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What Comes After the ESP for E-Commerce

Eric Keating
Heidi Erdmann
Tue, Jun 19, 2018, 1pm ET
45 minutes

B2C marketers put themselves at a disadvantage when they run their entire business on email service providers (ESPs) and a patchwork of point solutions. This approach results in subpar marketing and inferior customer experiences—and no way for marketers to understand the big picture of why and how their customers are shopping.

Join us for What Comes After the ESP for E-Commerce to hear how a B2C CRM solution can empower you to deliver more relevant and effective campaigns. Walk away with ideas and strategies you can implement right away—to make your data work harder and make your job easier.


Eric Keating is the VP of marketing at Zaius, an e-commerce marketing platform built to drive repeat purchases and maximize customer lifetime revenue. Prior to Zaius, Eric led strategic marketing efforts across a variety of SaaS companies.

Who Should Attend?

Any B2C/e-commerce marketer who wants to improve their customer data and gain better, actionable insights from it.

What Will You Learn?

  • The current state of marketing technology in B2C
  • The fundamental differences between ESP and CRM solutions
  • How dynamic, real-time customer segmentation can power smarter campaigns
  • How cross-channel campaign orchestration is more effective than batch-and-blast

About Our Sponsor:

Zaius Imagine marketing automation, analytics, and CRM software brought together in one dream B2C marketing platform. Zaius combines a single customer view with real-time, multi-channel marketing automation and cross-channel attribution, empowering marketers to drive more repeat purchases and maximize customer lifetime revenue. It’s the first CRM built specifically for B2C marketers.

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