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Marketing Articles: Brand Management

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  • by Jeremy Bachmann
    In an industry with much product commoditization, brands help distinguish competitors in the mind of customers. How does the concept of branding translate online? more
  • by Ray George
    ow can a company become a contender in a marketplace when its individual brands do not have comparable recognition and reach? more
  • by David Berkowitz
    ven with small budgets, automakers are doing some pretty interesting stuff online. Read about one car maker's ever-growing commitment to the Internet. more
  • by Jonathan Ward
    Companies are often not true to themselves when they establish their brand. So where do you start? Following are some guidelines to help you establish and grow a believable brand that’s consistent with your company’s “true self.” more
  • by Mitch McCasland
    What's the key differentiator for airlines -- or most any other company? No, it's not price. Companies that have this precious quality can decidedly distinguish themselves in seemingly commoditized markets. more
  • by Phillip Ross
    It's true that creativity and innovation often arise from unexpected and unconventional thinking. But not always. more
  • by Greg Hinzmann
    n all the talk about brand in business and marketing today, there is a distinct lack of discussion about one of the most powerful drivers of brand: Design. more
  • by Jeff Doemland
    What makes a company great? Truly great? What makes for a company that acts like a great leader? more
  • by Tom Barnes
    The question raises ire in all but the most sanguine marketer. more
  • by Mitch McCasland
    Too often, Mitch feels shame for the web. It saddens him that an article can still be written today on how the misuse of the web can risk damaging brand equity. Yet, here it is. more
  • by Hank Stroll, Tamara Halbritter
    Stability is a vital component of a healthy company. Here's how to communicate this to your marketplace in a powerful way. more
  • by Hank Stroll, Tamara Halbritter
    Here's how to become your customers’ trusted information source for the daily business problems they face. Part three of a continuing series. more
  • by Sean D'Souza
    Santa Claus Inc. is well and profitable, right through recessions, depressions and just about any economic scenario. The reason why his marketing works better than yours is because he uses solid, dyed-in-the-wool psychology. more
  • by Jeff Kaumeyer
    An article a few weeks ago claimed that money spent by B2B marketers on branding is wasted because business customers know a great deal about supplier products and companies. Au contraire. more
  • by David M. Klein
    Have you ever seen little kids playing organized youth soccer? Without fail, they swarm like bees to wherever the ball is--sideline to sideline, end to end. Some companies market this way and others aren't sure of their position in the market, or are constantly changing it, or believe their position ... more
  • by Michael Fischler
    Are you a B2B company, putting (or considering putting) significant effort and significant resources into developing a coherent brand for your product? Researching the marketplace and analyzing competing brands? Establishing strategy sessions to review and select the best brand identity? If you are, you're probably wasting a lot of time ... more
  • by Sean D'Souza
    Have you mistakenly trained your branding to fall over and play dead? Do you know how to use psychology to create branding that lights up with the voltage of a thousand neon bulbs? And can you play Scrooge with your budget, yet get huge branding mileage? And if so, how? more
  • by Mitch McCasland
    Many brands see advertising as an effort to draw attention to themselves and away from competitors. But the approach that builds relationships most requires that brands listen, too. If advertising is the talking part of this dialog, then brand research and testing is the listening part of the conversation. more
  • by Harry Hoover
    Companies spend millions of dollars each year developing mission and vision statements, identifying their brand, and then communicating their brand promise through various media. Well, employees are the primary “media” in the majority of brand contacts. But in most companies, employees don’t understand the brand promise well enough to communicate ... more
  • by Christine Perfetti
    Mitch McCasland is an expert in brand strategy. He has worked with the big guns--Proctor & Gamble, Dr. Pepper/Seven-Up, and Verizon/GTE. Here, he tells how account planning techniques can benefit the way web sites are designed. more
  • by Brent Pickett
    From the Olympic Games, to the London Symphony Orchestra, to local dog shows... there seems to be no limit to what companies can sponsor in an effort to build their brand. The real challenge executives face is to devise sponsorship strategies that are on-target, cost-effective and (most crucial) do the ... more
  • by Tony Bombacino
    Just as you don’t like to be let down or mislead, neither do your customers. Although it may be tempting to make claims of greatness or leadership to stand out in a cluttered marketplace, it will not lead to long-term success and customer loyalty if you can’t deliver. more
  • by Laurel Delaney
    Global branding. Sounds like a “beast” to some, but it’s the buzzword in e-marketing for the new millennium. Can you afford to do what it takes to get your brand established worldwide? You can! more
  • by Cathy Halligan
    Developing the silver-bullet brand strategy in the context of an overall brand architecture strategy is critical. This entails far more than just organizing the brands as individual performers. Like...what? more
  • by Anish V. Koshy
    You can't package it, but you can view it -- albeit in a cluttered marketplace. So how can you brand it? more

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