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Marketing Articles: Metrics & ROI

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  • by Brett Hurt
    Do you know the difference between session and lifetime-based revenue analyses to measure the success of your online customer acquisition efforts? more
  • by Jim Sterne
    n the beginning, the IT department created the Web server and the server log. And darkness was upon the face of the marketing department.... more
  • by Glenn Gow
    Most companies do not use ROI tools effectively. Here are the steps you'll need to successfully complete the sales process. more
  • by Hank Stroll, Tamara Halbritter
    How do you deliver value to your B2B subscribers? more
  • by Jim Sterne
    e have the data. We have the pretty reports. But we do not have an educated team who can take the resulting statistics and turn them into meaningful plans. more
  • by Glenn Gow
    Many technology companies have developed Return on Investment (ROI) tools for their sales organizations. But while many have developed some type of ROI tool, very few would claim that they are winning significant business as a result. more
  • by Stern Dixon
    The economic downturn of the past two years has put marketers on the defensive. As budgets have been reduced and reduced again, marketers have stepped up efforts to find the Holy Grail of marketing--the formula, the software, even the general rule of thumb that enables marketers to measure the effectiveness ... more
  • by Gerry McGovern
    The days of having an intranet just because, well, it's a good idea are over. As a manager, you need to deliver hard data that justifies investment in your intranet. You need to show that a dollar spent on your intranet will deliver more value that a dollar spent elsewhere. ... more
  • by Eran Livneh
    hat is your most important marketing tool? Your spreadsheet application should be high at the top of the list. These days, running your marketing department without constant attention to the numbers is simply irresponsible. more
  • by Scott Buresh
    Most companies that have Web sites have access to traffic statistics. Those that don't look at these files don't know what they are missing -- there is a wealth of information to be found, and reacting to this information can have a positive impact on a company's bottom line. more
  • by Kim Goodwin
    The usefulness of personas in defining and designing interactive products has become more widely accepted of late. But there are still many misconceptions about how personas are created, and about what information actually comprises a persona. Just what ARE personas? And why should you care? more
  • by Jeff Propper
    Manage your advertising risk by subscribing to a tried-and-true "methodology." Learn from the successes (and mistakes) of those who have gone before you. more
  • by Robin Gurney
    Should media buyers spread their buys more widely to give their clients a bigger bang for their buck? Heck yes...according to our experience! more
  • by Stephen Shaw
    Marketing decisions are often made out of habit, or are based on blind faith or boredom. Success is often equally fuzzy. Why bother asking for success if you don't know what it means? more
  • How To Justify A Search Engine Optimization Budget
    by Michael Wong
    Still thinking about improving your web presence with search engine optimization? Find out if it's right for you by quantifying the value of search engine traffic. more
  • by Wendy Comeau
    This question, like many marketing questions you have ('Is our new viral marketing effort causing our brand awareness to increase?', etc.) can only be answered using techniques grounded in science. more
  • by Kathy Foley
    Many of today's trend reports sound like a bunch of research analysts backpedalling as fast as they can. Remember it wasn't too long ago when they were predicting that just about everyone would be buying just about everything on the Internet by 2005. more

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