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Marketing Articles: General Management

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  • 10 Best-Practices in Planning and Marketing Virtual Events
    by Tom Wieser
    Imagine making your events (marketing meetings, conferences, tradeshows, etc.) available to a much larger, highly attentive audience that can conveniently gather and exchange information, browse exhibits, receive product demos, provide feedback, and network—all via their computer. more
  • Accelerate Your Referrals: Nine Steps to Success
    by Barbara Bix
    If you're like many professional service providers, you get a lot of business from referrals. You get them because you're an expert and you provide excellent service. Nevertheless, that's not enough. Several things need to happen first: In fact, the referral process parallels the buying process that prospects use to ... more
  • Signs of Recovery in Industrial, Tech Marketing
    Despite dismal economic news overall, some business sectors are showing signs of improvement: Fully one-half of industrial-sector companies are expecting annual revenues in 2010 to be higher than they were in 2009, compared with the 24% of companies that reported the same a year earlier, according to a survey from ... more
  • Two Ways to Be Indispensable to Your Customers
    "One of the truly jarring dimensions of the Great Recession is the death sentence it has imposed on hundreds of brands, even whole companies, that were once familiar parts of the business landscape," writes Bill Taylor in a post at the Harvard Business Review blog. In this economic environment, Taylor says, ... more
  • Eight Tools to Help You Manage Social Media Content Overload
    by Clay McDaniel
    Marketers have rushed to embrace Facebook, Twitter, blogs, customer ratings and reviews, and other social media platforms—inviting customers to comment on their products and services across the Web. The result? Content overload. Here are eight tools to help you tame and respond to the otherwise overwhelming flow of information. more
  • Six Socially Responsible Tactics That Grow Your Small Business
    by Geri Stengel
    It's a global trend: Consumers want to buy from, employees want to work for, and other businesses want supplies from, socially responsible enterprises. Small-business owners can use the corporate social responsibility trend to improve their own businesses and stand out from competitors by taking the following steps. more
  • Open-Source Social Publishing Opens Doors for Marketers
    by Lynne Capozzi
    Does the phrase "open source" scare you? You're not alone. Many marketers hear the phrase and cringe. However, open source not only offers the collective creativity of a large, vibrant community but also promises a new level of customer engagement, brand equity, and a competitive edge for today's marketers. more
  • Four Ways to Maintain Customer Loyalty in a Downturn
    "Customer loyalty matters, because selling more to current customers is easier and cheaper than finding and selling to new ones," writes Chintan Bharwada in an article at MarketingProfs. "Loyal customers tend to buy more, more regularly. And they will frequently recommend your business to others." In the midst of a sluggish ... more
  • Building Loyalty and Corporate Profitability in Eight Productive Steps
    by Dianne Durkin
    It's no secret that loyal employees are the driving force behind solid, stable, and profitable companies, whereas unhappy, disgruntled, and disloyal employees can quickly bring any company to its knees. Companies that lack employee commitment can change their culture and build loyalty from the inside out by following these eight ... more
  • Marketing Dashboards: Great Investment or Huge Expense?
