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  • Content Marketing Isn't One-Size-Fits-All
    Different customers shop for products and services in different ways—even when they're looking for the same thing. And that's why your lead-generation efforts should address various buyer personas. "A buyer persona [represents a] distinct group potential customers, an archetypal person whom you want your marketing to reach," writes David Meerman ... more
  • Twitter Use Higher Among Women, Minority Groups
    Some 8% of online adults—or 6% of the US adult population—say they use Twitter, but adoption levels are higher among online African-Americans (18%) and online Latinos (13%), according to a new survey from Pew Research. more
  • Social Media Top Priority for PR in 2011
    More than two-thirds (67%) of senior-level public relations (PR) professionals say their companies are now engaging in social media on some level and 69% say social media will be a top priority for PR in 2011, according to a survey from Vocus. Fully 80% of PR professional say social media ... more
  • Using Twitter to Calm Complaints
    With an article proclaiming "the democracy of fine dining," USA Today recently covered a growing trend of restaurants using Twitter to improve diner experiences and expectations. Among companies like Chipotle and Pei Wei (which have full-time social-media staffers) and Chicago-based Graham Elliott (whose Twitter is run by the MasterChef judge himself) ... more
  • Three Expert Tips for Boosting Your B2B Social-Media Outreach
    You have the website. You have the blog. You're on Facebook. Some of your sales people even tweet. But where's the magic? Frankly, you often feel like your social-media outreach consists of—just going through the motions. Well, take heart: You're not alone. As Ann Handley notes in a recent post ... more
  • Social Media Brand Followers Hunting for Deals
    Six in ten consumers (60%) say they follow at least one brand a social networking site and 40% say when they interact with brands via social media they do so primarily to find coupons and special promotions, according to a survey from Empathica. more
  • Four Ways to Handle Inactive Subscribers
    Every email list is going to have subscribers who sign up and then apparently vanish. "They may have opted in to a specific offer, then disengaged once they obtained the coupon, free content or other benefit you promised," writes Karen Talavera at MarketingProfs. "Or they joined your list while in the ... more
  • E-reader Brand Passion: Kindle Has It in the Bag
    When chatting online, consumers have the most to say about the Apple iPad, but they are more passionate about the Amazon Kindle, according to the NetBase Brand Passion Index, which measures the intensity of consumer passion for brands among users of online communities. more
  • Three Ways to Influence Your Influencers
    "In simplest terms, businesses are no longer in complete control of their products, brands and messages," writes Susan Gunelius at "End-users are now in control." And those end-users are largely influenced by so-called prosumers—brand and product advocates who use blogs, social networks and forums to shape opinions. "To stay competitive ... more
  • Groupon Leading Pack in Social Deal-Making
    Fast-growing Groupon is enjoying prominence in the social deal-making market, accounting for 79% of US Internet traffic to group coupon sites for the week ended November 27, 2010, while second-ranked LivingSocial received just 8%, according to Experian's Hitwise Intelligence. more
  • Two Key Ways to Optimize for Local Searches
    "When you perform a search at Google or Bing, the results are significantly influenced by your physical location, even on queries where you don't specify a location," writes Ray Comstock at Search Engine Watch. "So if you're in New York and you search for [pizza], or [hot tubs] or [DMV], ... more
  • Ad Recovery Picking Up Over Next 3 Years
    Global ad spending is forecast to reach $449.6 billion in 2010—up 4.9% from a year earlier—and continue to grow between 4.6% and 5.2% over the next three years, fueled by digital media and strong ad growth in developing markets, according to projections by ZenithOptimedia. more
  • Organic Search Drives Software-Buying Decisions
    Most high-tech companies understand that SEO is a critical channel for driving new clients, revenue and brand exposure. Organic search results are used widely by software buyers to find and evaluate products. New research from iProspect finds that organic search, more than paid search and online display advertising, offers the ... more
  • Mobile Email Opens Peak in Afternoons, on Weekends
    On average, 12% of email subscribers read email messages via mobile device during the standard workday, but that level increases to roughly 19% in early morning, late afternoon, and the weekend, according to a new study by eROI. more
  • What You Can Learn From a Portuguese YouTube Phenom
    Marketing budgets remain tight, and there's more competition than ever in the high-ROI world of social media. So how can you make your mark? In a post at the Influential Marketing blog, Rohit Bhargava tells the story of Ana Free, a Portuguese singer-songwriter who has racked up 20 million views ... more
  • B2B Social Media: How Cisco Gets It Right Worldwide
    "The networking company Cisco Systems is celebrating 25 years," writes Meryl K. Evans in a post at the B2B Social Media Digest. "Can you believe the company didn't exist before 1984?" True, it's hard to imagine a pre-Cisco world. Evans argues that the company's smart use of social media plays ... more
  • Cyber Monday Surpasses $1B in Record US Spending
    Retail e-commerce spending for the first 29 days of the November-December 2010 holiday season reached $13.55 billion, up 13% from the corresponding days in 2009, as Cyber Monday recorded $1.028 billion in online spending, up 16% from a year earlier, and the heaviest online spending day in history, according to ... more
  • Why Your Customers Might Want You to Just Shut Up
    Quick quiz: Have you ever walked into an airport, noticed that there is nobody in line at the check-in counter and still made a bee-line for the self-service kiosk? Better yet, have you ever waited in line for an ATM machine even though there was no one in line for ... more
  • Four Smart Ways to Trigger ROI
    According to Molly Niendorf, some marketers worry that triggered email will look inauthentic to recipients. "Sure, automatic emails have been around long enough that recipients know you're not perched at your computer, hitting the send button just as soon as they sign up or click a link," she writes at ... more
  • Marketers Neglecting Demand Chain Performance
    As marketers focus on creative development and campaign execution, they often overlook the operational aspects of their go-to-market processes, resulting in the inefficient delivery of marketing materials to intended audiences and, ultimately, weaker frontline performance, according to a study by the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council. more
  • Three Errors That Lead to Bad Survey Questions
    If you want solid information, you should take great care when writing survey questions. "Leading and misleading questions always yield questionable data, based on which you are highly likely to report findings that can misguide stakeholders," writes Carrey V. Azzara at MarketingProfs. "Moreover, decisions they make based on such data ... more
  • Five Reasons Your Advertising Shouldn't Lead With Price
    Especially in this economy, small businesses are tripping over themselves to tell customers about their low, low prices. But in an article at MarketingProfs, Dan Hill argues strenuously against price-leading campaigns and gives reasons like these: It is not a sustainable long-term strategy. "One of the key advantages of a sale ... more
  • Forrester: Tech-Savvy Workers More Upbeat About Employers
    Employees who use technologies at work such as smartphones, social media, and the Internet after hours tend to be stronger advocates for their employers, and those who use social media are among the most positive promoters of their companies' products and services, according to a report by Forrester Research. more
  • Three Basic SEO Tips to Boost Website Visibility
    So, you want to improve your online visibility, but you're not an SEO expert. Never fear. C.B. Whittemore from the Simple Marketing blog has a basic SEO primer for you. As a "fierce practical" marketer, Whittemore seeks to understand how applying SEO to an array of digital content—website, blog, press releases, a ... more
  • Four Things You Must Know About Your Prospects
    In a post at his eponymous blog, Tom Trush tells the story of a client who asked for help after a direct-mail lead-generation campaign failed to yield a single response. His prospects, insisted the exasperated client, were different. "Every time I hear this claim my ear drums rattle," says Trush. ... more

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