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Marketing Articles: Market Research

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  • Dial M for Mobile Search
    According to research from SEMPO, more than 64 million US wireless subscribers surfed the mobile Internet in May 2009—almost twice as many as in the previous year. That accounts for more than 20% of the total US population, 28% of US wireless subscribers, and more than 40% of desktop Internet ... more
  • Business Leaders Value Sales, Marketing Data Most
    Accurate and timely decision-making is a key component of creating competitive advantage, yet only 3% of business leaders describe their companies as "experts" in using business data to drive better decisions, and only 27% agree that their company makes better, faster decisions than their main competitors, according to a survey ... more
  • Planning an Online B2B Community
    by Nancy Strauss
    B2B communities are often aimed at highly specialized populations and may even be closed to outsiders. However, a growing number of enterprises regard their B2B communities as a secret weapon that gives them a powerful competitive advantage. more
  • What Every CMO Should Know About Music
    by Ruth Simmons
    Sir John Hegarty, the man behind the Levi's jeans and Lynx deodorant ads, once claimed, "Music is 50% of an ad's success." Yet even today very few metrics are regularly applied within the planning and creative processes to measure the value of music and sound to a brand's marketing. more
  • The Word on the (Virtual) Street
    In a recent post at the Retail Email blog, Chad White highlights a host of interesting takeaways from this month's Winter Email Insider Summit. Among them are some hot email marketing tactics you may want to consider implementing, such as these: Give email credit where credit is due. "By withholding emails and monitoring sales," ... more
  • Let's Go Steady
    "The problem with market research is that, while it can generate some pretty actionable insights, it's expensive," says Josh Bernoff at the Groundswell blog. "If you do surveys, it's always a struggle to get enough people to generate a large enough sample without breaking the bank—and when the survey's done, ... more
  • Will This Be on the Test?
    "[T]here is altogether too much guessing and not enough proving in email marketing," says Stephanie Miller in a post at the MarketingProfs Daily Fox blog. "With inboxes overflowing, subscriber fatigue growing and competition from social networks increasing, it's no longer enough to broadcast out your best guess as to what ... more
  • Neuromarketing Is the Future, But...
    by Samuel D. Bradley, PhD
    Increasingly, marketers are turning toward brain-imaging techniques, such as functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), in the quest for the Holy Grail "buy button." We call it neuromarketing. The brain, however, is reluctant to reveal its code. more
  • Bring the Mayor to Your Doorstep
    Few things are as irresistible as a mobile game that lets players rack points up during waiting-room or bus-ride lulls. But if you're a brick-and-mortar shop, or a restaurant, there isn't much incentive for throwing another branded version of Tetris out into the ether. What to do, what to do? Solution: Hook up ... more
  • Holiday Shoppers to Spend Less This Year
    This holiday season, almost half of holiday shoppers (46%) plan to spend less on holiday gifts compared with last year, according to a recent Harris poll. Young consumers are an exception: Just 37% of Echo Boomers (age 18-32) plan to spend less. more
  • Consumer Confidence Edges Up in Nov.
    The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index, which had declined in October, increased slightly in November and now stands at 49.5 (1985=100), up from 48.7 in October, according to the Conference Board's Consumer Confidence Survey. more
  • Do You Love Us?
    "Our experience suggests that most companies use a crude approach to gathering vital customer data," says David Jackson in an article at MarketingProfs. "Periodic, often annual, surveys that are disconnected in time from the events they are purporting to measure are the norm." Jackson dismisses such efforts as vain "Do You ... more
  • Recruiting Executives and Industry Experts for Qualitative Research
    by Scott Swigart, Sean Campbell
    Your studies are not appropriate for participants found on purchased lists, and the participants will take part in a series of in-depth interviews. So how do you find your interviewees? more
  • Shake It Up, Baby
    Based on the premise that data's no fun (and no use!) without insight, BrandZ has launched BrandZ 100, an iPhone app that takes its annual Top 100 Brands Report and actually makes it fun to read. Developed by IconMobile, the app—decked out in crisp black, white and red—takes you straight to ... more
  • Glamp It Up
    Warren Katz uses a post at the Elephant Bites blog to discuss the recession-driven microtrend of "glamping"—a freshly coined portmanteau for glamorous camping. In essence, its proponents want the low-budget benefit of a holiday in the great outdoors, but don't care to leave all the luxuries of home behind. "So, who ... more
  • Who Invited You?
    Last summer, Morgan Stewart of ExactTarget quizzed 2,400 people on their attitudes toward marketing and made an interesting discovery. "70% of consumers who visit Facebook at least once a month and are a 'fan' of at least one company or brand, don't believe they have given those companies permission to ... more
  • Mind the Big Three Be's
    Fun fact: Only 13% of the mobile market has an iPhone. That sounds like plenty when you consider how long the phone's been available, but it merits remembering that the vast majority of users—and possibly many in your demo—still don't have one. So how to wiggle into the pockets ... more
  • Digital Marketing Factbook: A Glimpse Inside
    This article presents a small sampling of the vital research data about today's email, search, and social media marketing that's contained in the MarketingProfs Digital Marketing Factbook, designed to be a comprehensive resource for every online marketer. more
  • Do Your Customer Surveys Measure Up?
    by David Jackson
    Most companies use a crude approach to gathering vital customer data: Periodic, often annual, surveys that are disconnected in time from the events they are purporting to measure are the norm. We call them the Annual ''Do You Love Us?'' Survey, and it has many pitfalls. One of the biggest mistakes is ... more
  • Low Prices Will Rule 2009 Holiday Season
    US consumers plan to spend an average of $682.74 during the upcoming holiday season, a 3.2% drop from last year. More than half say sales and low prices will determine where they shop, although convenience will draw many of them online. more
  • Gays Prefer Working in States with Marriage Equality
    Other factors being equal, 71% of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) adults would prefer a job with an employer based in a state that recognizes marriage equality over an employer based in a state that doesn't. more
  • They Like Us! They Really Like Us!
    Research coming out of Penn State reports that 20% of tweets—those wee messages published on Twitter—are brand-oriented. And not the way you'd naturally expect. While researchers originally thought they'd find lots of brand engagement in the form of product reviews or referrals, what they discovered was this (hold on to ... more
  • Consumers 18-34 in US vs. Canada
    Young adults 18-34 in Canada and the US agree that healthcare, education, and employment are the three most important issues facing their respective countries. But striking differences exist between these consumer groups. more
  • Use the Right Tools
    In a post at Harvard Business Online, Scott Anthony recalls a client who read a magazine article suggesting a focus on quantitative research for businesses with limited resources. He wanted to know if this would, indeed, produce the best data. Anthony's response: "While of course quantitative surveys can generate important ... more
  • Marketing to Youth: No Longer a Dark Art
    by Paul Metz
    It takes a lot more than Harry Potter's brand of wizardry for marketers to understand the spending habits of what is commonly referred to as the youth market—those between age 6 to 18. In fact, it requires a flexible understanding of the subcategories within this vast network of youth. And success ... more

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