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Marketing Articles: General Management

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  • Are You Socially Acceptable?
    One reason social media sites have caught on like wildfire among users is that, by and large, they operate on basic principles of social decency. Now, be honest: Do your social-media skills match the subtle standards set at sites like Twitter and YouTube? Not sure? Well, here are a few site-inspired rules ... more
  • Navigate These Waters with Care
    In an article at MarketingProfs, Christian Shea challenges the conventional wisdom that those who maintain a robust marketing budget are more likely to power their company through the recession. "Massive consumer-based brands such as BMW, Dell, and Wal-Mart are so tied to marketing as part of their business strategies," he ... more
  • Developing an RFP? Seven Tips for Getting the Responses You Want
    by Gwyneth Dwyer
    You just sent out a request for proposal (RFP). Will it give you the responses you want? Will it set the stage for a great long-term relationship? An RFP is a key step in engaging an outside marketing partner. Don't underestimate its importance. It's not simply a straightforward business communication; it's ... more
  • Eight Tips for Hunting for Revenue Where No Budget Exists—Get to Executives
    by Steve Lightstone
    It's tough out there. Budgets are being cut. Markets are shrinking. Prospects aren't buying the way they used to. But you can still sell effectively. You just have to think differently. The message is important, but it's effective only if the right people read it. The process that you use to ... more
  • When Bad Buzz Happens to Good Companies
    It seems almost inevitable these days: You run a search on your company's name or product and a negative review, remark or blog post appears in the top listings. What do you do? "Don't  ... lose your cool and try to retaliate," says Internet Marketing Consultant Jeremy Martin in a recent ... more
  • Stay and Play, OK?
    OK. Quick fable: Prior to a trip to Nebraska, Dave Carroll checked his $3500 Taylor guitar with United Airlines. (If you've been online at all recently, you know where this is going.) The guitar suffered serious damage, and Carroll spent months pursuing the issue via the usual channels of complaint—to no ... more
  • So, How Are the Kids?
    "Talking to your customers is a key strategy to weathering bad times," says Jennifer Berkley in a post at the Customer Experience Optimization blog. "It's a great way to keep your finger on the pulse of how loyal your customers are and to increase their loyalty to you—a very critical ... more
  • Real Marketing Analytics for B2B Lead Generation
    by Lisa Cramer
    Marketing analytics used to simply be about measuring the hits on your website and the number of opens and clicks on emails. But as marketers we know that the times are changing. Today, marketers must find a way to manage leads through the lead life cycle, which requires visibility into how ... more
  • A-Poaching We Will Go
    Every once in a while you'll have one of those terrific retail experiences when an employee wows you with exceptional customer service. If you're impressed enough to wish she worked for you, why not find out if she's open to the concept? You can follow the lead of Apple ... more
  • Just Wait for Me, OK?
    You've probably heard the term emotionally unsubscribed to describe those who never seem to open your email messages, but continue to receive your campaigns because they never ask to be taken off your list. In a post at the UK DMA Email Marketing blog, however, Dela Quist argues for an alternative ... more
  • I'm Queued-up, and I Like It
    If you use Netflix, you know it provides two ways to watch movies and television shows: DVDs sent through the mail, and streaming videos (sent to your PC or TV). And whichever option a customer chooses—many use both—the company will send occasional email messages to solicit feedback. The way it ... more
  • It's Not the Golf Course Anymore
    "Years ago, a successful sales rep knew how to optimize their time by 'reading' their prospects," says Maria Pergolino in a recent post at the Modern B2B Marketing blog. "A day would be spent golfing with a good bet." But everything changed when prospects began researching their options online, thus ... more
  • Turn That Downturn Upside-Down
    "Downturns provide significant opportunities for calculated growth by smart and aggressive firms," notes a post at the Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG) blog. But it also offers this caveat: "Global expansion, to be successful, must be calculated, targeted, and backed by willingness to persist." To help you outmaneuver competitors who retrench ... more
  • How to Bridge the Marketing-Staffing Gap
    by Eva Wu
    If the company you work for is like many companies in today's economic climate, it isn't hiring too many people and its marketing budget has been cut. Employees are being asked to do more with less. Now more than ever, however, marketing efforts are needed to drive sales. What options do ... more
  • Double Your Fun
    In today's challenging economic environment, marketers are seeking better ways to maximize ROI. One way is to leverage insights from both SEM and email to drive greater success across channels. In a recent article at Inside CRM, Ram Krishnamurthy and Brad Neelan offer up five strategies for using such a twin ... more
  • I Predict a Sunny Day
    "Predictive analysis has a long and profitable history with direct mail," says Arthur Middleton Hughes in a Pro article at MarketingProfs. "Millions of dollars have been saved by focusing on those customers most likely to buy—and not mailing to those who are unlikely to be interested." Only recently, though, have ... more
  • Ready, Steady, Innovate!
    In a post at the Daily Fix blog, Paul Williams poses this question: "If you were to put a few talented musicians or skilled screenwriters into a room and [mandate that they] write a Grammy-winning song or Oscar-winning blockbuster, could they do it?" They could try, obviously, and some ... more
  • Knowing How to Cut
    When spending must be cut, and it's just a matter of determining where, you face a process fraught with potential pitfalls. Here's some help. In a post at Harvard Business Online, Rita McGrath highlights key takeaways from a workshop on avoiding the traps that companies often encounter when trying to ... more
  • You Had Me at 'Recession-Proof': The Hispanic Market
    by Blaire Borthayre
    The Hispanic market seems to be the only one still flourishing these days in the face of economic doom and gloom. Foreign-born Hispanics in the US have been historically unaffected by economic downturns. Why? And how can you tap the market effectively? more
  • Execs: Need to Overhaul Risk Management
    The vast majority (85%) of surveyed corporate executives agree that they need to overhaul their approach to risk-management if the lessons of the economic crisis are to be used to improve business results, according to results of an Accenture study released today. more
  • Keep Your WOM Roots Healthy
    The dreaded phrase "word-of-mouth" keeps a lot of company execs awake at night. It's that feeling of helplessness: How can any company apply quality assurance to something that is so out of their control? Well, a recent post at the Church of the Customer Blog says the secret to ensuring ... more
  • It All Comes Down to Process
    We spend a lot of time discussing topics like deliverability and relevance, but rarely touch on another factor that plays a critical role in successful email marketing campaigns. "Process is such a basic thing that is so often ignored," says Kevin Senne in a post at the Email Experience blog. ... more
  • Talk to Me: 10 Tips for Translating PR Results Into the Language of Business
    by Diane Thieke
    As communications experts, we should find it easy to convey the value of our services to the business managers in our organizations. Yet many public relations professionals struggle with expressing results in a way that allows senior executives to easily recognize the impact that PR has on the success of ... more
  • Take a Deep Breath. Do a Brief Test.
    "Do you know what attracts your readers? What headlines they respond to most? Do they respond to pictures? Do they know what your offer is?" asks Peter Da Vanzo in a recent post. Testing will give you answers, but it can be tedious and costly. Da Vanzo offers the following ideas for quick-and-cheap, ... more
  • Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me a Match
    Anyone can claim to design websites. So before you hire a designer, it's important to ask a few key questions. Oliver Feakins of WebTalent recommends starting with a request to see past work. "Reputable firms have a gallery or portfolio of websites that they have designed," he says. "Take the ... more

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