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Marketing Articles: Social Media

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  • Communications Industry Forecast: Slump, then... Growth
    Total communications spending will decline 1% in 2009, to $882.6 billion—its first spending decline since the 2001 recession—according to the latest Communications Industry Forecast (CIF) from private-equity firm Veronis Suhler Stevenson (VSS). more
  • Ready for Your Close-up?
    In a post at the Emma blog, Edwin Acevedo tells the story of VideoLink, a video-production company that wanted to highlight its skills in an email campaign that showed off new features at a redesigned website. "They made a short video [hosted by CEO Gina Chudnow]," he says, "added a ... more
  • Take off Your Twitter Goggles: Why Marketers Still Need a Blogging Strategy
    by Clay McDaniel
    Twitter may be the all the rage, but it's not yet time to pull the plug on your corporate blog and stop monitoring all the blogs where people talk about your brand. The emergence of Twitter as a hyper-popular social-media tool for marketing is not the death knell of the ... more
  • Case Study: How Low-Cost Conversation Starters Built Community, Generated Leads
    by Kimberly Smith
    How do you build a thousand-strong online community when your entire global audience is just 20,000 people? Easy! (Not really, but it's possible.) more
  • Are You Socially Acceptable?
    One reason social media sites have caught on like wildfire among users is that, by and large, they operate on basic principles of social decency. Now, be honest: Do your social-media skills match the subtle standards set at sites like Twitter and YouTube? Not sure? Well, here are a few site-inspired rules ... more
  • Fake It at Your Own Risk
    Let's say you visit a site like and discover scathingly negative reviews of your product or service. Making matters worse, only a few of your happy customers have balanced the harsh criticism with their praise. In such a scenario, you might be tempted to pose as a customer and ... more
  • How to Develop a Successful Facebook Page
    by Mark Ivey
    Facebook Pages are good for building your brand and creating conversations, allowing users to get more deeply connected with your business. Recent changes have improved their functionality. Check out the following strategies for leveraging some of the key features. more
  • When Bad Buzz Happens to Good Companies
    It seems almost inevitable these days: You run a search on your company's name or product and a negative review, remark or blog post appears in the top listings. What do you do? "Don't  ... lose your cool and try to retaliate," says Internet Marketing Consultant Jeremy Martin in a recent ... more
  • US Wireless-Internet Use Soars
    More than half of Americans—56%—report having used wireless means to gain online access, according to a Pew Research report that examines how Americans are accessing the Internet by wireless means using a range of devices. more
  • Maximize Your Social-Networking Investment
    You don't get to be a social-networking superstar without paying your dues. "The way I look at it," says Jay Baer in a video at his blog, "you ought to try to maximize the value of the time spent." His tips for reaching that goal include: Remembering the Eight-to-One ... more
  • $55B in Interactive Marketing Spend in 2014
    Interactive marketing spend is expected to reach nearly $25.6 billion in 2009—and nearly $55.0 billion in 2014, when it will account for 21% of all marketing spend, up from 12% in 2009—according to Forrester. more
  • Stay and Play, OK?
    OK. Quick fable: Prior to a trip to Nebraska, Dave Carroll checked his $3500 Taylor guitar with United Airlines. (If you've been online at all recently, you know where this is going.) The guitar suffered serious damage, and Carroll spent months pursuing the issue via the usual channels of complaint—to no ... more
  • Top Brands Engaged Online via Social Media
    Among the world's most valuable brands, Starbucks, Dell, eBay, Google, and Microsoft best leverage social media to interact with customers online, according to a study by Altimeter Group and Wetpaint. more
  • Three Tips for Improving Your Business Blog
    Business blogging can do wonders for your bottom line. It can bring in more Web traffic, give you more exposure, allow you to tailor your company's message, and give you a platform for interacting with potential customers. more
  • Tweet Like You Mean It
    Lots of companies are scrambling to see how they can use Twitter to promote their products and services. But a few good tweets can also provide great customer service. Glenn Ross, in a post at All Business, recently looked at the spectrum of possibilities. He offered a few ways that ... more
  • B2B Marketers Latching Onto Social Media
    Most B2B marketers have begun using social media and more of them are planning to use "newer media" than ever before, according a new study by BtoB magazine and the Association of National Advertisers. more
  • Twitter Lessons from the Lunch Cart
    "Twitter is still a scary, untamed frontier for many businesses," Fortune wrote recently. We hear a similar refrain from the marketers who are part of the MarketingProfs community: They know that they should be engaging online, but they don't have the foggiest notion of how to do it. more
  • Marketing Budgets Safe for Rest of 2009
    Marketers are optimistic about the economy for the second half of the year. Even in the midst of a recession, 42% of nearly 1,000 global business leaders polled say they plan to increase marketing budgets in 2009, and 43% say they plan to maintain current levels. more
  • The King Is Dead, Long Live the King
    As it files for bankruptcy, the once-mighty General Motors faces a public-relations crisis of tremendous proportion: How does it convince customers, employees, suppliers and the American public that it not only deserves to survive, but can? "Let's be completely honest," says the narrator of the "Reinvention" video GM posted to ... more
  • Overlay the 'Tube, Dude!
    YouTube recently launched a call-to-action overlay ad, which is exactly what it sounds like: a semi-transparent ad that appears over videos, and—get this—enables advertisers to send users to any website they wish. Now, that's a sweet ride! You might be, like, "Didn't that feature already exist?" But the crazy thing ... more
  • Case Study: Twitter + Coffee = A Delicious Elixir for Customer Acquisition and Sales
    by Christian Gulliksen
    The Houston-area coffee shop was just one among many, until it found Twitter. Today, the Coffee Groundz is ground zero among local social-media fans—and sales have soared. more
  • Bachelor Number Three
    You might have seen the video shot at the Sasquatch Music Festival in Washington state—footage of a young man as he dances wildly by himself to the strains of Santogold's "Unstoppable." He's clearly having a good time while bemused onlookers watch the spectacle. After a while, a second concertgoer ... more
  • Social Media Popularity Skyrockets
    Social networks have exploded in popularity in the past year: More than 4 in 10 (43%) among those who are online now use social networking sites, such as Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn—up from 27% a year ago. more
  • To Coin a Phrase. Or Two.
    Not long ago, your spell-check would have revolted at a word like blogosphere; type it into a recent edition of Microsoft Word, however, and you won't see that angry red squiggle beneath its 11 letters. The bastardized term has been accepted by the software as a "real" word. Likewise, most ... more
  • Tweet Me to Juicy World Renown!
    Heads-up, all of you out there who market to moms: Food mogul Nestlé is using Twitter to promote Juicy Juice—the super-popular, and now vintage, juice-box brand that caters to kids. Expect to see the pea-green pieces on mom-targeted sites like CafeMom and Questions like "How do you stimulate your child's ... more

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