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  • Marketing Smarts Podcast: Are You the Problem?
    by Matthew Grant
    Why is it that so many books, supposedly about marketing and business, seem more focused on self-actualization and personal empowerment? Author Julien Smith answers that question in this week's Marketing Smarts podcast. more
  • Three Tips for Effective Feedback-Loop Management
    "If you are a large-volume sender of email, you should be signed up for all the feedback loops that are available," writes Tom Sather in an article at MarketingProfs. "Why? Because feedback loops are a great way to … increase customer satisfaction, and reduce sender questions and end-user complaints." While ... more
  • Top Shopping Tools: Web Browsers, Smartphones, and Facebook
    Among the various digital shopping channels available to consumers today, when discovering new products, most online shoppers prefer to use websites via PC or laptop or browser-based mobile sites via smartphone rather than mobile apps, according to a new study by Zmags. more
  • Don't Let Doubt Kill Your Big Idea
    It happens to any innovator: As you develop a big idea, doubt inevitably sets in. "If you are doing something that hasn't been done before, careful analysis will by definition highlight reasons to not proceed," writes Scott Anthony at Harvard Business Review. "Market demand can't be validated. Experts dismiss technological ... more
  • Integrating Social Media Still Challenges Marketers
    Although most US companies use social networks—66% have a Facebook page, 51% have a Twitter account, and 44% have a LinkedIn page—only 16% say their social marketing efforts are fully integrated across the organization, according to a study by InSites Consulting. more
  • Three Ways to Enhance SEO With Twitter
    "While Google has ended its Realtime Search deal with Twitter, search engines are still using social media sites for ranking purposes," says Jillian Stira at the Scholes Marketing blog. And Twitter remains a critical part of your search strategy, she notes: "Twitter has pulled ahead of many other social media platforms, ... more
  • Top Social Networking Trends and Need-to-Knows
    Social networking was the most popular online content category in the world as of October 2011, accounting for 19% of all time spent online, or one out of every five minutes, according to a whitepaper by comScore. more
  • Maximizing Your Brand Presence on Google+
    Recently, Google+ granted companies the ability to launch brand pages. Its stated goal in doing so was to help users build relationships with any company they "care about." As Google's SVP-Engineering Vic Gundotra describes it, "behind every page (or storefront, or four-door sedan) is a passionate group of individuals, and ... more
  • Top 5 Crowdsourcing Pitfalls That Can Sink You [Slide Show]
    by Wil Merritt
    Crowdsourcing can be a great way to generate creative for your campaign, allowing your brand advocates to "own" a piece of your messaging. But watch out for five common pitfalls—and take these steps to avoid them. more
  • Mobile Email Audiences Up 28%
    Some 89.6 million Americans used their mobile phone to access email for work or personal purposes during the three-month period ended November 2011, up 28% (19.5 million) from the 70.1 million who did so a year earlier, according to comScore Data Mine. more
  • Four Steps to Taming Wild B2B Data
    In this age of massive data collection, a new challenge has emerged for B2B marketing teams: figuring out what to do with all that information. "Organizations might have thousands, or even millions, of contacts from tradeshows, partner events, and old website leads," Michelle Boockoff-Bajdek notes in an article at MarketingProfs. ... more
  • Apple Forecast to Gain Share as Smartphones Surge
    Despite Android's firm grip on the smartphone market, Apple's iOS is expected to reap the benefits of increasing consumer demand in smartphones over the next six months, according to a new report by Yankee Group. more
  • Five Tips for Attaining Editorial Excellence
    People tend to remember the best or the worst, but not so much what's in between those extremes. So, as a marketer, your content should radiate goodness—and not distract with errors and typos. If you can't hire a professional writer, you can still produce content that shines, says Ken Gordon in a ... more
  •  Marketing Smarts Podcast: How Useful Is Your Marketing?
    by Matthew Grant
    We all know that our marketing materials solve our problems. But do they solve other people's problems? I invited Laura Fitton, founder of oneforty, to explore the idea of useful marketing in our latest Marketing Smarts podcast. more
  • The Importance of Relevance: A Cautionary Tale
    "Today I was sad," writes Tara Jacobsen at the Marketing Artfully blog. "I got a message from someone who I like a lot and have been 'friends' with on the Internet for a while." The problem? Unlike the steady stream of relevant content the business friend used to distribute, this ... more
  • Mobile Social Media: Top Apps, Deal Sites, and More
    Social consumers—people who are active on various social networking sites—use mobile devices broadly in their social activities, such as checking in with social networking sites, sharing content, playing games, and finding deals, according to a study by the Pivot Conference. more
  • Overcome the Status Quo Barrier Like Malcolm Gladwell
    "Malcolm Gladwell sold millions of copies of his book The Tipping Point, and he made millions of dollars on the concept he wrote about," writes Tim Reisterer at MarketingProfs. "But, he didn't discover it." That idea, it turns out, belonged to Morton Grodzins. Likewise, it was K. Anders Ericsson—not Gladwell—who ... more
  • Facebook: Where Gen-Y's Personal and Work Lives Converge
    Social networking is blurring the lines between people's personal and professional lives, particularly among younger generations, according to a new study by Millennial Branding. more
  • Four Questions to Ask About an SEO Agency
    Adam Singer has heard his share of unimpressive SEO agency pitches over the years. "When reviewing their plans I'm frequently amused by just how ignorant many are to a truly effective online marketing program," he writes at the Future Buzz blog. So how do you separate those who know what they're doing ... more
  • Tech Paid-Search Spending Exceeds Forecast
    Paid-search spending among high-tech and consumer-electronics advertisers grew 28% in the fourth quarter of 2011 over the same quarter a year earlier, and up 7% over strong spending in 3Q11, according to a report by Covario. more
  • Some Do's and Don'ts of Social Updating
    It's hard to decide what's appropriate for posting on social networks without an etiquette road map—and harder still when you're doing it as a company, not just as yourself. Amalia Agathou of The Next Web understands. To help marketers get the art of social updating right, she has written an article on ... more
  • Five Big Mobile Engagement Mistakes Made at Live Events [Slide Show]
    by Amanda Van Nuys
    One of the best times to use mobile marketing is during a live event. But marketers often make mistakes at events that hinder their success. Here are five mobile engagement blunders to avoid at your next event. more
  • Social Media for Beautiful Things: Pinterest Soars
    Visits to the invitation-only social networking site Pinterest skyrocketed in the second half of 2011, reaching 11.0 million as of December 17, up nearly 40 times the level recorded six months earlier, according to data from Experian Hitwise. more
  • Sales Pipeline Metrics to Help Boost Forecast Accuracy
    Ah, the B2B sales pipeline. That mish-mash of possibilities that can surprise, delight, or infuriate at a moment's notice. Is there really any way to predict the true likelihood of a sale by crunching pipeline data? Thomas Barrieau says yes—if you know what to look for. Writing at the Sales Operations ... more
  • Why Search Marketers Are Grabbing the Long Tail
    Many marketers approach SEO by targeting the keywords in their industries with the largest monthly search volumes, but they often neglect the "long-tail" or low volume keywords, which when combined with multiple keywords can total, or exceed, the volume of the one desirable search term, according to a study by ... more

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