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Marketing Articles: Search Engine Marketing

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  • Get Fresh! Go Organic!
    According to comScore, Americans conducted 11.5 billion searches in June 2008, 61.5% of those searches using Google. This is living proof, if we still needed it, that marketers should not only be investing in paid search, they should be optimizing their sites to be picked up in unpaid, organic search ... more
  • How to Stop Traffic!
    In a recent Marcom Writer Blog post, Dianna Huff noted that, while going over her Google stats, she realized that one single archived issue of her newsletter was drawing a ton of hits. Rather than pat herself on the back for a job well done, however, she was dismayed, because ... more
  • I Like 'Em Small and Focused
    Numerous studies have shown that when it comes to finding business information online, the big search engines may fail to deliver. Outsell, for example, found a 31.9 percent failure rate among business users when researching topics using the major search engines. That's because, according to Jason Prescott in a MarketingProfs ... more
  • Meltdown Marketing
    Marketing budgets often take a hit during economic downturns. And whether your department experiences a cutback, or you're simply on the hunt for inexpensive ways to increase your reach, Jenni Hilton offers ideas for maximizing your PR dollar in a post at Eternal Thoughts from a Sunshine Mind. Here are ... more
  • The Right Way to Serve Up Links
    Most Web sites have a page with outbound links. In theory, they serve as a resource for your customers, but Shavkat Karimov argues that, in practice, links pages rarely add value. "They just list sites," he says in a post at the Digital Marketing Blog. "That's it. It's a very ... more
  • Treat, Don't Trick, Search Engines
    While good SEO boosts site traffic, not all tactics used these days are above-board. Some, designed to "trick" search engines, are not only bad business: they can get your site banned. And that's no treat. To make sure you're operating with the good guys, it's best to avoid using questionable tactics. ... more
  • Peeling Back the Top Few Layers
    In a recent article at MarketingProfs, Mike Volpe of HubSpot likens search engine optimization to a gigantic onion. There's no end to the number of layers you can peel back in your quest for a higher rank among your target market's search results. But the good news is you don't ... more
  • Google's Smarter Than You Think
    The more you focus on SEO strategy, the more you might begin to think you can outsmart Google. But Dharmesh Shah argues in an article at that gaming the system with sneaky SEO techniques is, in the long run, a losing proposition: "It's safe to assume that if you ... more
  • Build It and They Will Come
    The key to getting your site to the top of a B2B keyword search list isn't just content, says Galen DeYoung: "Proper site architecture is also critical," he insists. So it's not just how you say it that counts in SEO; it's how you build it, too. With that in mind, ... more
  • Go Where the Current Leads
    John McCain got people talking when he aired an ad that compared Barack Obama to style-over-substance celebrities like Paris Hilton; but the conversation really picked up when Hilton shot back with an entertaining rebuttal at the comedic website Funny or Die. Reclined on a chaise lounge—and attired in high heels ... more
  • Has Your Telephone Become Your Sales Prevention System?
    by Todd Miechiels
    Is your company guilty of throwing dollars at campaigns to increase Web traffic, only to turn around and squander sales opportunities due to poor telephone and email handling? Make sure that your telephone system isn't preventing prospects from reaching out and touching someone at your company. As soon as you finish ... more
  • Direct-to-Consumer PR Reflects Power of Do-It-Yourself
    by Gail Martin
    With the rise of search engines, Wi-Fi, and a Do-It-Yourself mindset, today's consumers are more empowered than ever before. They not only believe that they're entitled to information but also have unprecedented access to information on a global scale. An increasing number of consumers turn first to the Internet when they ... more
  • Go With the New Kids on the Block
    Brandon Leibowitz is a fan of the new kids on the block when it comes to Web directories. He says there are lots of benefits to advertising with unestablished directories. "New directories are a valuable tool for Web sites that need that extra boost in search engine ranking or in ... more
  • Top 5 Legitimate SEO Techniques That Will Help Your Business Get Found
    by Mike Volpe
    It is essential that you make it easy for customers to find you, and one of the most effective ways to do so is search engine optimization, which focuses on getting your Web site listed in the unpaid, organic search engine results. How do you actually get your Web site ranked ... more
  • The Latest SEO Trends and Metrics: What's Hot, What's Not
    by Stephan Spencer
    It takes time and experience to stay on the cutting edge of SEO, and more than likely you don't have that kind of time, considering your other marketing efforts. So here's a quick update on what's hot and what's not in the world of search engine optimization. more
  • The Power of Search Within a Complex Sales Cycle
    by Roxanne Lott
    Now that we know that 85% of B2B customers use the Internet at some point during the buying process, why is it that so many business executives still contend that online marketing "doesn't work" for businesses with enterprise solutions or complex sales cycles? more
  • The Case for Cases
    A Pro Membership at MarketingProfs includes access to case studies that examine a new story of marketing success each week. A recent example—written by Kimberly Smith—looks at Tripmela, a site that aggregates and broadcasts travel bargains to India through a weekly "10 Best Deals" newsletter. In the study's Quick Read ... more
  • Check <i>You</i> Out
    People used to get embarrassed when they admitted googling their own name—or that of their company—because it seemed vain. Today, though, knowing what shows up on the first page of a search engine's results is a critical element in maintaining your image. Because you've got a problem if someone writes ... more
  • by Brian Brown
    Blended search, also known as universal search, is starting to change the way searchers see search results—and consequently, the way search marketers and Web site owners approach search marketing. more
  • by Kim Cornwall Malseed
    More than 90% of journalists go online to find story ideas, with 73% specifically researching press releases. With Really Simple Syndication (RSS) and free automatic email alerts from Google News so readily available, it makes sense that the Web is a prime source of consistently updated information for busy journalists. So ... more
  • Case Study: How a Video Podcast Series Garnered a Top Industry Award and 68,500 views in 12 Months
    by Nettie Hartsock
    Last spring, telecom player Tellabs launched its "Get Schooled" video-podcast series as both a way to communicate with customers as well as showcase the depth and breadth of its offerings. Get Schooled did that and more... generating tens of thousands of views, landing a coveted interview, and garnering an industry ... more
  • Case Study: A Niche E-tailer Sizes Up Glamour... One Customer at a Time, Boosting Sales with a Personalized Web Site Experience
    by Nettie Hartsock
    Five years ago, Sydney's Closet sold only plus-size prom dresses. Since then, however, the company has significantly expanded its lines, and it sought to segment its customers to help deliver content and offers that would be specific to their interests and needs. Here's its approach. more
  • Case Study: How a University Embraced Social Media and Scored Millions in YouTube Views
    by Nettie Hartsock
    How does a university up its visibility with an increasingly wired target market of both students of alumni? By orchestrating a Web 2.0-focused Web site redesign that set the foundation for an ongoing social media campaign. more
  • by Scott Buresh
    Nearly all search engines use spiders (also known as robots, their original name) to go out and scour the Web looking for Web pages. These search engine spiders then bring the data back to be indexed by the engine. Since roughly 1996, individual meta commands have been used on individual Web ... more
  • by Brian Brown
    If you hadn't paid much attention to title tags until now, but you implemented the basic concepts covered in part one of this series, you are already well on your way to creating a better user experience as well as a more-optimized search experience. Of course, most of us aren't satisfied ... more

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