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Marketing Articles: General Management

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  • Shut Up and Listen. Please.
    "Most people are not very good listeners," write Don and Sheryl Grimme in The New Manager's Toolkit. The reason, the say, is that we spend our days juggling personal and professional issues, and find it difficult to focus entirely on those facing our employees and colleagues. When this happens, we ... more
  • Staying Up in a Down Economy: Eight Marketing-Strategy Tips from Best Buy and Wipro CMOs
    by Roy Young
    Leading companies do not subscribe to the notion that marketing is a discretionary expense. They know that there is business opportunity during economic downturns, and marketing can lead the way. more
  • My House or Yours?
    With the Search Engine Marketing industry in North America generating more than $10 billion annually, most marketers know that search needs to be a part of their plan. What they seem less certain about, however, is whether to manage SEM campaigns in-house, or to outsource them. How do you determine ... more
  • Marketing Champion Q&A: Xerox VP Christa Carone Builds the Brand and Reputation
    by Roy Young
    During the 12 years that Christa Carone has been with Xerox, the company has been on quite a roller-coaster ride, having gone through significant challenges back in 1999 through 2001/2002, when the company's brand and reputation really took a hit. Recently she discussed with Roy Young her work to strengthen the ... more
  • Warren Buffett's Three I's
    As fallout from the current economic crisis continues to mount, thoughtful people are beginning to ask what we can learn from this experience. In a post at Harvard Business Online, Bill Taylor highlights a Warren Buffett interview on Charlie Rose in which the billionaire investor responds to the question "Should ... more
  • Guidelines for Choosing Online Marketing Technology
    by Charisse Tabak
    The burgeoning online marketing industry has produced a veritable treasure trove of technologies and their associated tools to support your efforts. With this cache of options comes the need to be accurate in your selection, making sure the tool matches the objective. more
  • Staying on Top in a Downturn
    With the latest seismic shifts in the U.S. economy, it seemed a good time to check back to Jon Miller's "definitive guide to B2B marketing during a downturn," first presented last June in his Modern B2B Marketing blog. Here are seven of Miller's smart tips. 1. Use lead management to maximize ... more
  • A Clearly Good Marketing Plan
    "Marketing plans are essential documents for virtually any business," says Tim Calkins in an article at MarketingProfs. "[I]t is hard to do great marketing without a clear plan. Unfortunately, many marketing plans simply don't work very well; they add little value and end up on a shelf, collecting dust." How ... more
  • Marketing Champion Focused on Customer Analytics: Q&A With Paul Barsch, Marketing Director of Teradata
    by Roy Young
    Paul Barsch, Marketing Director at Teradata, the business intelligence and data warehousing firm, is responsible for coordinating services engineering teams to define, build, and bring new offers to market. A self-described "information junkie" with over 15 years in marketing for information technology and consulting firms, Paul challenges all marketers to bring ... more
  • Go Cone Yourself
    "It's hard to keep those marketing juices flowing if you are feeling bogged down," says Drew McLellan at his Marketing Minute blog. "Sometimes I have to give myself a reprieve. So I cone myself." Say what? It turns out that everyone in McLellan's office has a bright orange traffic cone. If ... more
  • Hands Off!
    OK. This one is for the sales managers. Grab a cup of coffee, and take a minute for a quick quiz. Daniel Sitter at the Idea Sellers blog has come up with some key questions to help determine if you're getting the most out of your B2B sales team. "Do ... more
  • You Don't Say
    You're in line at a store when the cashier answers the phone, speaks in a snarky tone, rolls his eyes, hangs up and then comments on the caller's stupidity while ringing up your purchase. Anyone would consider this an egregious example of poor customer service—black marks all around. But the Service Untitled ... more
  • Tackling the 'Too Hard to' Pile of Marketing Accountability
    by Laura Patterson
    If you're like us, you probably have one of those piles on your desk that keeps being moved from one corner to another. You know, that pile you need to get to but avoid because it will take some real effort to tackle? For many marketing professionals, marketing accountability, analytics ... more
  • The Weakest Link
    In an ideal world, your entire team would demonstrate the skill and enthusiasm needed to make every marketing campaign a success. Unfortunately, though, you're going to encounter subordinates who don't measure up. In a post at Harvard Business Online, John Baldoni offers some quotes purportedly sourced from actual performance evaluations. Comments ... more
  • The Five Dumb Mistakes
    Running a small business can be a risky endeavor, but you don't have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to marketing. Taken from The Reach Group's Free Agent Formula—created by Cheri Hanson, Lisa Johnson and Cassie Pruett—here are the top five mistakes made by entrepreneurs: Creating a business that follows ... more
  • Top 10 Challenges Interactive Marketers Face
    by Aaron Kahlow
    The top 10 challenges facing the interactive marketing community are very much the same as those facing the entire marketing community... in that almost every marketing professional must address the interactive/online marketing medium. When they are asked about top challenges, many marketers say things like "social media" or "search engine optimization" ... more
  • The Power of Green Lies in the Hands of Marketers
    by Jacquelyn A. Ottman
    Many people think the power to restore our environment—to curb greenhouse gases, to clean up our air and water, to cut down on precious resources' ending up in landfills—lies in the hands of scientists and engineers, or lawyers and legislators. But the real power of green lies in the hands ... more
  • Are You a Leader to Follow?
    In a post at Harvard Business Online, John Baldoni says true leadership has little to do with your position on an org chart. Just because you have an executive title, that doesn't mean the people you manage consider you a leader. Earning that respect entails a number of different factors, ... more
  • Managing Marketing Performance: The Role of Data, Analytics and Metrics
    by Laura Patterson
    Performance management has been applied to various parts of a business for quite a long time, particularly when it comes to manufacturing, logistics, and product development. Applying the concept to marketing is finally coming of age. more
  • Tough Times Increase Pressure to Meet the Marketing Effectiveness Imperative
    by Jay Milliken, Chiaki Nishino
    Businesses today are hunkering down. With consumers clutching their wallets more tightly, companies are scrutinizing every budget item in an effort to maintain profitability even as revenues are flat and costs rise. And with marketing commonly viewed as a discretionary spend, it is one of the likeliest victims of the ax. more
  • Rock the Vote
    In a perfect world, you would have the freedom to identify a problem, brainstorm a solution and implement changes without needing the support and buy-in of your colleagues. Few of us, though, have that luxury. And in a post at the Thingnamer blog, Tate Linden gives his best advice for ... more
  • Building the New Marketing: Making Marketing Important to the Enterprise (Part 1)
    by Michael Fischler
    Marketers have become masters of segmentation inside our own organizations. We've segmented ourselves into Lead Generators. Message Makers. Brand Stewards. Useful, of course—in fact, indispensable. But indispensable the way facilities management is indispensable. Or travel management. Or any other organization that an enterprise relies on, but cannot be easily shown ... more
  • by Roy Young
    Matt Strain is director of worldwide relationship marketing at Adobe, where after just three years he is recognized as a Marketing Champion who adds financial value to the company. He has had a distinguished career in technology marketing. He recently took time to share his thoughts about what makes him ... more
  • by Jim Lenskold
    Want to take your performance to that ideal level of highly effective and efficient marketing? It takes better access to detailed data and ROI discipline, but it also comes along with greater growth and better levels of budgets, according to the recently released study. more
  • by Jon Miller
    Does an economic slowdown necessarily mean that business-to-business marketers have to find even more ways to do more with less? Or can a downturn create opportunity for smart marketers to grow and thrive? more

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