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  • Winning Facebook Tactics for Today's Search Marketer
    by Matt Lawson
    Facebook has more than 400 million active users who collectively spend more time on the platform than on any other website in the world, sharing detailed information about their likes, dislikes, and preferences. No wonder advertisers are salivating at the chance to reach Facebook users with precisely targeted ads. more
  • 10 Tips for Crowdsourcing Advertising With a Video Contest
    by Wil Merritt
    Conversation marketing. Engagement marketing. Social media. Earned media. Consumer-generated media. User-generated Content. Crowdsourcing. Outsourcing. Co-creation. No matter what you call it, the evolution of the way brands reach and interact with consumers has led to mass experimentation with the alluring, yet often hard-to-execute marketing tactic: the video contest. more
  • Do You Flickr?
    Most small businesses haven't figured out how to promote themselves on Flickr—and that means you can get an edge on the competition. And in a recent post at the Influential Marketing Blog, Rohit Bhargava offers several useful how-to pointers. Consider the following: It all starts with high-quality, non-marketing ... more
  • If My Dentist Understands Email Marketing, So Can You!
    by DJ Waldow
    Foothill Dental gets it. It's not "doing social media" in the way we think of it. Foothill Dental does not have a Twitter account or Facebook fan page. It doesn't blog or answer questions on LinkedIn. It doesn't use Gowalla or Foursquare. Foothill Dental leverages the awesome power of email ... more
  • It's the Same, but Different
    If you want customers or members to fill out a form or volunteer their time, writes Roger Dooley at the Neuromarketing blog, "you will be more successful if you describe the task in a simple, easy to read typeface." The reason? When something can be completed in a shorter period ... more
  • Achieve (Compelling) Visual Coherence: Build a Brand Identity Toolkit That's Flexible, Durable, Shareable—and Yours
    by Roger Sametz
    Creating your visual brand mosaic requires a toolkit different from the one used by earlier corporate ID practitioners––one based more on shared thinking and approaches and less around rules, one that allows you to tune communications for different initiatives and constituencies, and one that can be taught and shared. more
  • When Best-Practices Aren't: Five Ways to Break the Rules of Email Marketing and Still Win the Game
    by DJ Waldow
    A best-practice is the generally preferred practice, one that will make your company more money, thus making your boss happy, which in turn will make you happy. If it were only that easy. more
  • A Five-Step Guide to Take Your Campaign Global
    by Dina Paglia
    How can you ensure that your translated campaign carries the impact of the original? More important, how do you avoid the enormous cost (new creative, photography, design) of having to launch a new marketing campaign for each local market? more
  • Six Keys to Writing a Great Proposal
    by Doug Stern, Jaclyn Landon
    Looking for ways to create a proposal that sets you and your company favorably apart? Ways that capture the great things you have to offer? Here are six suggested best-practices intended to not only maximize your chances to stand out and land the job but also manage the risks. more
  • Five Reasons Why Mobile Marketing Is Prime for B2Bs—And Five Key Questions B2B Marketers Should Be Asking
    by Christina "CK" Kerley
    In the B2C space there's a lot of buzz around mobile marketing, but in the B2B sector it's more likened to a whisper. B2Bs are missing out on super-sized opportunities for integrating a valuable new brand touch point for their customers and establishing a dynamic new communications channel with professional ... more
  • What Stonyfield, Method, and Green Mountain Roasters Know (and You Should, Too)
    by Ted Mininni
    New vision and approaches can add significantly more value to brands over their competitors. Some brands can easily become commodities. Unless they choose otherwise. more
  • Look Who's 10: Happy Birthday MarketingProfs!
    by Ann Handley
    This year marks the 10-year anniversary of MarketingProfs. The site was founded a decade ago by CEO Allen Weiss, a marketing academic, as a place where his fellow "prof"-essors and marketing "prof"-essionals could learn from each other. more
  • How to Be Successful With New Web Initiatives
    by Christian Shea
    One of the traps that many organizations fall into when launching a new Web initiative is putting the focus of the project on new technology or new functionality. Instead, you need to start your project with the end result in mind. This article outlines project phases that you need to ... more
  • How a B2B Company Went From Zero Brand Awareness to 190 Leads With Its First-Ever Direct-Mail Effort
    by Pete Savage
    With Q4 looming, along iwth company revenue targets for the year ahead, this company faced the perennial dilemma common to B2B marketers: how to fill the sales funnel with quality leads now to get a jump on sales-cycle activity in January. A classic direct-mail package and a brilliantly simple strategy ... more
  • That's Mine! My Name's on It!
    Let's say you sell trendy furniture for family-friendly prices. What's the best way to push product and spread brand awareness? Well, you could try developing and offering: A showroom. Pros: People see products in context, and they can buy them right then and there! Cons: You don't reach potential buyers who aren't ... more
  • Must You Always Play It Safe?
    Peruse the blogosphere for email marketing guidance, and you'll discover a number of seemingly inviolate dictums—rules that must not be broken if you aspire to a successful email program. But in a post at the Email Marketing Reports blog, Mark Brownlow argues that many "best" practices are in fact simply ... more
  • Why? Because I Can!
    "Give a man a hammer," says Lori Feldman at The Database Diva blog, "and everything looks like a nail. Email marketing campaign software often has the same effect on novice email marketers. They forget how much they hate advertising mail when they start sending it out themselves." It's a hazardous mindset—and ... more
  • 22 Cheap or Free Web Usability Tools, Part 2
    by Craig Tomlin
    In Part 1 of this series, we discussed the value of usability testing and talked about some testing tools. Here are more reviews of low-cost or no-cost usability tools. more
  • Email Marketing Tips for the 2009 Holiday Season
    by Alex Williams
    The holiday season is the most important time of year for retailers, when aggressive goals are set for increased traffic and sales, both in-store and online. Email marketing is a powerful tool that retailers can use to build their brands and increase sales during that crucial period. more
  • 22 Cheap or Free Web Usability Tools, Part 1: An Introduction
    by Craig Tomlin
    Usability testing can increase your website's conversion rates and improve sales. Here are some cool tools to help you do just that. more
  • Color Me Beautiful
    If we asked you to name the company associated with the term "Big Blue" you'd probably reply "IBM" without a moment's hesitation. And in an article at MarketingProfs, William Arruda says that color is one of the most important components in your branding toolbox. "[S]ome organizations are so consistent and ... more
  • Problem Solved: You've Built a Social Media Fan Base, Now What Do You Do to Keep Them Engaged?
    There's nothing we love more than solutions—top-notch insights from top-of-the-line experts that help solve common marketing problems. Once a week, this column will pose a problem, and invite a MarketingProfs speaker—past, present, or future—to help solve it for you. more
  • It's not You, It's Them
    According to Ian Lurie, what you don't know about your customers can lead to ineffective website design and, consequently, lost sales. In a post at the Conversation Marketing blog, he provides 22 insightful points with highlights like these: Visitors don't want ... more
  • Now, That's a Good Tease
    Under normal circumstances, writes Dylan Boyd in a post at The Email Wars, the use of animated GIFs in email campaigns can be a dicey proposition. "[S]ometimes they work with a promo or special event," he says, "sometimes they just make things look cheap." Either way, it's a risk probably ... more
  • Get Horizontal
    If you worry that an email with a horizontal (left-to-right) scroll will confuse your subscribers, Dylan Boyd is prepared to disagree. Unless it tests well, he doesn't suggest using this type of scroll as a regular feature, but he does think it can serve as a useful interrupter that spurs engagement. ... more

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