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Marketing Articles: General Management

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  • Just Say No
    Thought leaders in the email marketing industry are just about unanimous on the subject of randomly purchased lists. Their advice to marketers? Avoid them like the plague. You may, however, still encounter those who push the buying of email lists as a perfectly legal alternative to building lists through opt-in subscription. ... more
  • From Bad to Worse to Good
    If you can't figure out where the economy is heading, you're not alone. "News stories bounce from bad to worse to hope to despair, leaving rare moments of optimism and much uncertainty," says Michael Dotson in an article at MarketingProfs. "The primary result of that combined gloom-and-doom assault [is that ... more
  • Tough Love for Tough Luck
    If your company is on life support, don't expect sympathy or gentle encouragement from George Cloutier, the CEO of American Management Services and author of Profits Aren’t Everything, They're the Only Thing. The no-nonsense consultant advocates a severe, business-first philosophy that might shock small-business owners—and, possibly, revive their fortunes. In ... more
  • You're Fired!
    "I had a customer who made my blood pressure spike as soon as I heard she was on the phone," writes Scott McKain in a Pro article at the MarketingProfs site. "We would jump through hoops to try to keep her happy, and she stressed all of us beyond description." There ... more
  • We Want More of That Pie!
    When a salesperson talks budgets with a CEO, the chief's eyes may either light up or send sparks, depending on the news conveyed. But when a search marketer brings up budgets, the CEO may just get that deer-in-the-headlights look. That's because "few marketers explain how search can affect the goals ... more
  • CMOs to Ramp Up Hiring, Budgets; Double Social Media Spend
    Chief marketing officers at US companies are planning significant hiring and budget increases over the next two years as they remain optimistic about prospects for their companies and the economy, according to a survey conducted by Duke University and the American Marketing Association. Overall, CMOs expect marketing budgets to increase, ... more
  • C'mon, Make Me a Match
    When you hire an email-marketing agency, how do you decide which candidate makes the cut? Size, location, reputation? And has that process always worked for you? Or have you, like many others, hired a "dream team" only to be a bit, well, disappointed down the road? If you've ever been frustrated ... more
  • Meet-Cute
    Few of us look forward to meetings—especially when we consider what we won't accomplish while we spend a depressingly unproductive hour in that conference room down the hall. "Meetings are disruptive," says Ryan Stephens at his blog. "Sure they might break up a long Friday afternoon while you're anticipating your ... more
  • I've Got Your Back
    "I have a friend in Florida who owns six Subway franchises," writes Barry Densa in an article at MarketingProfs. "He's rolling in dough, whole wheat, and greenbacks." Lucky guy. But few businesses are so recession-friendly, we suspect. So, for the rest of us, Densa has a five-point strategy for helping our customers, ... more
  • Five Risks to Take in '10
    In a recent Search Engine Land article, Andrew Goodman predicts that the biggest risk in 2010-2011 for search marketers may lie in working with outdated assumptions about the size and potential of target markets and the paid-search channel. As a remedy, he suggests five investment or expansion "risks" that could ... more
  • There's No Quick Fix for That
    In a post at the Build a Sales Machine blog, Aaron Ross predicts that B2B boards and VPs of sales will repeat a "fatal mistake" in 2010. They'll assume this "old bedrock sales principle" still holds true: "If I need to double revenue growth, I need to double my sales ... more
  • A 12-Step Guide for Driving Marketing Action With Data
    by Laura Patterson
    Are you facing increasing pressure from your leadership team to justify your marketing decisions? Most marketers can no longer afford to make decisions based on intuition or gut feel. Today, making good decisions requires data. Data and technology enable marketers to act and react. more
  • Marketing Process as Art—Not!
    by Mitchell Goozé
    Some marketing activities or processes (in reality, many business activities) require "artists" to produce the desired output. However, that by itself does not make the output art. The distinction is important. more
  • When Pizza Turns a New Leaf
    It'd be an understatement to say 2009 was a tough year for Domino's Pizza, what with the awkward employees-abusing-food scandal. A quick recap: two bored employees recorded themselves doing unpleasant things with food, and the video wound up on YouTube. Domino's responded swiftly enough, both terminating the employees and releasing an apologetic YouTube video ... more
  • I Chat for a Good Cause
    The Great Recession has certainly not spared nonprofit organizations. With contributions down an average of nine percent, many charitable organizations have been forced to cut services. Some even face closure. Fortunately, though, the news is not all bad. "With the right marketing mix, savvy nonprofits are able to leverage social-media marketing ... more
  • All in Good (SEO) Time
    "They say an Internet year is … equivalent to seven normal years," says Kevin Gibbon in a post at SEOptimise—meaning that we can witness seven real-world-years' worth of change in one year online. To help search marketers keep up, Gibbon offers seven ways to stay on top of the competition in the ... more
  • Achieving Relevance in Direct Digital Marketing: Overcoming Organizational Constraints
    by Bryce Marshall
    Organizational challenges can be the silent killer to achieving relevance in direct digital marketing, placing constraints on innovation and on the adoption of technology and best-practices, or limiting the manpower to create compelling campaigns and programs. You can do everything else right, but failure to address organizational challenges can torpedo an ... more
  • All Together, Now, Brand!
    As the marketplace continues to change and evolve, there's a possibility that you've developed a new vision for your company and a new commitment to your industry. Perhaps, in the process, you have even determined that you need a new name or a new way of talking about what you ... more
  • Case Study: Lessons From Martin Guitars: Three Ways to Survive a Downturn
    by Kimberly Smith
    C. F. Martin & Co. survived the Civil War, the Great Depression, and both World Wars. Inspired by its past, the guitar maker thrived in 2009. more
  • I Knew You'd Be There for Me
    Belgian beer label Stella Artois has added a splash of engagement to its marketing strategy with Le Bar Guide. Developed by Acrossair, Le Bar Guide is a free app that points users to the nearest bar serving Stella. Run searches by ZIP Code, or switch the augmented reality feature on—and have ... more
  • Give 'em What They Want Today!
    "Retailers have complained incessantly about unfair competition from e-commerce stores," writes Mark Riffey at the Business is Personal blog, "but not enough have done something about it." Online shopping is undeniably convenient and efficient. After all, customers can browse, comparison-shop and make purchases from the comfort of their favorite chair. But—despite ... more
  • Companies Embrace SaaS for CRM
    As companies continue to embrace software-as-a-service (SaaS) for the most strategically critical applications in their businesses, 52% say they are deploying SaaS for customer relationship management (CRM), making it the most widely adopted application of SaaS, according to a study from Avanade. more
  • How to Be Successful With New Web Initiatives
    by Christian Shea
    One of the traps that many organizations fall into when launching a new Web initiative is putting the focus of the project on new technology or new functionality. Instead, you need to start your project with the end result in mind. This article outlines project phases that you need to ... more
  • Taking Groupthink Up a Notch
    News flash: LinkedIn still boasts one of the largest, tightest-knit collections of professionals in the social-networking space. And now it wants to be even more useful to marketers. Custom Groups is a new feature at the site that lets users build sponsored collectives. Simply establishing a non-branded LinkedIn group is still ... more
  • May I Make This Annoying for You?
    "I was at my bank earlier this week, making a deposit, when I saw a display for VISA gift cards," recounts Drew McLellan at his Marketing Minute blog. "I needed one for a gift, so I thought … great, I'll just get it here." Thus began the exasperating process of completing ... more

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