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Marketing Articles: Marketing Strategy

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  • by Christopher Kenton
    If you’re at a loss for how to plan your marketing programs in the current economy, take a clue from nature. In natural systems, chaos and destruction are always followed by rebirth. If you’ve been burned by the recession, now is the time to start planting seeds. Here's five initiatives ... more
  • by Jared M. Spool
    How do you clue your users in to your site's particular benefits? If you offer something that is unique to your organization (and chances are that you do--that's why you're in business), then how do you make the users aware of these benefits? As with life, the secret is in ... more
  • by Jill Konrath
    Most companies have lousy value propositions. They’re weak – often, really weak. Often they’re simply a description of the offering’s features or capabilities. Or they’re filled with self-aggrandizing puffery. more
  • by Michael Fischler
    It’s been 42 years since Theodore Levitt first introduced the term Marketing Myopia, and our marketing eyesight has not improved much. Even today, most companies don't market their product correctly. At the heart of the issue is focus: Marketing should focus not on product, but on the customer. more
  • by Paul DiModica
    It's now time to calculate corporate sales numbers and roll them up to senior management to be reviewed and okayed. But are your IT sales forecasts for 2003 accurate? Is your firm still talking technology when customers are buying value? Take a simple test to measure your risk. more
  • by Sean D'Souza
    Is your marketing pouring some serious money down the drain, because you don’t have the cookie factor? But first--just what the heck is a cookie factor anyway? And how can you apply this simple marketing and psychological principle to rake in some big bucks? more
  • by Matthew Lancellotti
    Products fail. Especially technology-based products. We marketers need to understand how customers deal with product failures, to be sure they are happy and satisfied even when the unthinkable happens. more
  • by Laurel Delaney
    Companies that do well during an economic crisis are proactive, not reactive. They seek out new opportunities and respond quickly to changes in the marketplace. Here are five recession-proof tips to use in your global marketing effort. more
  • by Guy Smith
    In the first half of this two-part series, the author examined what has changed in the realm of technology spending, and studied factors that motivate different companies to buy during depressed economic cycles. In this final installment, find out how to exploit these motivators to pry dollars out of tight ... more
  • by Lee Marc Stein
    E-mail is abused by innocent victims, just as alcohol, drugs and food are. Here's a 12-step program for the electronically afflicted. more
  • by Adam J. Fein
    Supply chains and marketing channels are being redrawn as e-business, consolidation, and integrated supply alter the relationship between manufacturer, distributor and customer. How can manufacturers best leverage their existing industrial channels to grow in this era of uncertainty? more
  • by Dana Blankenhorn
    If you’re looking to advise people in Web commerce today, it’s best to look where money is being made. There is such a niche, a niche that has transformed its industry just as the Web promised it would. That niche is travel. more
  • by Sean D'Souza
    Have you had current or potential customers tune out on you while you're speaking to them? You're giving them this outstanding description and its going bing, bong, kazoom over their heads. Want to know why this happens? more
  • by Paul DiModica
    In today's economy, many large technology and professional services firms are failing. Even worse, you hear about two unproductive firms merging together to combine assets into one large unproductive IT firm. What can you do about it? more
  • by Paul DiModica
    Many of us still have annual sales projections that are based on backroom conversations with unsubstantiated forecast logic or rolled forward from last year's commitment to investors, compensation plans that haven't changed in years and sales support departments who are not assigned a sales quota. Does this sound uncomfotably familiar? more
  • by Laurel Delaney
    In today's turbulent global business environment, there is no better time than now to put effective global leadership traits into place. What are those traits? Here are the top 10. more
  • by Guy Smith
    The party is over. The gluttonous technology buyers of the '90s are on strict diets and are not stopping by our candy stores anymore. Selling technology will require nothing less than completely refocusing your marketing efforts and adapting to leaner customer appetites. more
  • by Jim McBurney
    Here's a great summer project: Gather your sales brochures, product bulletins, Web page copy, white papers, news releases, sales presentations, annual and quarterly reports...and so on. How clearly and consistently is a differentiated position expressed? Does it read like fodder from several different companies? Well, it doesn't have to. more
  • by Laurel Delaney
    Global branding. Sounds like a “beast” to some, but it’s the buzzword in e-marketing for the new millennium. Can you afford to do what it takes to get your brand established worldwide? You can! more
  • by Barbara Payne
    Tech companies, listen up: It’s true that your customers care. They care about how you treat them and about what you’re doing to help them. How do you show them YOU care? more
  • by David Frey
    Is a membership program a good fit for your company? Here's a “yes” or “no” membership qualification to see if a program is right for you. more
  • by Sean D'Souza
    Technology rules. Yeah, for about five minutes -- then natural instincts take over. Are you stupid enough to fight Mamma Nature? more
  • by Ford Kanzler
    Although the business climate for many tech companies has changed with the current downturn, Comdex exhibitors persist in spending like drunken sailors. Is exhibting at Comdex -- or any huge tradeshow -- the best use of your dollars? more
  • by Ron Maggiore
    It is no secret that selling is matter the platform. Consider that when a website is the first contact a potential customer has with a business, the challenges to selling online might be new, but the rules are quite old. more
  • by Paul DiModica
    o sell more IT and services efficiently and effectively, you need to value your time more than the prospect does. more

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