesbians Like Blogs, Social Networking
    More than half (55%) of gay and lesbian Americans read blogs, compared with only 38% of heterosexuals. They also use social networking sites more than their heterosexual peers. more
  • Firm Sells Facebook Friends to Advertisers
    Need a friend? Brisbane-based uSocial will find thousands of them on Facebook for you—at a price. more
  • US Ad Expenditures Down 14.3% in 1H09
    Total measured advertising expenditures in the first six months of 2009 fell 14.3% from a year earlier, to $60.87 billion, according to TNS Media Intelligence. Q2 spending was down 13.9% from last year—the fifth consecutive quarter of year-over-year decline. more
  • Social Networks Deliver 21% of Ad Impressions
    Social networking sites delivered 21% of all US online display ad impressions in June 2009, according to a recent comScore study, with MySpace and Facebook together accounting for more than 80% of impressions in the social networking category. more
  • Fist-Bump Your Card-Stack Into Oblivion
    The sun is setting on the tyranny of business cards—that stack of stiffs that seems important as you add to it again and again, but which you never really get the chance to sort through later. Well, hail and farewell!  One application precipitating the demise of these paper dinosaurs is Bump, which pretty much turns ... more
  • Turn That Follower Into a Retweeter
    "When you first start playing in the social media sandbox, you feel compelled to collect," says Mark Goren in a post at the Daily Fix blog. "Subscribers. Followers. Friends. The more the merrier—at least that's what it feels like at first." But consider this: Just because someone ... more
  • Facebook Hits 300 Million User Mark
    Facebook users now number 300 million—nearly the size of the US population—CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently announced. His even bigger news: Facebook is now in the black, much earlier than anticipated. more
  • Facebook: Great Growth, Big Gaps
    Facebook use among the 55+ set increased 25% from July 4 to August 4, after growing an astounding 532% in the previous six months. more
  • Viral, Shpiral
    You've almost certainly seen, or heard about, the YouTube video of a Minnesota wedding in which the bride, groom and their attendants dance and tumble down the aisle to Chris Brown's Forever. According to Rick Burnes, this is the viral ideal. "15 million people reached with no money spent on ... more
  • How Social Is Socially Acceptable in Email?
    by Stephanie Miller
    Marketers face a bit of a quandary in deciding how social to be. There is a seemingly endless number of social networks, all with conversations that might be relevant to the business. When it comes to email, the issue becomes trickier still: If supporting every social network out there is too ... more
  • Trust Agents: The New Digital Natives
    by Chris Brogan, Julien Smith
    What are so-called Trust Agents? Trust Agents have established themselves as non-sales-oriented, non-high-pressure marketers. They are digital natives using the Web to be genuine and to humanize their business. They're interested in people (like prospective customers, employees, and colleagues), and they have realized that the tools that enable more unique, ... more
  • Case Study: How Domino's Managed a Viral Video Nightmare
    by Kimberly Smith
    What do you do when potentially devastating information about your company goes hyper-viral online, reaching millions of people essentially overnight? more
  • You Broke It, You Fix It
    "While Dave Carroll was flying from Nova Scotia to Nebraska he had his Taylor guitar ruined," says the Huffington Post. "After a protracted attempt to get United to pay for the damage, Carroll struck back." And how! The Sons of Maxwell frontman wrote a song called "United Breaks Guitars," in ... more
  • Facebook Connect Lifts Facebook Past MySpace
    The launch of Facebook Connect fueled Facebook's surge to the front of the social networking pack, leaving MySpace in the dust. more
  • Yum! That Smells Good!
    Here's a juicy tidbit to chew on: One of the reasons Facebook is such a force in the social scene is that it makes it easy to catch up with friends without actually having to talk to them. Yep, you got it: Your Newsfeed outfits you with their latest photos, blog ... more
  • How Do You Measure Your Social Efforts?
    How do you know whether your social media efforts are bearing fruit? The answer, according to Katie Paine, is to create benchmarks against which to measure your efforts. more
  • Making Twitter Success Measurable
    by Evan Gerber
    For new-media darling Twitter, marketers are finding more tools to help them understand how their efforts are performing. This article will explore different ways to measure success (and mistakes) on Twitter by examining several real-world campaigns and the tools marketers can use to measure campaign success. more
  • Case Study: How IBM Offset the Impact of a Down Economy on Event Attendance
    by Kimberly Smith
    How can you confront today's economic headwinds? See how IBM avoided a looming disaster and reached safe harbor with the help of customers and partners. more
  • A Match Made in E-Heaven: Twitter and Email
    While vigorous debate continues over Twitter's real business value—and its long-term viability—high-tech executives and marketers are experimenting with Twitter today, using it to nurture relationships and improve their visibility by sharing information about their business and industry. Not surprisingly, when Twitter and email campaigns are integrated, the effectiveness of both ... more
  • Champagne Taste, Beer Budget
    Would you dicker with a waiter about the price of a steak entrée? Or ask a hairdresser to give you highlights for free? Or expect a cashier to sell you a DVD at less than half its marked price? Probably not. A viral video making the rounds this summer uses ... more
  • Social Media's Primary Use: Marketing
    About six out of seven (86%) US companies surveyed have used social technologies in support of one or more areas of their business, and marketing is their primary use for social media, the study found. more
  • Blog, Meet Tweet. Now, Mesh!
    Here's happy news for intrepid marketers seeking to more easily manage their brand reputations and promote their fab companies: in partnership with Sawhorse Media, Technorati has launched Twittorati, "where the blogosphere and twittersphere meet"! Here's why these two are a perfect new match for marketers: Sawhorse specializes in aggregating tweets from ... more

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