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  • by Ted Mininni
    Apparently, this is a brave new world, that is, we're boldly going where no man has gone before. more
  • by BL Ochman
    Tech billionaire Mark , whose forthright communication makes him one of my heroes, has turned off comments on his He that "they have devolved to the point where they add no value." I hope he won't take offense that I am taking one of his quotes out of context, but ... more
  • by Ted Mininni
    We can't forget that making human connections is what our work as marketers all boils down to. It's really as simple as that. All of the marketing jargon in the world, every marketing theory and concept really comes down to our ability–or inability--to connect on a meaningful, human level. more
  • by Eric Ward
    "Link Bait." Man I hate that term. Like your site's users are nothing more than fish to be hooked. Dangle a tasty little piece of content, any content, and BAM, got another If you haven't heard the term yet, you may be shocked to see over 20,000 references to Link ... more
  • by Joseph Jaffe
    Mini-epiphany time. Last week I was sitting on a call with Aldo Castaneda and " Eric discussing Digital amongst other I brought up the idea of "Abundance" (Hat Tip to Sanford Streim for pointing me to Musings of a VC in ") as a primary differentiator between the "offline" and ... more
  • by Ted Mininni
    Apparently, this whole idea of "talk track", attempts to relate the amount of "talk share" to growth in "market share". Interesting concept. more
  • by Karl Long
    Ok, I've been biting my tongue about the world cup and the advertising dollars that seem to be getting flushed down the drain (Budweiser? Sponsoring the World Cup? In Vonage? Yeah, that makes a lot of Then I see this headline "World Cup Ratings Up Over U.S. TV broadcasts of ... more
  • by Tris Hussey
    Gee, heard any news on the blogosphere this weekend? No? Really? Well, here's the two-cent Uber-blogger Robert Scoble was offered, and accepted, a VP position at start-up , leaving Microsoft after about three Here's the thing that you, as a marketer, to learn from this. The rumours started Saturday . ... more
  • by Suzanne Lowe
    Who can help being mesmerized by live digital images of eaglets being hatched and nurtured right in their own Not to mention images that record real-time dramatic events like the largest chick killing its youngest sibling in order to get more food and protection from Mommy and Daddy This is ... more
  • by David Armano
    What kind of first impression does your blog make? And do design + usability I'm going to answer the question I just posed. Design and usability Why am I so confident about this answer? Because in addition to common sense, communications design has been my world for close to 14 ... more
  • by Karl Long
    One of the often-overlooked parts of the Customer Lifecycle is the point at which a customer opens the This is referred to by industrial and product designers as the OOBE or the Out Of Box Experience. There are a couple of notable companies that give good OOBE, Apple being , ... more
  • by Karl Long
    It's funny, but even though Web 2.0 is argued by many to be meaningless , designed to extract money from really has come to encompass several hard to understand concepts. Ideas like Ajax, tagging, mashups...all the technologies that make Web sites seem more expressive, interconnected, and social. Web 2.0 ... more
  • by Karl Long
    Is the Web really moving so fast that the recently bold innovative, interactive marketers are now the "traditional" Are they obsessed with based "orgies" for the senses and missing the boat a little on the "new" marketing, the conversational marketing, the blog marketing, the social software, I was listening to ... more
  • by Jim Kukral
    Value. It's such a subjective What you consider valuable, others may not, and vice versa. The only way to really level the playing field is to agree upon a decided definition of the term. Easier said then In this case, , the 800 lb. gorilla of search wants you to ... more
  • by Ted Mininni
    The premise: if our business leaders are expected to become creative thinkers, problem solvers and innovators to keep their companies ahead of ever-intensifying global competition, won't an understanding of design (problem solving) processes serve them well? more
  • by Sara Holoubek
    Last week, my dad sent me a video from "Whoa, who told my dad about YouTube?" I thought. Even if he is not tagging content, let alone uploading his own videos (yet), this is a milestone in my interactive history A few weeks ago I blogged on the of whether ... more
  • by David Armano
    Looking outside of your immediate industry provides both insight and I recently attended IIT's Strategy '06 . Big deal right? We all go to conferences. What's different is that it's not really a conference about marketing. The audience of Strategy '06 is mainly composed of product designers, creative problem solvers, ... more
  • by Lee MarcStein
    Gravy isn't good for your arteries, but it is good for direct marketing efforts. It bubbles up naturally from your "cooking." more
  • by Ann Handley
    Why don't more women comment more on In the seven weeks since we launched the MarketingProfs Daily , I've been reading a lot more blogs more closely. I've noticed an overwhelming number of male "commenters," but far fewer female commenters. Evidence purely anecdotal, and from a single Just for kicks, ... more
  • by Gerry McGovern
    Do you base success on measuring the volume of visitors and page Such measures may in fact reflect the failure--rather than the success--of your Web I recently was looking to rent a recreation vehicle to drive down Route 66 in the United States this summer. A friend recommended Cruise , ... more
  • by Eric Ward
    I received an RFP from a company that ought to know better that wanted to know how much I'd get their site 500 one-way Pagerank 2 or better links. Another company wanted to know how long it would take me to seed 1,000 blogs with a link to their ... more
  • by Mack Collier
    New Line Cinemas has gone from a position any studio would love to be in, to being on the verge of one that every studio And they've done so in about a month's Just a few weeks ago, Snakes on a , the August release from New Line starring Samuel ... more
  • by Eric Frenchman
    In Saturday's Wall Street Journal, there was an article called the Kos . It is about Ned Lamont trying to get into the Connecticut Democratic challenge seating Senator Joe Lieberman. Now, I'm not going to try and politicize this article because most of the Kos Celeb article has to ... more
  • by William Arruda
    I just finished a speaking gig in Paris for Garnier Fructis. My presentation was all about the role of color in Garnier uses a highly differentiated color (pms 375c) for the Fructis product line to stand out from the competition. And it really does stand out. The next time you ... more
  • by Ann Handley
    In this age of Web 2.0, what better way to stand out than to forego the job-search sites completely and pound the virtual pavement My friend Chris Clarke, who writes at , landed himself a tasty position at the Ontario office of Thornley Fallis Communications almost single-handedly through his blog ... more

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