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Marketing Articles: Social Media

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  • Social Media and Your Personal Brand: Five Steps to Building Your Brand in Bits & Bytes
    by William Arruda
    The ubiquity of social-media tools has made personal branding even more pervasive, powerful, and efficient. Personal branding has moved online. Many Web 2.0 tools designed for building community and fostering lively discussion—such as LinkedIn, blogs, Facebook, and Twitter—are ideal for career-minded professionals who seek to increase their visibility, demonstrate their ... more
  • Case Study: How Getting Personal Helped Spur Renewals for the Golden State Warriors
    by Kimberly Smith
    So maybe your organization hasn't had a stellar year. (Really, how many have?) But you still have fans. How can you reach out, in a more personal way, to keep the customers you have? more
  • Form the Perfect SEO Storm
    Applying SEO best practices like keyword research and link-building is a surefire way to start increasing your search rankings. However, in a recent Search Engine Watch post, Chris Boggs warns us not to forget the non-SEO ways to get websites consistently ranked for relevant desired terms. "SEO involves getting lots ... more
  • Social Media Gets Punk'd
    "Back in the day, I was into punk rock," says David Meerman Scott in a post at his Web Ink Now blog. "It was loud, it was NOT disco, there was a culture surrounding it, and the cult-like followings for the bands were intense." And even if you didn't share ... more
  • This Business Ain't for the Birds
    OK, we admit it: For a platform as popular as it's become, Twitter's surprisingly hard to understand to the untrained eye. What are all those messages? IMs? Forum discussions? Public IMs? And what the heck is a "tweeple," for goodness sake?!! Most importantly: What's with this rumor that Twitter can ... more
  • Woofer, the Anti-Twitter, Launched
    This dog can't hunt, but it sure can woof: Woofer, which calls itself an "homage to Twitter," is a new "macroblogging" site that requires each post be a minimum of 1,400 characters, reports Jon Brodkin on Network World, in contrast to Twitter's maximum of 140 characters. more
  • RU Linked in or Left out?
    Heads-up: It's time to take a fresh look at LinkedIn. That's what Diana Huff says in a recent guest post at the Savvy B2B Marketing blog. "In the last year or so, LinkedIn has significantly increased its functionality," she reports, "making the business networking site a great way to gather ... more
  • Advertisers, Consumers Disagree About Ads, Media, Twitter
    Consumers and advertisers largely disagree about the effectiveness of many types of ads, as well as in their assessments of Internet advertising and Twitter, despite some areas of agreement, finds a recent survey by LinkedIn Research Network/Harris Poll. more
  • Top 15 Entertainment Websites, July 2009
    YouTube was far and away the most-visited online entertainment venue in July, alone accounting for as many visits as the next 11 websites in the top 15 in the entertainment category, according to Hitwise data. more
  • Should I Stay or Should I Go?
    As your company joins the discussion in online communities, you might wonder whether your presence is welcomed or resented. In a post at the Daily Fix blog, Mike O'Toole reports on a survey in which 3,000 global IT decision-makers were asked how they felt about vendor involvement in social media. ... more
  • All You Ever Needed to Know About Twitter
    Michael Martine considered writing a book on how to make the most of Twitter. Fortunately for us all, however, he chose instead to share his insight—gratis—at Remarkablogger in an extended post called "The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Marketing Your Business on Twitter." The title is ambitious, and Martine delivers with ... more
  • Segment Email and Social Networks for a Vitamin-Power Boost
    by Stephanie Miller
    Here's how Nature Made is combining email and social networking to build stronger email connections with customers and prospects. more
  • Can We Link Up Sometime?
    What are two of the biggest obstacles companies face in link marketing? Consultant Justilien Gaspard believes they are: (1) developing linkable content, and (2) making people aware of it. In a recent Search Engine Watch article, he offers advice on how to overcome these Big Two and start linking up with hot ... more
  • Namaste, Coach!
    In a post at the AdHole blog, Jason Fox tells about a terrific series of ads. Produced for Dunkin' Donuts, they feature former football coach Barry Switzer as he attempts to whip non-football players into shape. The first spot finds Coach Switzer—cup of Dunkin' Donuts coffee in hand—amid a group ... more
  • Quiet on the (Twitter) Set!
    Recently, TubeMogul reported that Twitter refers some of the least-fickle viewers to video sites, with tweeties watching videos 36.91 percent longer than those referred by Facebook, and 49.98 percent longer than those referred by Digg. Got dreams of broadcasting live to this eager bunch? Now you can! Ride the statistical wave ... more
  • The New Downside of 24/7
    Who's that bleary-eyed chap in the corner? Why, he's the CMO who stayed up all weekend conducting WOM (word-of-mouth) damage-control—after one bad Saturday-morning customer tweet. Welcome to the new downside of 24/7. "Buzz isn't scheduled, especially bad buzz," says Jackie Huba in a Church of the Customer blog post. "Thanks to ... more
  • Top 15 Computers & Internet Industry Sites, July 2009
    The websites of search giant Google, social-media leader Facebook, and Yahoo's email service topped the list of websites in the computers & Internet industry in July, according to Hitwise. more
  • Social-Media ROI Elusive: MarketingProfs Poll
    Social media measurement is top of mind among marketers surveyed in an informal poll by MarketingProfs: 47% of respondents say social media measurement is important to them. more
  • How's This for Passing the Buck?
    One year ago, Lynda Partner wrote—but did not publish—a blog post that eviscerated a software company for taking liberties with her email address, and then treating her complaint with stunning indifference. "Why publish it now, you ask? This week I got more spam from this same company," she says. "It ... more
  • Social Media Users Profiled
    Marketers continue to grapple with effectively allocating media in a changing consumer-controlled marketplace in which social media is a growing force. But who are these consumers using social media, what are their social-media usage patterns, and do they actually buy anything? more
  • Stellar Viral Videos, Pt. II
    Last week, we showed you some cool makeup vids as an example of how viral videos can rack in the mega-bucks. This time, we offer a sample of how a consistent, useful and compelling online video campaign can serve your brand amazingly well. Consider "Will it Blend," a fascinating online ... more
  • Running the Numbers on Twitter
    "The problem with most analysis on Twitter," says Rohit Bhargava in a post at the Influential Marketing Blog, "is that it is limited by the minimal amount of data that Twitter collects." He found some useful information, however, in a comprehensive report on Twitter usage recently released by Sysomos. Here ... more
  • Measuring and Monitoring Social Media
    ROI may be the Holy Grail of social media, but it's relatively easy to see whether your participation there has an impact on the bottom line, says Amber Naslund, Director of Community for Radian6. more
  • Case Study: A Facebook Experiment in Ad Targeting
    by Jason Alba, Kimberly Smith
    Here's how One Day, One Job—an online company that helps college students find entry-level jobs—grew its Web traffic and visibility via targeted ads on the social network. more
  • Don't Become a Frenemy
    "Refer-A-Friend campaigns can be tricky territory," says Kristen Gregory in a post at the Bronto blog. "Let's be very clear: just because someone gives you the email address of their friend does not mean you have permission to email [that friend] whenever you want, as often as you like." For ... more

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