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Marketing Articles: Customer Relationships

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  • Pack 'Em In
    In a post at the Viral Garden blog, Mack Collier discusses why so many companies struggle to launch and maintain active online communities. To find success, you'll need more than a message board and good intentions, he says. Here's some of his advice: Communities grow and ... more
  • Look to Your Own DNA
    Different people have had different reactions to our hobbled economy. Some are heartsick over tough choices made to keep a company solvent; others might thrill to the thought of newly identified opportunities; most of us are probably experiencing a mix of concern and optimism. Whatever your perspective, it's likely you've ... more
  • Latest List-Growing Strategies
    In cooperation with Ball State University and the Email Marketers Club, ExactTarget studied 18 methods used by marketers to build an email list. Among the results published in its 2009 Email List Growth Study are these conclusions: The best method for email list growth is onsite registration; ... more
  • Short, Sweet, and Clicked-Through
    In a post at the DIRECT website, Ken Magill discusses the results of a survey conducted by MailerMailer. Among its more interesting findings: Subject lines containing up to 35 characters significantly outperform those with more than 35. "According to the email marketing software-on-demand provider," says Magill, "messages with subject lines ... more
  • You Talkin' to Me?
    Once in a while, a digital ad grabs you just like that. And one thing that really boosts its impact is if the person featured in it is—you. Read on:  Last year, to sell tickets to its women's basketball games, Gonzaga University released a video of a coach calling the ONE person whose attendance would ... more
  • The Sweet Sound of the B2B Tweet
    Unsure of the worth of a B2B tweet? That's not surprising. After all, the Twitter rage is much more of a B2C social media thing, right? Well, not according to Maria Pergolino. In a recent Marketo article, Pergolino states that Twitter is actually a more important tool for B2B marketers ... more
  • A Fine Mess Caused by the Fine Print
    "I was going to hire a company today to do something fairly simple that would have cost [an advertised] $45," begins a post at the Service Untitled blog. But there was a catch. "I called them to schedule an appointment and was told there was [an] $85 minimum service charge. ... more
  • The Three Rs of Recession Marketing
    "There are three 'R' words—retention, repurchase and referral—that can help your company survive and thrive during the 'R' word that's plaguing our economy, the recession," says Deborah Eastman in a guest post at the Daily Fix blog. Here's why: Retention. Retaining your customers is a profitable exercise. Eastman cites a ... more
  • There's No Place Like (Near) Home
    It seems Americans are sticking closer to home these days. The pool in the backyard is a bigger draw. Dinner at home tastes better. So, is there a Customer Insight here? Well, of course. In a recent post aptly titled "Getting Ahead by Being Local," C. B. Whittemore writes at the ... more
  • Subject: Rock On!
    "A subject line … invites others into your email marketing open house," says Josh Nason in an article at MarketingProfs. "If you have something to sell or a message you want to get across, that subject line better be good—or else your prospects might head to a different neighborhood." Nason ... more
  • The Two-Edged Sword of the Testimonial
    Holly Buchanan opens a post at the FutureNow blog with a pair of seemingly contradictory ideas: that testimonials work very well and that they don't work at all. Both are true, she argues, because customer praise can be a two-edged sword: If it appears inauthentic or doesn't offer true insight, ... more
  • Retail Survival Tips in a New Economic and Customer Environment
    by Adam Boyden
    Retailers did everything possible to attract buyers over the holidays. From educational sessions to discounts and coupons, and special offers, retailers used their ingenuity and marketing smarts to make the best of a dismal season. Nonetheless, numbers were down and every indicator pointed toward an even gloomier 2009. Perhaps the very ... more
  • Case Study: Tips From Microsoft on Cultivating Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty on a Global Scale
    by Kimberly Smith
    With millions of customers in more than 90 countries, Microsoft has its hands full keeping customers satisfied and loyal. But it has found a way to do so—by using Web-monitoring tools, social-media analytics, and the energy of influencers. Read on for valuable insights. more
  • Lights! Camera! Take Action!
    It's a simple fact: We love watching online videos. In a post at the Digital Marketing blog, Eydie Cubarrubia cites Nielsen Online research that found 119 billion unique viewers watched 7 trillion total streams during the month of April. "Total streams were up 24 percent from a year ago," she says, ... more
  • Tell Your Own Story
    Gary Vaynerchuk calls 'em like he sees 'em. And the irrepressible advocate for social media took to his website to ask why so many companies prepare for anticipated criticism with filtered, canned responses. "I keep getting involved in these consulting pow-wows," he says, "where people are like, 'We're going to ... more
  • Think of It as a Club
    You understand how email delivery works, but perhaps you have trouble explaining the process to your boss, a client or a colleague. If so, you're in luck. An entertaining post by Matt Vernhout at Email Karma compares the delivery process to an evening at a hot new nightclub—terms most everyone ... more
  • So This is What You Look Like!
    A cool thing is happening through sites like blogging service Xanga, review site Yelp, and Twitter. Some of their faithful users have started attending meet-ups, where folks who interact online and live in the same geographic area can actually meet—in person! What a concept. Now, here's the really good news: These ... more
  • If It Ain't Broke, Why Add to It?
    Lots of companies offer add-ons for their products. (Think: a carrying case for a digital camera or a memory card for a computer.) But does that practice always have a positive effect? Or could offering an add-on actually cause consumers to question the intrinsic value of the base product? ("Why ... more
  • Summer's Coming: Make Lemonade
    "The economic downturn spells bad news to most marketers," says Jack Trout in a post at the Branding blog, "but a slump also presents an opportunity to build brands." He takes a back-to-basics approach to his brand-building, and recommends a few down-home strategies that might help turn your lemons into ... more
  • No Chocolate in the Peanut Butter!
    "There are many similarities between social media marketing and email," says Ross Kramer in an article at MarketingProfs, "but they are two distinct marketing channels and they should be used separately to enhance or magnify, not just promote, each other." Kramer outlines a process for complementary strategies that play to the ... more
  • Marketing Addictionary: 'Badvocate'
    Badvocate: (noun): People who passionately criticize or detract from companies, brands, or products. more
  • Get Creative
    We've seen some great creative ads in the past, both online and on television. Now imagine that you could be the brains behind a nationwide ad. Well, Panasonic gives you this opportunity with its Next Generation Talent competition. more
  • Keep in Touch This Summer, OK?
    As summer approaches, and your subscribers begin to go on holidays, you might wonder whether you should scale back your email campaigns. But in a post at the Email Experience Council blog, Ryan Allis says, "Not only should you feel comfortable sending out your messages over the summer, it's also ... more
  • Are You Giving Customers the Finger?
    If you've flown anywhere lately, you know how dire the experience has become. We're talking about overbooked flights, overworked staff, scant luggage space and virtually nonexistent snacks. It's a level of service to which most frequent flyers have become accustomed, and about which few people complain anymore. In a ... more
  • No Peeking!
    When you order a gift for someone, it's always disappointing if they discover what they're receiving ahead of time. This must have been a problem for L.L.Bean customers who share email accounts with loved ones, because the "Tracking Your Order" FAQ page at its website has quite an interesting recommendation ... more

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