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  • Benchmark Report: Marketing ROI (Year 1)
    In a 2005 survey, the first in an annual series, Jim Lenskold found that only 1 in 5 respondents was actually using ROI measures for marketing efforts -- 99% of those respondents indicate increased profitability due to the use of ROI. See this and subsequent reports for a full picture of the evolution of marketing ROI.
  • Managing Your Marketing Career
    Not only does your job require you to keep up with the new trends and strategies of the day, so does your career. This guide, with advice from some of our top career specialists, will help you identify you're strengths and weaknesses (sound familiar?), your true soulmate of a job and the best strategies for landing it. Even if you already think that you've got the career thing under control, this guide will give you new ideas and the tools to get to where you want to go, and beyond!
  • Branding and Brand Equity
    There isn't a single marketing topic that has dominated the last decade of the field of marketing than Branding. And, although it's certain you have at the very least put your toe in the water of the great Branding Lake, you will get nothing but good advice, confirmation of your strategies and tactics, and probably even some new ideas from this Marketing Guide.
  • Sales & Marketing Alignment - Apr. 2005
    Need a little help getting your marketing efforts in sync with your sales efforts? Look no further. A 2005 study of MarketingProfs members worldwide found that companies that successfully aligned sales with marketing perform better in many sales measures than their “unaligned” competition. Aligned companies enjoyed 5.4% faster growth, 38% more proposals closed, 36% fewer customers lost, and 40% more new business coming from marketing leads than unaligned firms. Read the complete analysis and take advantage of the recommendations from this exhaustive report.
  • Sales and Marketing Alignment
    In January 2005, MathMarketing and MarketingProfs obtained the views of marketing professionals from around the world about the alignment between Sales and Marketing. With 1390 detailed responses from businesses headquartered in 84 countries, we have a solid base of considered opinion. 32% of businesses see the alignment between Sales and Marketing as a ‘top three’ priority for the year ahead. This report has been prepared to shed light on why, and what these businesses are doing about it.
  • Marketing ROI and the Sales Funnel
    In this guide, you will learn how to structure, motivate and measure the marketing and sales functions to maximize profit. Topics include: 1) a high-level self-assessment to determine potential sources of profit leakage; 2) how to map out and improve strategies related to the buying cycle; 3) how to apply marketing ROI principles to create strategies to reduce and recycle leakage from the buying cycle; and 4) how to leverage insight on your key profit drivers and customer-level analysis to improve profitability.

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