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Marketing Articles: General Management

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  • How to Keep Your Customer Experience Efforts on Track
    There's a good chance your company has responded to the recession with an increased commitment to providing an exceptional customer experience. Such efforts might address systemic issues like "poorly designed interactions, broken processes, outdated business rules, insufficient customer insight and cultures that are far from customer-centric," notes Bruce Temkin in ... more
  • Watch What You Say
    When you work with contractors such as copywriters and Web designers, you might not realize that certain casual statements can earn you membership in the "difficult client" category. Rick Sloboda of Webcopyplus has compiled a list of things best left unsaid, and here are a few examples: This shouldn't take long. ... more
  • PR/Comms, Not Marketing Controls Digital, Social Media
    New digital and social media tools are more likely to be under the strategic and budgetary control of corporate PR and communications rather than marketing departments, according to a study by the University of Southern California Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism. more
  • Where's That Lemonade Recipe?
    Even in the best of times, most of us would like to pretend a failed project never happened. And when something goes wrong in an economic downturn, there's an even stronger urge to ignore the misstep. But if you sweep a failure under the rug, you'll never learn what it ... more
  • Trust in Facebook Tanking After Privacy Changes
    Trust in Facebook as a company has been shaken as a result of controversial changes it has made to its privacy policy, and that loss of trust may lead up to one-quarter of its users to curtail their usage or drop Facebook entirely, according to a new poll by MarketingProfs. more
  • Achieving Relevance in Direct Digital Marketing: Marketing's Influence on Technology Is Vital
    by Bryce Marshall
    The technology puzzle is no longer an area of operations that marketing-focused professionals can afford to ignore or defer to other entities within the organization. Marketing must influence technology if we are to achieve relevance in direct digital marketing. more
  • Freaky Friday
    The editors of Fortune came up with a fun idea for the magazine's "Best Companies to Work For" issue: Invite the CEOs of two employee-friendly retailers to trade places for a day. Maxine Clark (founder and CEO of publicly held Build-a-Bear) and Kip Tendell (cofounder and CEO of the privately ... more
  • Show 'em That  SEO Sparkle!
    In an article at MarketingProfs, Dan Skeen writes that search-engine optimization provides several return-on-investment measures with a greater potential impact on a company's bottom line than many traditional tactics. However, he notes, because SEO is less tangible than some other areas of marketing investment, it's often harder to clearly show ... more
  • The Three Ps of Marketing Operations
    by Laura Patterson
    For Marketing to fully achieve maturity in marketing performance measurement and management—or just take it to the next level—the role of, and skills within, the marketing-operations function at a minimum needs to address three Ps: planning, process, and performance management. more
  • Why CMOs Need Standardized Measurements—Just Like CFOs and COOs
    by Alexis Nahama, Greg Banks
    At many companies, Marketing can't match the financially relevant, standardized measurements produced by peers in Finance and Operations. That is a big problem, because the lack of financially relevant, standardized measurements weakens CMOs' stature. It doesn't have to be that way. more
  • Woman-Owned Businesses Put Customers First, Systems Last
    Most women-owned small businesses say customer service is a top strategic priority—but don't have a formal, companywide customer-service strategy—and many do not take advantage of important marketing channels, such as websites and social media, according to a survey from Forbes Insights more
  • Guaranteed to Make You Smile
    "Recently," writes Mark Riffey at the Business is Personal blog, "you've seen a number of major car companies offer to buy your car back if you lose your job—and that's after they make several months of payments for you." In the case of one Hyundai dealership—located in an economically depressed area—the ... more
  • Small Biz Confidence Improving, Owners Going Social
    America's small businesses are becoming more optimistic about the economy: The Discover Small Business Watch, a monthly index on the pulse of small business owners, increased to 85.1 in April 2010, up 9.4 points from March and back to levels registered at the start of the year, Discover reported. more
  • Small Biz Owners Optimistic About Future, Resilient
    Although one-half (52%) of small business owners say their business's economic situation is worse than it was 12 months earlier, almost three-quarters (73%) are optimistic about the future of their businesses, according to a February survey from Pitney Bowes. more
  • Top Cross-Channel Marketing Challenge: Coordinating Communications
    Managing multiple marketing campaigns across channels is a complex task: 49% of marketers who use cross-channel campaign management (CCCM) applications say coordinating communications across channels is the top challenge they expect to face in the next two years, followed by 48% who cite personalizing messages based on consumer behavior, according ... more
  • Around Here, Everybody's a Player
    It's no secret that link-building can help boost your bottom line and make your SEO efforts a whole lot easier. So, here's a thought: To help improve your site's organic visibility, why not leverage the power of your entire company and have everyone contribute to active link-building? That's what Mark Thomson ... more
  • He Ain't Heavy, He's My Colleague
    If the impact of the recession has left your employees battered and bruised, why not make a special point of letting them know how much you value their contributions? "The effort can help boost morale," writes Sarah Needleman at the Wall Street Journal, "and may even be prudent if you've had ... more
  • Seven Steps to Keep Your Brand Healthy and Relevant
    by Roger Sametz, Tamsen McMahon
    You know you've been successful in building your brand when your constituents have taken ownership of it. Achieving that happy state of affairs requires working through an entire process. But even then you're not there yet. You have to engage your organization first. more
  • Seven Tips for Successfully Outsourcing Marketing Operations
    by Anurag Mehrotra
    If companies are interested in outsourcing their marketing operations, what can they do to ensure that their plan is well thought out and effective? My counsel to this particular marketing executive was to keep seven mantras in mind. more
  • Booz: Media Execs Upbeat Despite Economy
    Despite a downward spiral in revenues at virtually every traditional media company, most industry executives are optimistic about their financial prospects—and their ability to reinvent themselves in the digital age, according to a study from Booz & Company. more
  • Recession-Proof Marketing: From Cutting to Growing Your Budget in a Down Economy
    by Paul Stein
    Saving your budget (and keeping your team employed) in a down economy really boils down to one word: profit. If you're not making money, you're losing money—and that's never good for business. And when it comes to profit, ROI (return on investment) is everything. more
  • Just Say No
    Thought leaders in the email marketing industry are just about unanimous on the subject of randomly purchased lists. Their advice to marketers? Avoid them like the plague. You may, however, still encounter those who push the buying of email lists as a perfectly legal alternative to building lists through opt-in subscription. ... more
  • From Bad to Worse to Good
    If you can't figure out where the economy is heading, you're not alone. "News stories bounce from bad to worse to hope to despair, leaving rare moments of optimism and much uncertainty," says Michael Dotson in an article at MarketingProfs. "The primary result of that combined gloom-and-doom assault [is that ... more
  • Tough Love for Tough Luck
    If your company is on life support, don't expect sympathy or gentle encouragement from George Cloutier, the CEO of American Management Services and author of Profits Aren’t Everything, They're the Only Thing. The no-nonsense consultant advocates a severe, business-first philosophy that might shock small-business owners—and, possibly, revive their fortunes. In ... more
  • You're Fired!
    "I had a customer who made my blood pressure spike as soon as I heard she was on the phone," writes Scott McKain in a Pro article at the MarketingProfs site. "We would jump through hoops to try to keep her happy, and she stressed all of us beyond description." There ... more

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