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Building and Unleashing Your Personal Brand in the Digital Age

Mark W. Schaefer
Jennifer Kelly
Thu, Mar 30, 2017, 12pm ET
60 minutes
This online marketing seminar received 4.5 star(s)

Where's your career headed? Are you thinking about public speaking or publishing a book? Maybe you want to stand out in your industry to position yourself to attract more customers or a better job? Accomplishing all that requires branding. Personal branding that is.

In this PRO seminar, you'll learn the secrets to professionally standing out based on acclaimed author and speaker Mark Schaefer's new book, KNOWN: The Handbook for Building and Unleashing Your Personal Brand in the Digital Age. You'll learn how to approach your Web presence so you can create the proper authority, reputation, and audience to realize your potential and achieve your goals, whatever they might be.


Mark W. Schaefer is a globally-recognized author, speaker, podcaster, and business consultant who blogs at {grow}óone of the top five marketing blogs of the world. He teaches graduate marketing classes at Rutgers University and has written six best-selling books including The Tao of Twitter (the best-selling book on Twitter in the world) and KNOWN: The Handbook for Building and Unleashing Your Personal Brand in the Digital Age. His clients include Pfizer, Cisco, Dell, Adidas, and the US Air Force.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone looking to grow personally or professionally.

What Will You Learn?

By the end of this seminar, you'll be able to:

  • Explain the proven path to becoming known
  • Identify the benefits of developing your personal brand
  • Build an effective personal brand

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