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Marketing Articles: Brand Management

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  • Social Media Users Open to Branding, Marketing
    Consumers flock daily to social media sites to keep in touch with friends and family, but they are also keen to buy from brands that they have seen on these sites, according to new research from Performics and ROI Research. more
  • Who Invited You?
    Last summer, Morgan Stewart of ExactTarget quizzed 2,400 people on their attitudes toward marketing and made an interesting discovery. "70% of consumers who visit Facebook at least once a month and are a 'fan' of at least one company or brand, don't believe they have given those companies permission to ... more
  • Enjoy Some Good Holiday Cheese
    As the goblins and ghouls out there munch away on their Halloween bounty, fond memories arise of one apparition we saw a lot of this season—the Monster Mash JibJab "sendable." The e-card uses facial-recognition technology to seamlessly attach the faces of your friends or family to the body of a monster. ... more
  • Politicians Deemed Worst Endorsers
    Almost two in five (37%) of US adults think politicians are the least credible and persuasive spokespeople for a product. more
  • Polish Your Brand With Co-Creation
    "A revolution in both marketing thought and practice is at hand," say three researchers in an interesting new report on brand marketing. In their research, these authors examined "consumer co-creation in an empirical context"—specifically, creative consumer behavior in nine brand communities across a wide array of products, including Apple Newton (a ... more
  • Mind the Big Three Be's
    Fun fact: Only 13% of the mobile market has an iPhone. That sounds like plenty when you consider how long the phone's been available, but it merits remembering that the vast majority of users—and possibly many in your demo—still don't have one. So how to wiggle into the pockets ... more
  • Kanye, Jon & Kate: Tops for Halloween
    Kanye West and Jon & Kate Gosselin topped the list in a survey of likely Halloween costume choices this year based on a celebrity mistake. Jon & Kate also swept the top spots in a question about which reality TV stars should have their own costumers. more
  • Teaching an Old Brand New Tricks
    Good news: You don't have to lose sight of your brand's tried-and-true persona to participate in the quest for deeper engagement at the new social sites. Just think of the social-media generation as a silver-dish serving of people who already want to talk to you; you just need to make ... more
  • Step Up to the Mic!
    You might think the best time to launch a new product or service is during an economic golden age, when customers are plenty and eager to spend their not-so-hard-earned cash. But in a post at his blog, Seth Godin says it's much easier to challenge your industry's major players in ... more
  • Here Today, Bored Tomorrow
    You've done a great job of cultivating your email list—and your subscribers have rewarded your efforts with extraordinary loyalty. So far, so good. But Mark Brownlow of Email Marketing Reports says such best-case scenarios come with their own unique set of pitfalls: Becoming complacent. When you don't have to ... more
  • What Would We Do Without You?
    You've probably heard a lot that the days of "push" messaging—a mythical golden age when marketers could feed passive viewers whatever rigmarole the ad department pleased—are dead. So true. But for you, it's not a bad thing; it's a chance to develop long-term, even downright codependent relationships with users. And there ... more
  • by Drew McLellan
    Http:// more
  • You Don't Drive Me Nuts Anymore!
    What makes Twitter so useful is also what makes it difficult to navigate: everyone is spewing what they think, all the time, about anything imaginable. This is good for tracking brand buzz, because when you run a search on Twitter it's like being clairvoyant: the opinions are there, raw and ... more
  • Prepare to Face a Brave New World
    When dealing with the fallout from an economic downturn, we may try to find comfort in the idea that everything will go back to normal come the upturn. But what if we get there and realize "normal" isn't what it used to be? That may indeed be the case for brand ... more
  • No Excuses
    "One of the ultimate excuses for not measuring [the impact of marketing efforts] is: 'Oh, that's just a branding campaign,'" says Avinash Kaushik in a post at the Occam's Razor blog. "Admit it, you've heard it. I suspect you've even used it liberally!" But is it true? Not entirely, according to ... more
  • by Beth Harte
    Http:// more
  • by Beth Harte
    Http:// more
  • Don't Be Guilty by Association
    You have a squeaky-clean opt-in list of subscribers who love the content you send—including highly relevant offers from your partners. But if you're using third-party content and templates (their HTML code for that content) for these campaigns, be aware that another company's bad behavior can have a negative impact on ... more
  • Prescription Medicine Sites Lift Refills, Starts
    Online ads about prescription medicines and dedicated Rx websites raise consumers' awareness of prescription medicines, increase drugs' perceived favorability, and encourage patients to refill their prescriptions. more
  • They Like Us! They Really Like Us!
    Research coming out of Penn State reports that 20% of tweets—those wee messages published on Twitter—are brand-oriented. And not the way you'd naturally expect. While researchers originally thought they'd find lots of brand engagement in the form of product reviews or referrals, what they discovered was this (hold on to ... more
  • Expand Your Local Horizons
    For the small-business owner, getting your name out via local search is a must. And to many marketers, that means optimizing for Google's universal results. After all, Google is the leader of the search-engine pack these days. But as David Mihm points out in a recent article at Search Engine ... more
  • Daft Punk Plays Here
    It's not just the recession; the digital revolution has wreaked havoc on traditional music retailers, who can rarely match online juggernauts like iTunes or eMusic on price or convenience. "As of April," reports Amy Kaufman at The Wrap, "there were 185 record stores in the LA area, down from 259 ... more
  • Color Me Beautiful
    If we asked you to name the company associated with the term "Big Blue" you'd probably reply "IBM" without a moment's hesitation. And in an article at MarketingProfs, William Arruda says that color is one of the most important components in your branding toolbox. "[S]ome organizations are so consistent and ... more
  • Get Out On That Dance Floor!
    "It seems to me that this is the time when marketers should be pushing the envelope, yet it seems like most aren't," says DJ Francis in a post at the iMedia Connection blog. Instead, he says, they are buying into several recession-marketing myths that could do them more harm than ... more
  • Five Tools for Tracking, Measuring, and Evaluating Your Personal Brand Online
    by William Arruda
    The best kind of personal branding combines real-world communications with virtual visibility and community-building via social media. Online brand-building enables you to reach beyond the people you can connect with in person and allows you to measure the impact of your actions. Since online personal-branding efforts are easier to track and measure, ... more

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