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Marketing Articles: Customer Relationships

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  • Have You Considered an ... Open Relationship?
    Before you sign up for exclusive sponsorships, Rohit Bhargava suggests taking a hard look at what you really get out of the deal. Because if your sponsorship makes it difficult for people to get what they really want, the entire thing could blow up in your face. Take the case ... more
  • Talk to Me—Less
    Another Monday. Another newsletter to crank out. You've built a decent subscriber list, and your clients are happy to receive your ramblings. So why aren't you that happy to produce them? Perhaps you need to give yourself a break. Enter Kevin Sinclair with his Quick Newsletter Tips. Who knew you ... more
  • Make Nice
    When General Motors first launched its Saturn division in 1990, the main attraction for many customers wasn't a line-up of fairly mundane economy cars wrapped in unusual polymer body panels. Rather, Saturn was nice. Its dealerships offered a low-pressure, no-haggle transaction, went out of their way to be friendly during ... more
  • Give 'Em What They Paid For
    "Transactional messages like membership confirmations and shipping notifications show some of the highest open rates in the inbox," says Aaron Smith at MediaPost's Email Insider blog. "Customers receiving these [are engaged] … and they wait ready for you to reach out and seal the deal." According to Smith, there's a ... more
  • Case Study: How a Telecommunications Company Used Video to Streamline Its Sales Process
    by Kimberly Smith
    Digium created a Web-based video that covered all the essential points of in-person presentations, but in a format more easily accessible to all of its sales outlets. The results: a more efficient sales process and an effective press tool. more
  • We're Short on Euphemism Today
    We live in an age of euphemism. A used car isn't "used," it's "pre-owned"; we're sold "bathroom tissue," not "toilet paper"; and no marketer in her right mind would dream of calling wrinkle cream anything but "rejuvenating moisturizer." This is why the decidedly un-euphemistic name of a Beverly Hills clothier—Jimmy ... more
  • Phone It In
    You might scoff if someone were to suggest that phone support was obsolete, but Sarah Hatter of 37signals makes the argument that you no longer need an 800 number. "We get requests every day from people who don't think email support will cut it and demand a phone number to ... more
  • Dumb It Up, People
    You've just used the restroom at Disneyland, and are approaching the sinks when you have a slight moment of anxiety. What exactly are you supposed to do with the faucet and the soap? Fortunately, there's a small placard, sponsored by a paper-towel manufacturer, that explains how to apply soap, rinse ... more
  • So Many Paths to My Heart
    More than 50 years of consumer research suggests that when dealing with product types that consumers really care about, there are at least 5 ways marketers can encourage customers to develop favorable attitudes toward their specific products. Whether you appeal to their imaginations, their values, their feelings, their analytical minds, ... more
  • A Six-Step Web-Branding Blueprint for the Experience Economy
    by Jerry Bader
    Change is inevitable: As an economy matures, ages, and ultimately evolves into something new, adjustments must be made to our business development, marketing, and branding. Failure to adapt to new realities results in potentially unwanted and dramatic consequences. We are all aware of how modern economies have developed from those based on ... more
  • Don't You Forget About Me
    In a post at the Bronto blog, DJ Waldow recounts receiving an email from Adam Gautsch entitled What's Cooking at OrangeCoat? While Waldow considered the subject line pleasingly catchy, he also thought the message was spam—and flagged it as such. Only after reading its preheader, which explained why he received ... more
  • Three Uncustomary Customer Service Mindsets That Deliver
    by Gary Levitt, Rich Baker
    You've wolfed down lunch in record time and have seven minutes before your next meeting—time enough to Google "customer service tips," which brings up terabytes of platitudes on friendliness, knowledge, going the extra mile, blah, blah, blah. You know these cookie-cutter best-practices probably work, but they're too obvious and stale to ... more
  • Case Study: How a Technology Firm Used Social Media to Build Awareness for Its Web-based Monitoring Product
    by Kimberly Smith
    CASE STUDY - How does a social-media monitoring company build excitement for its flagship product? In the case of Radian6, it leveraged (you guessed it) social media and the medium's inherent word-of-mouth properties. Here's how. more
  • Hello? Is There Anybody Out There?
    There's almost nothing more frustrating than receiving a business email that says, "Please do not reply to this message as replies to this email address are not read," but offers no other options for those who want to respond. "If it's important enough for you to send to me," says Seth ... more
  • I'm Rubber, You're Glue
    Imagine you're Alissa Bayer—owner of the upscale milk + honey day spa in Austin, Texas—and a client has directed you to the Church of the Customer Blog, where a post by Jackie Huba takes your business to task for selling gift certificates with a $1.50 "handling fee." You scan through ... more
  • What You Can Learn From Starbucks' Mistakes
    Comedians used to make jokes about cities with a Starbucks on every corner. It seemed ridiculous at first, but we've gotten so used to their ubiquity that the closure of 600 stores came as a surprise to many customers. And in a post at Harvard Business Online, John Quelch argues ... more
  • Don't Move That. Seriously.
    Beyond key words, beyond placement tactics, there is one unchangeable Golden Rule of SEO for content, according to Ray "Catfish" Comstock: Once you create online content, don't move it. "I used to think that this was obvious," Comstock says. "… But I found that there are many clients that still do ... more
  • Who Says You're So Hot?
    Marketers may try to distinguish their products from those of their competitors by engaging in comparative advertising. (X Detergent cleans 25% more loads than the leading brand!) But be careful when you pull out those comparisons: make sure you don't denigrate your competitor. Research is showing that consumers become quite sensitive ... more
  • by Roy Young
    Matt Strain is director of worldwide relationship marketing at Adobe, where after just three years he is recognized as a Marketing Champion who adds financial value to the company. He has had a distinguished career in technology marketing. He recently took time to share his thoughts about what makes him ... more
  • Incentives: 5 Cardinal Rules, 10 Great Ideas
    by Kristin Zhivago
    When the economy gets tight, customers can take forever to reach a buying decision. So, managers think up incentives that will encourage the customer to buy. Whatever lure you use should inspire the prospective customer to edge a little closer to a purchase, which is sometimes easier said than done. more
  • Case Study: How a Young Company's History-Making Soccer-Jersey Sponsorship Increased Sales, Brand Recognition and More
    by Kimberly Smith
    CASE STUDY - Here's how a unique Major League Soccer sponsorship helped a new beverage product score big in both sales and brand recognition. What's more, here are three lessons you can apply to your own sponsorship efforts. more
  • i  can   sell   just   like   you
    For customers, web-based shopping can be lonely and impersonal—not like shopping in stores, where they can chat with salespeople, tell them more about what they're looking for, and get advice and assistance. Enter the avatar—an animated "person" who can be used as a selling agent online. More and more web-based ... more
  • The Power of Free
    If there's one thing your customers can't resist, it's the idea of getting something for free. Those who want some proof need look no further than an article written by Alina Tugend for the New York Times, in which she discusses the results of a study headed by Dan Ariely, ... more
  • Case Study: How a CEO Uses Twitter to Convey the 'Sole' of His Company
    by Nettie Hartsock
    While others are still hashing out whether their CEO should be Twittering, blogging, or Plurking, Zappos Tony Hsieh has been using Twitter for over a year. Here, he reveals what he gets out of micro-blogging, and why he thinks it's important for his company and others to embrace social media ... more
  • Please Stand By  ... Our Agents Are Currently Helping Other Customers
    If you've ever called the 800-number for a telecommunications company, you know the rigmarole. You sit through minute after excruciating minute of easy-listening music, interrupted periodically by a recorded message affirming the importance of your call. You enter your phone number when prompted, but know it's a pointless exercise because ... more

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