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Marketing Articles: Graphic Design

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  • Five Tips for Case-Study Videos That Get Results
    We have short attention spans, and we don't have a ton of time to learn. Plus, the success models of companies like Kickstarter make it clear that the case-study video plays a pivotal role in today's business success stories. So how do you make a crowd-pleaser video that gets real results? ... more
  • Picture This: Acquisition Email That's More Visual
    by Eric Didier
    Looking at the evolution of social media over the last few years, you can plainly see that it's now being driven by imagery. Consider Facebook's Timeline (and its acquisition of Instagram) or the rise of Pinterest. However, we forget that email, too, is a social medium. So now is a ... more
  • Make a Picture Worth a Thousand Conversions
    Websites are great ways to relay lots of information—and that's a blessing and a curse, as business sites pack in as much about themselves, their products, their customers, their services, as they possibly can. Against that daily data barrage, the use of imagery can pay off big, KISSmetrics tells us in ... more
  • Four Tips for Turning a Website Design Into a Brand Experience
    Small businesses can learn lots from design firm Method's socially appealing philosophy. Case in point: Method's Interaction Design Director Ben Fullerton recently wrote an eloquent article for Fast Company about turning website design pixels into a brand experience for users. Here are our favorite bits of advice from the article: Embody what you ... more
  • Create Colorful Visual Content―Without Busting Your Budget
    The growing popularity of visual content platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram shows that people crave eye candy. But do companies need to hire expensive graphic designers or buy expensive software to create visual content? Not at all. Businesses of all sizes can craft inexpensive visual content that engages current ... more
  • Six Ways Brands Are Optimizing Facebook Timelines
    by Mark Cooper
    Many brands recognize the potential of Facebook's Timeline, but they don't really know how to use it to their full advantage. Learn six straightforward ways to optimize your brand's Timeline to drive better marketing performance. more
  • Three Email Copywriting Tips for Non-Pros
    Let's say your small business doesn't have the resources to hire a professional copywriter for email campaigns. That means you—or someone on your overtaxed team—is trying to create effective messages without a solid knowledge of what works and what doesn't. So, what must you know? In a post at his blog, pro ... more
  • Six Takeaways From a TEDx Event: Experiential Marketing Done Right
    by Magdalena Georgieva
    Those of us who spend a significant amount of time watching online video are likely smitten with the inspirational TED talks. But the local TEDx events are equally enchanting, and they offer great lessons in experiential marketing. more
  • How to Choose Stock Images for Your Email Campaigns
    "When you think about your creative content, many factors come into play: your copy, your font choices, the layout and, of course, the images you choose to communicate your message," writes Jessica Hughes in a guest post at the Emma blog. "In short, looks count," she says. When you're selecting stock ... more
  • Usability Testing on a Dime: A Three-Week DIY Plan
    by Tim Ash
    Usability testing is the most powerful, most effective thing you can do for your website, yet people assume it's too complicated and expensive. But almost anyone can do usability testing—from start to finish—in about three weeks. more
  • Four Ways to Optimize Your Email's Call to Action
    Even when elements of your email campaigns deliver strong results, there's always a chance you can do better. Consider the case of a tried-and-true call-to-action (CTA) button used by HubSpot. During a slight redesign, the inbound marketing firm decided to test a few alternatives. "We were pretty shocked to discover that ... more
  • Four Ways Small Businesses Can Make a Big Email Splash
    "Countless small businesses send out countless emails every day," writes Gary Levitt in an article at MarketingProfs. "If you were to sift through campaigns and results (as I do), the mountains of data would suggest two breeds of email campaign: the outstanding … and the invisible. Your emails need to ... more
  • Four Tips for Mobile Email Design
    "Designing emails that look great no matter where they're read can be quite the challenge," writes Justine Jordan at the Litmus blog. "As more people read email on mobile devices, chances are your recipient might view your email ... on a mobile phone as well as on their desktop." To help you ... more
  • Four Tips for Mobile SEO
    "Despite some predictions that mobile SEO will be of negligible importance, mobile search has grown 5x in the past 5 years—far outpacing PC searches—and the growth is only set to continue with the rapid uptick in smartphone sales," writes Lior Levin in a guest post at HubSpot. That means if you ... more
  • Time-Tested Tips and Tools for Faster Blogging
    In 2008, Lifehacker published a list of 10 ways to get blogging done without it becoming a chore. "Writing your blog should be a fun way to stretch your mind and stay connected to trends, friends, and the greater world," they note, "not another computer task."  Best practices for blogging haven't ... more
  • Five Ways to Make Your Website Tablet-Friendly
    You're seeing tablets more and more: on subways, in planes and in waiting rooms. To ensure you don't miss out during this cultural switch in reading habits, a number of publications have covered ways to ensure your site is tablet-friendly. We've decided to highlight the tips provided by CIK Marketing, as ... more
  • Five Email Design Must-Haves
    The average email subscriber faces an inbox filled with clutter. Once she sorts through a variety of personal, professional and marketing messages, she won't look kindly on messy or incoherent email offers. "Without a well-crafted, clear and consistent design for your brand, your email is going nowhere in a hurry," ... more
  • Common Pitfalls and Challenges of Modern Customer Loyalty, Part 3 [Video]
    Part three of this five-part video series on digital loyalty explores customer understanding of loyalty programs, social platforms and access devices (e.g., mobile), common user-interface challenges, and alignment of loyalty programs with business goals. more
  • Six Crucial Factors of Mobile App Development
    Building a mobile application means winning more traction for your efforts: You can be with users all the time! But often, developers and execs might not quite "see" your great idea; instead, they see challenges and unplanned costs. It's time to educate yourself about such obstacles, so your next app proposal ... more
  • Turn Your Data Into Infographics: Five Cool Tools
    One aspect of being social is relaying information as efficiently as possible. But data is dense, and we have more of it to sift through than ever before. To help you get your data across in an eye-catching way that resonates, Fast Company offers a list of five tools businesses can ... more
  • Five Ways to Search-Optimize Your Images
    Ever wonder how much meaningful traffic or links could come your way if you search-optimized your images? The answer might be, More than you'd expect. So writes Michael Gray in a post at Graywolf's SEO Blog. Thanks to Google's universal search results, images can help you show up on the first ... more
  • Marketers Playing It Too Safe (Creatively)
    In an age where innovation is a key factor to business success, many ad and marketing executives are itching for more creative freedom on the job, according to a survey from The Creative Group. more
  • Worst-Practices: Anatomy of an Awful Ad
    by Barry Densa
    When I saw this ad, I thought it was a joke. A parody, a satire, a lampoon... anything but what it really is—totally legit and serious. If ever there was a marketing message completely unaware of the modern zeitgeist (and offensive), this ad is it! Here's what not to do ... more
  • How to Plan a Successful Website Redesign
    by Andrew Follett
    Website redesigns have become an addiction. Every year or two, Marketing decides it's time to "freshen up the ol' site." But before you go out and rebuild the most important weapon in your marketing arsenal, make sure you have a well-defined plan for success. more
  • Four Reasons to Revive the Bulky Direct Mail Piece
    "Just a few years ago, I could count on receiving a mailbox-full of direct mail nearly every day, including the crown jewel of direct marketing, the BIG direct mail piece," writes Dean Rieck at Direct Creative. "Thick #10's, fat 6×9's, and beefy 9×12's once stood atop the mountain of attention-grabbing ... more

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