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  • Email Open Rates Down, Click Rates Flat
    Email open rates fell to 17% on average in 2010, down 9 percentage points from 26% in 2009, , according to a report by Harte-Hanks. The pharmaceutical and government sectors recorded the highest open rates during the year, whereas the tech sector recorded the lowest. more
  • Why Quora Matters
    "Love it or hate it," writes Niel Robertson at MarketingProfs, "Quora is a phenomenon that can't be ignored." The social media site defines itself as a continually improving collection of questions and answers created, edited and organized by everyone who uses it—and Robertson argues that the zeitgeist of its principles ... more
  • Facebook Top Social Site for Retail Info, Promos
    More online consumers are using Facebook on a regular basis to find information about their favorite retail brands, whereas fewer consumers are turning to blogs, forums, and consumer review sites than they were a year ago, according to a new survey from Compete. Twitter is less popular than Facebook for ... more
  • Four Ways to Boost SEO Results With Social Media
    SEO experts have spent the last decade preaching a gospel of optimized page-level elements and inbound links. "Those things are still important today," Jonathan Lawoyin writes in an article at MarketingProfs, "but getting real SEO results these days requires not only a technically optimized website and relevant inbound links but ... more
  • Social Media Venture Funding Surging
    Venture capital (VC) funding of social media companies reached $2.23 billion in the second quarter of 2011, roughly 3.5 times the $643 million raised by social media companies one year earlier, according to a report by Wedbush Securities. Group-buying companies received the largest outlays during the quarter, led by LivingSocial, ... more
  • Six Tips for Presenting a Social Media Strategy to the C-Suite
    If you are rockin' the social sphere, at some point you may have to present your work to some higher-ups. No pressure. Just remember this: Your presentation could mean the difference between enterprise adoption of a great new social media strategy—or the relegation of social to the broom closet. (Just ... more
  • How to Improve the SEO Value of Your Twitter Account [Slide Show]
    by Daniel Rosenhaus
    We have known for some time now that Google and Bing use Twitter as a ranking factor, so it'll pay to improve the SEO value of your Twitter account and tweets. Here are seven steps to get you started. more
  • iPhone, iPad Users Most Likely to Click on Mobile Ads
    Mobile ads served to Apple's iOS deliver higher click-through rate (CTR) than those served to other smartphone operating systems, outperforming ads served to Google Android phones by more than 2.5 times, according to a study by MediaMind. Timing also plays a role, with overall mobile ad performance reaching its peak ... more
  • Three Steps to Choosing the Right Marketing Automation Platform
    Marketing automation systems—and the solutions they promise—can hold a magnetic appeal for B2B marketers. As Liz McLellan describes it at the BtoBlog, "We were going to have fewer but more meaningful touch points with prospects and send only highly qualified leads to sales. It sounded great. I was ready!" But the ... more
  • Smartphones Now Majority of New Cellphone Purchases
    More than one-half (55%) of US consumers who purchased a new handset in the three-month period ended May 2011 bought a smartphone instead of a feature phone, up from the 34% who did so during the same period one year earlier, according to a survey from Nielsen. more
  • How to Make the 'Nudge Effect' Work for You
    "You may be frustrated with unopened emails and low clickthroughs, but be reassured that even if your subscribers don't open your email, its presence in their inbox leads to a tangible impact on brand awareness and sales via online and other channels," writes Dela Quist in a classic issue of ... more
  • B2B Brands Tap (Social) Content Marketing for Lead Generation
    With lead acquisition the top goal of today’s B2B companies, marketers are prioritizing investments in social media and digital content marketing in 2011, according to a survey from Focus. Meanwhile, client understanding and customer retention are top goals for B2C brands with marketers emphasizing social media, digital content, and email ... more
  • How to Sift Through Unintentional Lies
    When you ask for feedback on a proposed innovation, writes Scott Anthony at Harvard Business Online, sit back and brace yourself for one lie after another from your stakeholders. They aren't malicious lies, but that's what makes them so dangerous—the liars think they're telling the truth. According to Anthony, innovators ... more
  • Online Video Viewing Surges, but Ad Receptivity Varies
    Online video viewing continues to grow—particularly such categories as full-length movies and TV shows—according to a study by Yahoo Insights: 57% of users now watch online video on any given day, up 14 percentage points from the 43% who did so in 2009. more
  • Your 12-Point Skeleton for Social Strategy Preparation
    Channel V Media has produced a snappy little e-book for companies mapping a social media plan. It's more than just hierarchy and bureaucracy that are making it difficult for marketers to roll out social media programs, Channel V says: "It's that they have to reorganize and learn new skills in ... more
  • How to Build Facebook Friends and Fans for Your Small Business
    by Tim Reeve
    [Slide Show] Though it's great to have tons of Facebook friends, those friends are worthless if they aren't engaged. Here are six ways to attract and retain Facebook friends who actually care about what your company is up to. more
  • Email and Facebook Messages Trigger Buying via Smartphone
    More than one-half (56%) of US consumers who have made at least one purchase using their smartphone have done so in response to a marketing message delivered via mobile email, according to a survey from ExactTarget. more
  • Three Ways to Improve Your Online Forms
    "Finding a balance between gathering relevant information from your leads and not sacrificing your conversion rate can be difficult," writes Billy MacDonald at the HubSpot blog. "You want to generate as many leads as possible while hooking your sales team up with information that will help them establish connections, build ... more
  • More Brands Using Social Networking to Win New Business
    More brands are using social networking to win new business: 43% of US companies say they are successfully using social networks to find new customers, up 8 percentage points from the 35% that reported doing so a year earlier, according to a survey from Regus. more
  • What Does Opt-In Really Mean?
    The debate between opt-in and opt-out email marketing strategies isn't simply about one choice or another. The reason? Any two marketers might have strikingly different definitions of opt-in. "[N]ot all opt-ins are created equal," writes Maria Pergolino at Marketo. "In fact, it's quite the opposite." What one marketer considers strong ... more
  • Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter Hit New Audience Highs
    Facebook, the fourth largest Web property in the US, attracted some 157.2 million visitors in May 2011, an all-time high and a gain of 3.2 million visitors over the previous month, according to data from comScore Media Metrix. more
  • Three Ways to Spill Your Company's Secrets—and Win
    In a post at the Influential Marketing Blog, Rohit Bhargava challenges the assumption that corporate secrets give you a competitive advantage. "The … problem with this line of thinking is that it may be limiting your small business because in your desire to protect how you [sic] company works under ... more
  • 'iParents' More Active on Facebook, Twitter
    "iParents," or parents who own iPhones, are more active than other parents on Facebook and are more likely to use the site to help with day-to-day parenting—such as learning about their kids' social relationships—according to a study by Retrevo. more
  • How Identifying Negative Keywords Can Lower Costs and Boost Results
    "Negative keywords can … refine your keyword list and filter out unwanted traffic for your paid-search campaigns," writes Jill Solomon in an article at MarketingProfs. "Excluding specific words or phrases that aren't relevant to your product or service can help you reach your ideal prospects, reduce your cost per click ... more
  • Daily Deals Attract New Customers, Re-engage the Inactive
    Daily-deal offers may be an effective way to attract new customers and re-engage inactive ones, according to a new study by Foresee Results: Among surveyed consumers who had redeemed a daily-deal offer in the previous 90 days, nearly one-third (31%) said they were new customers and more than one-quarter (27%) ... more

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