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Marketing Articles: Public Relations

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  • Case Study: How Twitter Helped Save Ford From a PR Disaster
    by Kimberly Smith
    When US Airways flight 1549 landed in the Hudson River, Twitter users broke the news, 15 minutes ahead of mainstream media. The same channel and its immediacy also helped Ford Motor Company's head of social media quell a different kind of disaster--of the PR variety. more
  • We're Corporate! We're Capable!
    "To get a running start on 2009 projects, yesterday we googled-up some corporate capability brochures to get some ideas," writes Dave J. in a recent B2Blog post. "Immediately, I was drawn [to] what was wrong in these publications." Now, lots of B2B companies have a "Who We Are and What ... more
  • What Does 'Embargo' Mean Again?
    Last year, Chris Anderson of Wired magazine made news with the controversial decision to publish the email addresses of PR practitioners who consistently bombarded him with irrelevant pitches. Now, Michael Arrington of the TechCrunch blog has fired an opening salvo at companies that fail to enforce embargoes. "We've never broken ... more
  • So Many Tweets, So Little Time
    You already know why you need to be on Twitter. And if you've taken the leap into the great microblogging beyond, it's likely you've come across some issues: It takes so much time to produce the number of Tweets necessary to convince Twitter users there's a HUMAN BEING back here! It's ... more
  • Top 5 Legitimate SEO Techniques That Will Help Your Business Get Found
    by Mike Volpe
    Gems of 2008: People have not stopped buying things, so how are they researching and purchasing products since they have made themselves immune to old marketing techniques like banner ads and direct mail? The answer is with search engines and Google. According to comScore, Americans conducted 11.5 billion searches in June ... more
  • Case Study: How OfficeMax Helped an Education-Focused Charity Increase Funding and Classroom Adoptions
    by Kimberly Smith
    OfficeMax teamed with nonprofit Adopt-A-Classroom to create an annual event to recognize and reward standout teachers for their dedication and sacrifice. This year, OfficeMax stepped up its marketing for the program, upping classroom adoptions +800%. more
  • Are You Lazy in the Email Department?
    The informality and low cost of email has changed the way we communicate—but not always for the better. In a post at her Marketing Interactions blog, Ardath Albee reminds us that we should craft personalized, thoughtful messages when making initial contact with prospects and journalists. Too often, she says, we ... more
  • Eco-Logos: A Double-Edged Sword?
    by Jacquelyn A. Ottman
    Eco-logos are all the rage—but how valuable are they as a marketing tool? Are there some hidden risks that warrant a second look? Let's consider the three ingredients of an effective marketing logo—green or otherwise—and their implications for the savvy eco-marketer. more
  • Closing the Marketing Credibility Gap
    by Geoff Dillon
    By now you've heard the news—your paid marketing and advertising efforts are suffering from a loss of credibility with your target market. Marketing authorities Al Ries and daughter Laura have even declared the "Fall of Advertising and the Rise of PR" when it comes to building brands and perceptions in ... more
  • Testify!
    "Testimonials are critical to any website that's marketing or selling products or services," says Rick Sloboda of Webcopyplus. To make his point, he cites the Robert Cialdini book Influence: Science and Practice, which posits that "we determine what's correct by finding out what other people think is correct." Customers feel ... more
  • Stacking the Deck
    If you use Twitter the way Mack Collier does, you might feel overwhelmed as you try to keep up with the constant stream of conversation, and stay connected with actual friends and colleagues. In an attempt to get a handle on his situation, Collier decided to cut back on the number ... more
  • Shut Up and Listen. Please.
    "Most people are not very good listeners," write Don and Sheryl Grimme in The New Manager's Toolkit. The reason, the say, is that we spend our days juggling personal and professional issues, and find it difficult to focus entirely on those facing our employees and colleagues. When this happens, we ... more
  • The Cocktail Party Rule
    In a post at Gapingvoid, Hugh MacLeod tells the story of a superstar blogger who publicly congratulated a corporate competitor for joining the blogosphere. In her "welcome to the neighborhood" post, she also complimented one of her competitor's products, "which truth be told," says MacLeod, "is … really good … ... more
  • A Win-Win Scenario
    A post at the Responsible Marketing Blog highlights some companies that aligned marketing campaigns with the recent election. "With estimates of turnout exceeding 130 million people," it says, "Election Day promotions make sense." The roundup includes: A one-minute video from Starbucks yearns for a country in which ... more
  • Measuring Social Marketing and Media
    by Laura Patterson
    The more quantitatively you can measure your social media, the better. And the closer those measurements are to business outcomes, even better. How rapidly people in the network engage with you and respond to your "call to action," such as write a review, participate in the blog discussion, or forward ... more
  • Your Twitter ID and You
    If you attended MarketingProfs' Digital Marketing Mixer, you would have heard keynote speaker Gary Vaynerchuk bemoan his choice of Twitter ID: GaryVee. In retrospect, he said, the handle—chosen quickly for reasons he can't recall—doesn't really fit his personal brand. Vaynerchuk might have benefited from a recent post at the Web Ink ... more
  • Take the Drama Offline
    In a video from BNET, Edward Muzio of Group Harmonics explains how email conversations can start unnecessary fights. "It happens all the time," he says. "It starts out as a simple bit of information; turns first into a discussion; then an argument; finally our inbox is full of emails back ... more
  • Mission Control
    "We are bombarded with messages that tell us the how, why, should and must of business," says Karen Swim in a post at Words For Hire. "Much of the information is solid but blindly applying it can be deadly to your spirit and your business." She argues that your company's success ... more
  • Yammer to Keep It Together
    Imagine if you could take Twitter and make it exclusive to your company. Surprise!—you've created Yammer. With a three-month free trial, and provided everybody has a legit company email, enterprises can register on Yammer to create their own insular microblogging universe. Why does Yammer matter? Because as times change, so ... more
  • Don't Worry, No One's Looking
    When Tate Linden of Stokefire began to see a number of obscure blog posts touting a heretofore unknown competitor as the world's "first naming company," he thought he should check them out. And in a post at the Thingnamer blog, he concludes that the company had likely paid for the ... more
  • Meltdown Marketing
    Marketing budgets often take a hit during economic downturns. And whether your department experiences a cutback, or you're simply on the hunt for inexpensive ways to increase your reach, Jenni Hilton offers ideas for maximizing your PR dollar in a post at Eternal Thoughts from a Sunshine Mind. Here are ... more
  • How to Be a Good Public Relations Client
    by Ford Kanzler
    Since public relations isn't done "to" a company, it's done "with" the management team or owners, there's an essentially different nature to how this kind of professional service is successfully delivered. It's much more akin to legal or medical services with the "defendants" or "patients" (read management team members) having ... more
  • Ranting and Raving
    Back in 2006, a group of friends decided to play a practical joke on a colleague obsessed with his Jaguar—they covered the S-Type sedan with thousands of colorful Post-it notes. Scott Ableman uploaded photos of the prank to Flickr, where they became a viral phenomenon. This clip of an ABC ... more
  • Dinner-Party PR
    In a post at Silicon Alley Insider, Jason Calacanis says start-up companies don't have to splash out $10,000-a-month retainers—or even hire in-house PR—to get the right exposure. These are only a few of his recommendations if you want great do-it-yourself PR: Always pick up the check—always. When Calacanis attends conferences, he ... more
  • How to Blow It in Five Words or Less
    Nothing irks Steve Roesler more than when a speaker diminishes himself in five words or less. What may seem like courtesy when you're making that B2B sales pitch could actually be blowing your chances to seal a deal. Roesler offers the following examples of words that can kill. (Now, be ... more

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