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Marketing Articles: Email Marketing

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  • by Hank Stroll, Tamara Halbritter
    With the heady days of the Internet bubble behind us, it’s time to get back to the basics with marketing through newsletters. more
  • by Kim MacPherson
    Email marketing is a process. It is, among other things, about moving people through a cycle of events. The challenge is to optimize your message at each stage of the process in order to enhance response. more
  • by Dana Blankenhorn
    Santa is all about customer relationships. Borrow a page from Santa's playbook to boost credibility, strengthen customer bonds, and -- ultimately -- grow your brand. more
  • by Melissa Honabach
    To take full advantage of the strength of online advertising, marketers must be proficient with the analytics of the medium and the concept of campaign optimization. more
  • by Jeremy Bachmann
    Do you have a lot of customers, but you haven't done a good job of assembling an email list? Here's five techniques for growing your email list as a marketing tool. more
  • by Jared M. Spool
    How do you clue your users in to your site's particular benefits? If you offer something that is unique to your organization (and chances are that you do--that's why you're in business), then how do you make the users aware of these benefits? As with life, the secret is in ... more
  • by Christopher Kenton
    This economic "rinse cycle" offers an opportunity to shore up your organization's fundamental strengths. Happily, for anyone responsible for a budget, pursuing the fundamentals doesn’t require cash as much as it requires wit and persistence. In part one of this two-part series, Christopher Kenton underscores five low- or no-cost initiatives ... more
  • by Kim MacPherson
    What's new and cool in the email space? Animation? Flash? Video and voiceovers? Some other hip and sexy technique to grab eyeballs? Put the glitz aside. Would you believe...there's nothing more effective than really knowing your audience? In email marketing, it's more effective than anything else -- even the ... more
  • by Michelle Keegan
    Undeliverable emails--or email "bouncebacks"--are becoming more and more of a challenge for email marketers these days. Why should you be concerned? Because customer acquisition is expensive, and email bouncebacks could mean the loss of customers and prospects that you paid dearly to acquire. more
  • by Laura Mitrovich
    Email's evil twin -- UCE or "unsolicited commercial email" as it’s officially known -- has come to be known as “spam.” Your intrepid gumshoe, always up for a good mystery, went in search of the nefarious beginnings of the stuff from which so many Hotmail accounts runneth over. Just where ... more
  • by Dana Blankenhorn
    Contrary to what you read in the newspapers, a lot of e-commerce and content Web sites are finding success in 2002. Each success teaches a different lesson. But all the lessons have some definite elements in common. more
  • by Jessica Albon
    You've heard the pitch – marketing newsletters are supposed to attract customers. They're sworn to build customer loyalty. And they'll increase profits. All that…and they are incredibly cheap to produce. So why is your newsletter's falling hopelessly short of its potential? more
  • by Lynda Partner
    Previously, Lynda defined viral marketing and suggested why you should consider using it. Now, she offers a list of 13 best practices for successful viral email marketing. more
  • by Lynda Partner
    In the first of this three-part series, Partner defines viral marketing and tells why you should consider it. In her view, email is the ideal viral marketing tool. more
  • by Mischelle Weedman-Davis
    Listen up, all you direct marketers now relying on email to deliver your messages. As with any campaign, you need to plan carefully and adhere to best practices. more
  • by Neil Squillante
    Most recently, the art of serial storytelling has taken root in TV -- where we tune in to The Sopranos or Six Feet Under each week to watch the story unfold. There are some valuable lessons in the art form that can also apply to email marketing. more
  • by David Frey
    Previously, the author talked about everything you always wanted to now about securing customer testimonials. But once you have them in hand, it’s what you do with them that really counts. more
  • by Lance Arthur
    our email marketing messages are competing with every other message appearing in a customer's inbox. Here’s a simple test to see if your message will get the mindshare it needs. more
  • by Lomit Patel
    You’ve been working on your brand new web site for months — the graphics look great, it’s user-friendly, easy to navigate, takes your prospects where you want them to go, and so on. Now you have to get qualified visitors to your site, and (more importantly) keep them coming back. ... more
  • by Lee Marc Stein
    E-mail is abused by innocent victims, just as alcohol, drugs and food are. Here's a 12-step program for the electronically afflicted. more
  • by David Hallerman
    Questions of e-mail format stir up a flurry of interest among online marketers. In addition, how marketers wish to send e-mails may vary considerably from what consumers want. more
  • by Ann Handley
    In our combined years of experience, we’ve discovered quite a bit about what works, and what doesn’t, in the email marketing arena. More than that, we’ve also divined the true secret of marketing via electronic mail. more
  • by Ian Stockley
    Since lucid, memorable and profitable direct marketing is now more than ever dependent on first -class planning, the skill is fast becoming as crucial as it is scarce. It is now time for a planning renaissance. more
  • by David Hallerman
    Why most people dislike spam more than unsolicited direct paper mail comes down to three simple reasons. more
  • by Mark Brownlow
    If you're going to get the an email relationship off on the right footing, then you need to be making a positive impression before your customers are even signed-up on your list. more

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