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Marketing Articles: Brand Management

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  • Branded-Content Spend Reaches New High
    Marketers spent record highs on branded content in 2009––allocating on average 32% of their overall marketing, advertising, and communications budgets to the category––up five percentage points from the previous high of 27% recorded in 2007, according to a study from the Custom Publishing Council (CPC). more
  • Picture Yourself at the Top
    Major search engines now have their own image-search functions that provide image-search listings in regular Web-search results, writes Pandia Search Engine News in a recent article. And although searchers may have different reasons for using image-search engines, all of those searchers may be potential customers, subscribers, or readers. So, if ... more
  • Sounds Good to Me!
    "I know I have said it a million times in speeches, articles and in person," writes Dylan Boyd at The Email Wars blog, "but telling someone 'thanks' is one of the best things that you can ever do for your email campaigns." He was particularly impressed by the follow-up he received ... more
  • Brand Control to Major Tom: The New Rules of Brand Management
    by Roger Sametz
    The notion that you can manage your brand by making and distributing messages and materials that you want "out there" is becoming quaint. And though the new age of extreme participation is a challenge, you as brand manager haven't lost all control—and you CAN influence what you can't control. more
  • Personal Branding Predictions: Top 10 for 2010
    by William Arruda
    How will the world of personal branding, and business, evolve in the coming year? Here are William Arruda's top 10 predictions for 2010. more
  • Where Everybody Holds Your Name
    If there's anything Second Life has taught us, it's that people like having a place to come back to—a virtual hideaway where you're always well-coiffed and surrounded by friends, and everybody knows your (avatar's) name. Well, here's some good news for mobile marketers: virtual living just got a whole lot ... more
  • Untapped Opportunities for Online Communities
    Companies tend not to understand what people want from online branded communities––or the role that the brand plays in fulfilling those needs, according to a study by ComBlu. more
  • Naughty? Nice? Get the List.
    In late October, Twitter launched its Lists feature, which might just improve your life in a panoply of organization-friendly ways. The new feature helps you sort your own contacts based on personal relevance, but—maybe more importantly—it also provides you with ready-made groups of people to which to target your messages. ... more
  • Lying Liars and the Lies They Lie
    "Every once in a while," writes Ardath Albee at the Marketing Interactions blog, "I get a bit irked at the irresponsible email practices of companies that play fast and free with their databases." In this case, an email from a marketing solutions company raised her ire by lying to her. Repeatedly. ... more
  • Problem Solved: How Much B2B Branding Is Too Much?
    by Claire Coyne
    How much B2B branding is too much? You want to incorporate your B2B brand message into every encounter with prospects and clients. But how do you do that without overdoing it? more
  • Protecting Corporate Brands One Keystroke at a Time
    by Bill Unrue
    Brand identity is one of the most valuable assets that all organizations—from healthcare providers to financial institutions—seek to protect. But the ease of employee access to the Internet from the office exposes the corporate network, which is your brand identity online, to every website your employee visits. more
  • Window-shopping, Parisian-style
    Get this: 8 in 10 smartphone users say they have trouble accessing content from their handhelds. What's more, they swear they'd spend at least $9 more per month on purchases if the products they wanted were easier to find. The stats come from a survey of both US and UK smartphone ... more
  • Joking Your Way off the Hot Seat
    One way or another, the story was going to get out: a late-night talk show host, his rumored affairs with staff members and an alleged extortionist who wanted $2 million to keep quiet. So what did David Letterman do? Before anyone else had the chance, he told his studio audience—and ... more
  • We Can Make Music Together
    In a video at, Israeli conductor Itay Talgam gives a spirited 20-minute talk on what modern leaders could learn from great conductors. Interestingly, a lot of the principles he presents in the video can apply to nourishing a social-media campaign. Here are some of his words of wisdom that can cross over ... more
  • Stop Flaunting That
    "Before the current recession," writes Mark Dolliver in an article at Adweek, "popular wisdom said wealthy people tended to be relatively untouched by the ups and downs of the economy and would keep buying high-end products and services no matter what." Well, times have changed. If your business serves the luxury ... more
  • This Smells Phishy
    As phishers (criminals masquerading as trusted entities to grab usernames, passwords and credit card info) become more sophisticated, and your subscribers become more cautious about online commerce, it's important to know how the average customer vets the marketing messages you send—especially those in which you request personal information. A legitimate appearance—in ... more
  • Bring the Mayor to Your Doorstep
    Few things are as irresistible as a mobile game that lets players rack points up during waiting-room or bus-ride lulls. But if you're a brick-and-mortar shop, or a restaurant, there isn't much incentive for throwing another branded version of Tetris out into the ether. What to do, what to do? Solution: Hook up ... more
  • Give It to Me Straight
    "Looking for a way to punch up your email campaigns and get subscribers more engaged with your site?" Julie Waite asks in a recent post at the Bronto blog. "Product reviews may be the answer," she says. "Implementing product review functionality on your site can help seal the deal and convince ... more
  • 'The Open Brand': How Brands Can Thrive in a Consumer-Driven World
    by Sean Howard
    "The Open Brand" is a power-packed framework and guide for how brands can thrive and participate in a world where the consumer is the creator. Here's a Q&A with one of the authors. more
  • You're Like the Air to Me
    In a recent post at the Online Marketing Blog, Adam Singer summarizes Charlene Li's keynote at Search Engine Strategies San Jose last summer. Co-author of the business bestseller Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies, and a MarketingProfs presenter, Li examines the intersection of search and social media. According ... more
  • I Just Want to Help You
    You're in the business of communicating, and in the age of Internet-and-mobile, your platforms for doing so have expanded almost exponentially. But here's a down side: From fielding phone calls to checking email to ensuring your personal/company blog and Twitter accounts are well-populated, how do you manage it all? Lucky for you, slews of ... more
  • Risky Business
    "Having an offer for your products or services that is truly risk-free might be just the ticket you need to really make a difference in your email marketing campaigns," says Janine Popick in a post at her Vertical Response blog. She points to retailers like these that generate customer loyalty and ... more
  • Don't Sow It Alone
    Kevin Nalts, a marketing director who produces hi-lar-ious videos on YouTube under the handle nalts, once joked that after cutting a bazillion notches into his belt, he still has no idea what makes a viral hit with users. And that's the accepted wisdom: Creating a truly viral video—something people want to ... more
  • So Hot You're Cool, So Cool You're Hot
    "A hot brand ends up in one of two different ways," writes Laura Ries at the Ries' Pieces blog. "It burns bright too fast and fizzles. Brands like this are known as fads. Or a brand burns hot then continues at a steady simmer. Brands like this are known as ... more
  • Come Tweet With Me
    Hoping to position Lufthansa as bigger than just a German airline, digital agency Profero has helped it create MySkyStatus—a tool that has brought Lufthansa's branding catch-phrase, "passion for precision," to life in a hands-on way. "Communications needs to have a use," explains Profero's Wayne Arnold in a recent article at Adweek. "Saying ... more

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