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Marketing Articles: Brand Management

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  • by Matthew Syrett
    Existing brand health measures rely almost exclusively on survey data to gather their findings. While surveys are insightful, they are also prone to collection errors through inaccurate recall and distorted response by surveyed consumers. Marketers can do better by creating more-direct and less-biased approaches. Rather than relying solely on survey ... more
  • by Joseph Benson, Jack Foley
    Not since 1998 has the banking industry experienced the pace of consolidation taking place across the country today. From national mega-deals to local ones, it seems every bank is in the "great game" as a buyer, seller or interested flirt. Should merging commercial banks care about brand? more
  • by Hank Stroll
    This week: Past success don't guarantee future success for products. So what do you do when a marketing effort flops? Join the conversation! Also this week, read your advice on: What works (and what doesn't) when an organization wants to invent a brand? more
  • by Hank Stroll
    This week, add your two pesos to the SWOT Team dilemma: When inventing brands, what works and what doesn't? Also this week, read your answers to last week's query: What approaches work best for holiday campaigns? more
  • by Andrea Learned
    What do Target, iPod and Hoover have in common? These brands have learned how to catch a woman's eye. I know. Enough already about Target and iPod, you say! Still, for those of you interested in the women's market in particular, the connection between increasing sales with your female customers ... more
  • by Amanda Ayles
    Companies who are excited about developing a corporate Web site and are gung-ho to get started is a beautiful thing. But, oddly enough, many companies falling into this category seem to be missing out on other essential branding fundamentals. There are several keys to developing a winning brand for ... more
  • by Rob Engelman
    As we enter the early stages of the New Year, it is natural to think about and plan our marketing and business development activities for 2005. Whether you are a independent consultant, corporate executive or entrepreneur, consistent application of the following seven core marketing best practices will enable you to ... more
  • by Elaine Fogel
    When corporate America participates in cause-related marketing programs, it enhances its image, customers show greater loyalty, the public recognizes companies as good corporate citizens, and the companies gain a competitive advantage in staff recruitment and retention. But does corporate America really care? more
  • by Mike Schultz
    Many branding maxims tossed about in the marketing world—and accepted as unquestionable gospel and law—simply are not valid. At least they are not valid for everyone and every business. more
  • by Joseph Benson
    We all know, buy and experience brands that have a great heritage. For some of us, it is Mercedes, Philips or Disney. For others, it is McDonalds, Heineken or Gucci. What makes these brands great, what they all have in common, is that they have had the time to build ... more
  • by Hank Stroll
    Marketing complex products and services is a challenge. This week, add your two cents to: What methods work well for marketing technical services and solutions? Also this week, read your answers to last week's dilemma: What do you do when you are stuck with a no-name moniker and no brand? more
  • by Ellen Weiss
    Endorsements can prove to be excellent ways to create a genial relationship between your product and the person or team being endorsed. Just be wary of capitalizing too quickly on a media event that may not be advantageous for the brand! more
  • by Dan Herman
    The act of branding has 10 different meanings, which translate into 10 different ways to create instrumentality or usefulness beyond the tangible benefits of a product/service. Following those 10 approaches will make the difference between masterful creations of brands and amateur imitation. more
  • by Bill Nissim
    At the heart of branding resides a paradox. This article unravels that paradox and examines its intricacies. more
  • by Kirk Martensen
    Most trademark licensing relationships are defined and evaluated based on the terms in a license agreement contract. In the case of a brand extension license, there can be a lot at stake, including the health and wellbeing of the licensor's brand. Surprisingly, many license agreements do not include specific terms ... more
  • by William Arruda
    When your brand is highly differentiated from your peers' or competitors', it is important to fortify that differentiation through all of your brand affiliations. Be aware that such affiliations are not co-branding—sharing a product or service with two brand names. Rather, it is connecting your brand to another brand to bolster ... more
  • by Steve Cuno
    Branding, as you might imagine, is not typically what direct response agencies do. But some direct response agencies strongly believe in the power of branding. And smart direct marketers build their strategies squarely on the brand. more
  • by Robert F. Hogeboom
    Generation Y is the segment born between 1979 and 1994. They are anextremely marketing-savvy group that understands how numerous companies actively covet their business. As a result, Gen Y-ers greet new brands with intense skepticism, making it increasingly imperative for Gen-Y businesses to focus on brand strategy. more
  • by Nick Wreden
    Coca-Cola is not an American brand, L'Oreal is not a French brand, and Samsung is not a Korean brand. Rather, they are global brands. They are symbols of a global culture created by the Internet, travel, music and other influences that easily seep across borders. So what are the implications ... more
  • by Tom Asacker
    When successful brands move to the madness phase, they sometimes refine their method to the point of marketplace indifference. more
  • by Joseph Benson
    How well do you understand the "customers" of your university, and what do you know of their lifestyles and buying behaviors? more
  • by Guy Smith
    Your brand is the sum of all interactions with your company. A lousy experience with one touchpoint can negate all the brand equity you build in other touchpoints. more
  • by Mark Thomson
    Well into the age of the soundbite, we're still hard-pressed to summon the elusive 60-second description of what it is we do, what our brand provides to those we serve and why it matters. more
  • by Ray Podder
    When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. more
  • by Mike Schultz
    What stages must your brand pass through to ring the bell? more

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