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  • by Lewis Green
    Social media is becoming a "wow" strategy and blogs a good tactic to meet some client's needs. In addition to connecting us to a variety of communities that offer various topics, ideas, and potential friendships, its best advantages to us and our clients, I think, are the sharing opportunities. We ... more
  • by Jim Kukral
    We marketers need to start taking responsibility for everyone else's actions. Went into bankruptcy? It must be our fault. Your husband cheated? A marketer must have made him do it. Your kid is fat? Nope, it's not your fault, dear parent. A marketer force fed her that happy meal twice ... more
  • by Andrea Learned
    Though I am not big on televison today, I did take the time to about a new show, Ugly , last summer. Back then, my discussion (generated by an email exchange with Stephanie ) focused on the cultural differences (Latin humor) related to what seemed like an overly "mean" approach ... more
  • by Harry Joiner
    As a #3300ff;" marketing , this week I had the pleasure of coaching a candidate on an up coming Director of Ecommerce job interview in Dallas.  When it comes to interviewing, I am a firm believer in two Every candidacy needs a "central selling theme" Attitude is When I say ... more
  • by Eric Frenchman
    A typical day in the life of the Frenchman family in Long Valley, This morning my son wakes up early to boot up my old PC in my office. Why? He now knows how to use a PC, fire up Internet Explorer (I know I have to get him on ... more
  • by Elaine Fogel
    American is just plain smart. Today, they launched a new initiative to cardmembers called The Members - capitalizing on the popularity of reality TV shows like American . And the winner gets..... up to $5 million big I have a bias towards American Express. They were the only credit card ... more
  • by Paul Barsch
    The fourth , pricing, strikes again at the ballpark. The Los Angeles , according to a recent article, are trying a different tack in selling the worst seats in the stadium–giving away free food. Tickets in the boonies that once cost $6-8 dollars now sell for $40 or more, however ... more
  • by Andrea Learned
    If you've been monitoring what women look for in a brand, you've long since addressed their interest in your corporation's social responsibility. If you've been a bit slow on the draw, however, the word is now out. Today's college students are judging both possible future employers and the brands they ... more
  • by Ted Mininni
    The privately held, Rochester, New York-based supermarket chain has always been the envy of most food retailers. A highly successful operation, the Wegman family has been approached countless times to sell out to larger chains. They have steadfastly refused, preferring to operate their 70 store chain, mostly in New York, ... more
  • by Jim Kukral
    Recently I examined the top 25 marketing on the web, as stated by The Viral The results were interesting to say the least. Specifically, there's one stat that I wanted to focus on, and that was that only 8 out of the 25 marketing blogs chose to include ads on ... more
  • by Elaine Fogel
    It seems that universities are on a different planet when it comes to keeping up with Web site design and development. I've been doing research for a client project and what a shock! Microsite, upon microsite - it takes a GPS system to navigate through Whether your kids are reaching ... more
  • by Stephen Denny
    Dear Moving product is easy. Moving knowledge, as we've recently discussed, is We spend a considerable amount of time on branding, positioning, messaging architecture, and the outbound side of our desired self-image. Problems occur when our people can't answer the third or fourth question about "why" we feel the way ... more
  • by BL Ochman
    A year ago, with sales dwindling and its stock in the toilet, (where it ), started a customer-focused The blog got off to a rocky start since it shared a URL with a site, and it initially refused to talk about the in the room - Dell Has Dell's reputation ... more
  • by Jim Kukral
    What makes a marketer a great marketer? Here's what I mean. In order to truly be great at something, you need to have the one, most important skill or trait that you must have to excel. For example, a great track runner needs to be really fast, or a great ... more
  • by Gerry McGovern
    The following are the steps involved in professionally managing 1. Identify the top 200-400 search terms on your website. These top 200-400 terms will usually represent a very significant percentage of search 2. Identify the correct search result for each of these search 3. Test each of ... more
  • by Lewis Green
    Most of us learned in Business 101 or during on-the-job training that businesses have to build market trust and credibility in themselves as well as their products and services. If we succeed in doing so, business grows. If we fail to do so, business doesn't grow or at best grows ... more
  • by Ann Handley
    When's the last time you read a poem inspired by marketing? Perhaps... Innocent When doctors puffed their cigarettes and Advanced unchecked, invading hordes of When cheap thermometer and Leaked jets of mercury like poison When every shoe store's miracle Displayed the bones x-rayed inside your When like a knight in ... more
  • by Andrea Learned
    Whether and how a brand supports a cause is becoming an increasingly relevant crossroad on a consumer's buying path. Still, this remains an oft-neglected consideration -- perhaps partially because it is difficult to measure immediate and that, in turn, can make it a hard sell for executives focused on the ... more
  • by Drew McLellan
    I have never once had a client come to me and say, "My doctor thinks I sprained my ankle, what do you think?" Good thing, I'm not a medical So it puzzles me when a client will say, "I showed the draft of the brochure (fill in your own blank ... more
  • by Lewis Green
    Wouldn't it be cool With that question leading the way, 18-year-old Ben Kaufman founded , named for his two dogs, in 2005. The To create a "funky product development firm based around good people and great ideas." Today, Mophie products are in 28 countries worldwide, at Apple specialist stores, and ... more
  • by Ted Mininni
    Who doesn't hate it when the office copier goes down? Everybody scurries away from it, yelling for the closest administrative assistant's help as they go. After all, who on earth knows how to fix these things? And who has time to figure it Opening the side panel shows a diagram ... more
  • by Ann Handley
    How do you create a great logo? Here are 3 excellent * Design in black and Color can mask a design's * Shape and style matter more than Most successful logos are sufficiently versatile to make a statement, whether on the side of a bus, on a business card or ... more
  • by Lewis Green
    Before we get too excited about Web 2.0 and social media, here's a little reality check that may get us bloggers thinking about the importance of our blogs or at least about whether businesses should embrace Web At the end of the day, the smart business relies on cost analysis ... more
  • by Laurel Delaney
    Many of us have read Thomas Friedman's The World Is , and now comes a new by Ronald Aronica and Mtetwa Ramdoo who put air -- not sure hot or cold -- into Friedman's flat After reading their let me ask you Do you think Friedman's vision of the globalized ... more
  • by Lewis Green
    Word of Mouth . Brand . . These are not just words and phrases. These are tactics that might make the difference in your business growing or dying. Each depends on the same link for people. We sometimes call them Like customers, we need to know what those influencers look ... more

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