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Marketing Articles: Customer Behavior

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  • Time to Yelp!
    Following its 2005 debut, Yelp became the Zagat for a new school of tastemakers. "Yelpers" review everything—bars, boutiques, dot-coms, universities—with humor, anecdotes and flair. Yelp boasted 3.3 million users in March. For marketers targeting young adults, it's got major sex appeal: Yelp reviews are trusted by spendy twenty-somethings, and many ... more
  • So Many Paths to My Heart
    More than 50 years of consumer research suggests that when dealing with product types that consumers really care about, there are at least 5 ways marketers can encourage customers to develop favorable attitudes toward their specific products. Whether you appeal to their imaginations, their values, their feelings, their analytical minds, ... more
  • Case Study: The Attraction Advantage—How Mexican Mangos Ripened Sales 13% in Four Months
    by Jenny Schade
    It's a marketer's dream. Customers are so passionate about your product they actually crave it. In fact, outside of the US, your product is the number-one consumed fruit. However, here's where the dream hits reality. You're in the US, where two-thirds of US consumers have never tasted a mango. You've been ... more
  • We're Still Married to the Past
    "It is a sociological fact that when times are tough, people turn to the past—to what they know—for comfort," writes Patrick Byers in a post at the Responsible Marketing blog. "So, it should come as no surprise that recent advertising is taking us away from the present and into our ... more
  • Does It Come in a, You Know, Box?
    In post at the Neuromarketing blog, Roger Dooley says, "U.S. consumers have been conditioned to believe that proper wine comes in a 750ml glass bottle with a natural cork. Artificial corks and screw cap closures are suspect, to say the least. And box wines are traditionally suited only for penniless ... more
  • You Lookin' at Me?
    We know that consumers' choices in retail stores are affected by what they see on the shelves or racks. But now come reports that their choices are also affected by how they are seen themselves. In other words, shoppers behave differently in the presence of other people. We all know ... more
  • Hello? Is There Anybody Out There?
    There's almost nothing more frustrating than receiving a business email that says, "Please do not reply to this message as replies to this email address are not read," but offers no other options for those who want to respond. "If it's important enough for you to send to me," says Seth ... more
  • I'm Rubber, You're Glue
    Imagine you're Alissa Bayer—owner of the upscale milk + honey day spa in Austin, Texas—and a client has directed you to the Church of the Customer Blog, where a post by Jackie Huba takes your business to task for selling gift certificates with a $1.50 "handling fee." You scan through ... more
  • What You Can Learn From Starbucks' Mistakes
    Comedians used to make jokes about cities with a Starbucks on every corner. It seemed ridiculous at first, but we've gotten so used to their ubiquity that the closure of 600 stores came as a surprise to many customers. And in a post at Harvard Business Online, John Quelch argues ... more
  • Who Says You're So Hot?
    Marketers may try to distinguish their products from those of their competitors by engaging in comparative advertising. (X Detergent cleans 25% more loads than the leading brand!) But be careful when you pull out those comparisons: make sure you don't denigrate your competitor. Research is showing that consumers become quite sensitive ... more
  • How to Avoid TMI in Email: When Less Is More
    by Josh Nason
    It starts simply. You're setting up fields for your email signup form and instead of grabbing just the basics for information, you start to wander: What if I got all the information I want up front? So then it begins: name, address, home number, work number, mobile number, bag phone ... more
  • Incentives: 5 Cardinal Rules, 10 Great Ideas
    by Kristin Zhivago
    When the economy gets tight, customers can take forever to reach a buying decision. So, managers think up incentives that will encourage the customer to buy. Whatever lure you use should inspire the prospective customer to edge a little closer to a purchase, which is sometimes easier said than done. more
  • Video Games: Not Just for Kids
    Anyone who has witnessed a Wii bowling tournament at a senior center knows it: video games are not just for kids anymore. They are big business. And they are early indicators of tomorrow's interactive media products and services. When the first big video game success, Pong, was invented 35 years ... more
  • i  can   sell   just   like   you
    For customers, web-based shopping can be lonely and impersonal—not like shopping in stores, where they can chat with salespeople, tell them more about what they're looking for, and get advice and assistance. Enter the avatar—an animated "person" who can be used as a selling agent online. More and more web-based ... more
  • The Power of Free
    If there's one thing your customers can't resist, it's the idea of getting something for free. Those who want some proof need look no further than an article written by Alina Tugend for the New York Times, in which she discusses the results of a study headed by Dan Ariely, ... more
  • Case Study: How a CEO Uses Twitter to Convey the 'Sole' of His Company
    by Nettie Hartsock
    While others are still hashing out whether their CEO should be Twittering, blogging, or Plurking, Zappos Tony Hsieh has been using Twitter for over a year. Here, he reveals what he gets out of micro-blogging, and why he thinks it's important for his company and others to embrace social media ... more
  • Please Stand By  ... Our Agents Are Currently Helping Other Customers
    If you've ever called the 800-number for a telecommunications company, you know the rigmarole. You sit through minute after excruciating minute of easy-listening music, interrupted periodically by a recorded message affirming the importance of your call. You enter your phone number when prompted, but know it's a pointless exercise because ... more
  • by Louis Chatoff
    Recipients of unwanted email messages have found a new way to unsubscribe from lists: Hit the Spam button. Major Internet service providers are now (or will soon be) using feedback loops to communicate complaints back to the message sender. What does this mean to email marketers? It means they need to ... more
  • by Glenn Gabe
    This is a tale of flimflam and a unique way that Boar's Head is battling it. Given the power of word-of-mouth, it's hard to overlook the potential of how Boar's Head is empowering its customer base. (And see how you can, too.) more
  • by Gary Levitt, Rob Lubow
    The modern email inbox is a perpetual promotion machine of colors, styles, and sales pitches all fighting to be seen. In an attempt to break from the herd, many email marketers ironically adopt a herd mentality of more clutter, more content, more, more, more. This misguided pursuit of increased visibility merely ... more
  • by Ted Mininni
    As marketing managers seek to keep their brands fresh and relevant, many are tempted to jump on the latest trends and fads. You know: online and major media advertising with new imagery... new slogans and taglines... new product packaging... all playing to the latest pop-cult phenomena, hot colors, and new ... more
  • Case Study: A Niche E-tailer Sizes Up Glamour... One Customer at a Time, Boosting Sales with a Personalized Web Site Experience
    by Nettie Hartsock
    Five years ago, Sydney's Closet sold only plus-size prom dresses. Since then, however, the company has significantly expanded its lines, and it sought to segment its customers to help deliver content and offers that would be specific to their interests and needs. Here's its approach. more
  • Case Study: How a Consumer Electronics Company Leveraged the Power of Community to Uncover Market Preferences and Build Excitement for a New Product Line
    by Kimberly Smith
    When it chose to enter the saturated inkjet market 20 years late, Eastman Kodak had a few surprises up its sleeve. Still, the company found it also needed a little marketing ingenuity if it was to gain market share. more
  • by Gail Martin
    Today's diverse consumers are looking for more than just talk. They want companies to be an authentic part of their niche community. They are savvy and skeptical. They are watching to see how sincere you are in including them—as employees, senior managers, board members, media partners, vendors, and so on... more
  • Case Study: How a University Embraced Social Media and Scored Millions in YouTube Views
    by Nettie Hartsock
    How does a university up its visibility with an increasingly wired target market of both students of alumni? By orchestrating a Web 2.0-focused Web site redesign that set the foundation for an ongoing social media campaign. more

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