    by Mitchell Goozé
    Marketing dashboards are all the rage. Perhaps because every other management function has a dashboard, VPs of marketing feel they need to have one, too. Or maybe because dashboards can be a great tool to help you manage your business processes. But it is entirely possible you could be ... more
  • Go Shopping: It's a Cool Way to Check Out the Competition
    You spend a lot of time ensuring the best-possible experience for every customer purchasing your product or service. You've trained a friendly, knowledgeable staff, and you use customer feedback—both positive and negative—to shape the sales process and provide ongoing support. But do you know how your customer experience compares with that offered ... more
  • Questions Any Sales Manager Should Be Able to Answer
    "Would you ask the best violinist in an orchestra to take over as conductor without any preparation?" asks Michael Leimbach in a Pro article at MarketingProfs. "Probably not. And if you did, you wouldn't have very high expectations for the orchestra's performance." But that is exactly what you do when you ... more
  • When Competing With Your Own Customers Is OK—Vibram FiveFingers and Eigen Values
    by Stephen Denny
    Eigen values are what marketers use when we're doing our best work. Once we view everything that our brand does through the prism of eigen-value standards, it changes how we launch our websites, train our customer-service people, and hire our employees. Want to see how an eigen value plays ... more
  • Marketing and Sales Alignment Pays Off in Recession
    Companies with strong alignment between marketing and sales departments have fared better during the economic recession, reporting higher levels of new customers, revenues, and customer retention than those with low alignment, according to a study by Miller Heiman and Northern Illinois University. more
  • Strategies for Keeping a Positive Outlook
    People kept asking consultant Tom Peters how they should cope with the negative effects of the economic downturn. He responded with a free, downloadable list of action points offered at his website. Called Forty-six 'Secrets' and 'Clever Strategies' For Dealing with the Recession of 2008-XXXX, the list includes common-sense items ... more
  • A Four-Part Plan for Harmonious Customer Service
    "I've recently come across a communication and knowledge management model called DIKW that is about how we act at our jobs," writes Paul Williams at the MarketingProfs Daily Fix blog. "The acronym represents: Data, Information, Knowledge, Wisdom. [And it] expresses how we process information—starting with raw data and mastering it ... more
  • Three Good Reasons for Marketing Automation (and Three Bad Ones)
    by Jep Castelein
    Marketing automation—one of the new buzzwords in marketing—bridges the gap between lead generation and the sales force. Its goal is to improve Sales and Marketing alignment by passing over only sales-ready leads. There are really good reasons why you should be interested in marketing automation. There are really bad ones, ... more
  • How to Ruin Your Brand, Your Business, and Your Career: The 13 Worst Marketing Mistakes, Part 2
    by M. P. Friedman
    This article originally addressed the seven worst marketing mistakes. But seven wasn't nearly enough. The list grew until it reached unlucky 13. Here is the next batch of marketing mistakes you should avoid at all cost. more
  • When Is It Time to Hire an ESP?
    As your email-marketing program develops and expands—and your in-house technology struggles to keep up—you might decide to outsource tech tasks that no longer make for the best use of your team's creative time or your budget. According to Josh Gordon, writing at The Lunchpail, the single-minded efforts of an email service ... more
  • Marketing, Ad Execs Forecast Uptick in Hiring
    The employment outlook for marketing and advertising is showing signs of improvement: 91% of marketing and advertising executives say they are confident in their firms' growth prospects for the third quarter of 2010, and 18% say they plan to increase staffing levels, up 5 percentage points from the 13% who ... more
  • Three Key Investments for Improving Marketing Effectiveness and Accountability
    by Laura Patterson
    Over half of the responding companies to a recent survey indicated that the biggest barrier to an effective measurement strategy is a lack of budget and other resources; fewer than one-third selected any other issue. How can we break out of the vicious circle and improve our effectiveness and accountability? more
  • Four Ways to Kill Off Unproductive Aspects of Your Business
    If you're like most small businesses, you don't spend much time on internal seek-and-destroy missions that identify and kill unproductive elements. That, says Auren Hoffman at the Summation blog, is a mistake. "While it does not come [naturally] for a company (or any organization) to toss things out," he writes, ... more
  • Media and Marketing M&A Rebound in 1H10
    M&A activity for media, information, and marketing services rebounded strongly in the first half of 2010, led by digital and technology-driven companies, according to The Jordan, Edmiston Group Inc. (JEGI). more
  • Tips for Protecting Profits in Down Times
    "Saving your budget (and keeping your team employed) in a down economy really boils down to one word: profit," writes Paul Stein in an article at MarketingProfs. "If you're not making money, you're losing money—and that's never good for business." As our recessionary hangover continues to linger, ROI matters more ... more
  • Brand and Marketing Audits—The Forgotten Necessity
    by Brett Milne
    A brand audit enables a firm to lay a solid foundation for management and oversight. The following approach to brand auditing is based on a robust audit methodology that focuses on seven key areas of marketing capability and can be used to assess the marketing activities of any firm. more

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