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  • B2B Companies Ramping Up Data-Driven Marketing
    B2B marketers recognize the need for a data-driven approach to marketing and fully eight in ten (80%) say they are spending more time and resources on critical marketing metrics in 2012, according to a survey from Pardot. more
  • Email Campaign Volumes Surge, Open Rates Stronger
    Email campaign volumes and open rates improved in the fourth quarter of 2011: Average email volumes per client grew 21.0% over levels recorded a year earlier, while open rates increased 12.2% year over year, according to a report by Epsilon and the Direct Marketing Association's Email Experience Council. more
  • Should You Hire, or Contract, Your Marketing Team? [Infographic]
    by Ray Grainger
    The following decision tree will help you decide whether to hire or contract your marketing team. Why even consider the question? Because today's business climate requires agility and the ability to perform an ever-increasing set of tasks that require specialized talent, including marketing talent. This infographic flowchart will help clarify ... more
  • Why Inactive Subscribers Might Be Just Fine
    According to conventional wisdom, if email subscribers remain inactive for at least one year, it's best to remove them from your list. But Dela Quist takes a contrarian view. "Inactivity is normal activity," he tells Ken Magill in an interview at the Magill Report. "Inactivity is the default position for consumers. ... more
  • Four Mobile Email Myths You Need to Bust Right Now
    "With the increase in smartphone adoption, there's been a lot of talk lately about mobile email," writes Anthony Schneider of Mass Transmit. "Some of it is brilliant. Some of it's baloney." In the latter category is the notion that teenagers are the only ones reading email on mobile devices. Not true, ... more
  • Three Ways to Know Your SEO is Working
    You've put an SEO program in place—but how can you tell if it's working? "Ultimately, the only factor that determines success is the bottom-line; like any investment, we do not think that our services are truly successful unless we can provide positive ROI," writes Taylor Cimala at the Renegade Search ... more
  • Boost Your Email Marketing ROI by Focusing on Three Key Areas
    by Eric Didier
    Email averages an ROI of $40 for every $1 spent, so it's no surprise that 67% of organizations plan to increase their email marketing spend in 2012. Use those new budgets to maximize your ROI by focusing on three key areas. more
  • Only One-Half of Brands Can Identify Their Most Loyal Customers
    Despite the high cost of acquiring new customers (vs. retaining current ones), only one-half (49.6%) of surveyed marketing executives say they know who their most loyal customers are and how best to reach out to them, according to new study by Acxiom and Loyalty 360. more
  • Two Key Building Blocks for Creating a Marketing Dashboard
    by Laura Patterson
    Not having the right information means that you'll have to base your business decisions more on instinct and intuition than on facts. Having the right information readily available in a manageable and comprehensible format is essential for success. That's why a dashboard is invaluable. more
  • CMO and CIO: A Beautiful Friendship?
    by Jill Puleri
    As analytics become increasingly vital to understanding customers, CMOs can no longer enjoy the luxury of being naive about IT. Here are six steps CMOs can take to embrace technology tools and boost their effectiveness. more
  • B2B Marketing Tactics Not Driving Enough Sales Leads
    Some 61% of B2B marketers say generating more leads is their biggest marketing challenge in 2012; however, nearly two-thirds say their marketing mix does not meet sales pipeline demands (32%) or they are unsure of whether their marketing mix is effective (31%), according to a new report by BtoB Online ... more
  • How to Avoid Website (and Customer) Disasters
    by James Sivis
    We've seen too many high-profile calamities of websites going down in a major way. It's painful to watch, and it must be painful to experience. Though online disasters can happen to anyone, you can take steps to avoid them. more
  • How to Measure Those Three Little Words: Return on Investment
    by Jim Bergeson
    Let's face it, no three words are more beautiful to hear while on the job than "return on investment." Learn the basics of calculating marketing ROI—and a more nuanced approach that'll help prove the effectiveness of your campaigns. more
  • Brands Not Capturing the Benefits of Big Data Marketing
    Although 91% of senior corporate marketers agree that successful brands are using customer data to drive marketing decisions, 39% say their own company's data is collected too infrequently or not effectively enough, according to a report by the Columbia Business School's Center on Global Brand Leadership and the New York ... more
  • Sweat-Free Ways to Check Your Social Pulse
    Once in awhile we need tools that can help us maintain our social chops. To help you bring some coherence to all the noise across Twitter and the blogosphere, we've compiled a list of powerful and, in some cases, lesser-known "oldies but goodies." Take a minute to consider these social ... more
  • Three Awesome Google Spreadsheet Hacks for Marketers
    by Ann Smarty
    Google Spreadsheets is an excellent tool for campaign tracking, reporting, automating, and aggregating complex SEO and social media tasks. Learn invaluable tips for using Google Spreadsheets more effectively. more
  • Social Media ROI: How to Ensure Your Social Media Efforts Pay Off
    by Kieran Flanagan
    Social media marketing can either be an extremely worthwhile investment or a massive time sink that brings you no benefit. How can you tell which of those extremes you'll fall into? Learn how to set up your strategy to measure ROI. more
  • How to Create an Actionable Marketing Dashboard (and Why You Need One)
    by Laura Patterson
    If you want to answer the C-suite's questions about how Marketing is performing, you need a dashboard—an insightful report that can optimize performance. Learn five key steps to creating a viable marketing dashboard. more
  • Media Planners and Buyers Value Direct-Response Metrics
    When measuring the success of online display advertising, agencies tend to place great importance on performance metrics such as conversion, even for branding awareness campaigns, according to a survey from Maxifier. more
  • Four Email Marketing Trends That Remain Strong
    If you've been an email marketer for awhile, you know how swiftly the landscape can change and evolve: What worked in 2011 won't necessarily work in 2012. Scary thought, yes. But some trends do indeed prove timeless. In an article at MarketingProfs, Maciej Ossowski offers a list of 2011 trends that will ... more
  • Forrester: Calculate the Value of Your Email Subscribers
    Many interactive marketers rely on email subscriber valuation (ESV) to justify budgets and plan messaging strategies, according to a new report by Forrester Research, which presents a three-step formula for calculating ESV. more
  • Before You Name Your Company, Consider How Google Will Rank It
    Naming a company or a product used to involve a number of factors—none of which related to SEO considerations. But no longer. "It doesn't matter whether your brand is online or not, "[I]t will be googled, " says Ann Smarty in an article at MarketingProfs. "So, before you choose your brand ... more
  • Are Popover Forms Right for You?
    Although improved browser technology has rendered the popup window nearly obsolete, most of us remember its intrusive horrors. "As a result," writes Mark Brownlow at Email Marketing Reports, "email marketers have been reluctant to use 'in your face' website sign-up forms that in any way resemble those popups of the ... more
  • The Questions I Would Ask If I Were Marketing Your Business
    by Jason Falls
    MarketingProfs blogger and social media strategist Jason Falls explores the questions to ask when reading blogs and white papers, or listening to practitioners talk about social media marketing. more
  • SMBs Missing Email List-Building Opportunities
    Most small-to-midsize businesses have mastered the basics of organic email list-building, making use of Web-based sign-up forms and even offering incentives to encourage subscriptions, but fewer than half use any type of email-to-social collaboration, limiting the potential of cross-channel marketing, according to a study by GetResponse. more

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