Debra Guzov of Guzov Ofsink LLC , a New York-based international law firm, takes the personality of each new marketplace into account when building the company's global brand.

"To establish our brand overseas, we selectively market by going to conferences domestically and overseas where we will be able to target particular audiences," she says.
Guzov also knows that another important step in building a global brand that works on a local level is using experts who can connect different cultures. "To develop the Chinese market, we use native Chinese speaking attorneys who are licensed in the U.S. and China," she explains. "This facilitates a natural bridge between our clients in China and the U.S. corporate and securities market."
Lesson Learned: Effective branding is a big part of building a positive reputation, making it the most important asset a company can have, especially abroad. The brand must be at the center of everything you do to promote your products around the world.
Building a global brand requires you also educate your customers. Go beyond simply selling to your overseas customers and build real relationships with them. For example, Guzov says, "We are truly counselors to our clients because not only do we offer legal services, but we believe an integral part of our business is education. From explaining the intricacies of our securities regulations to our clients, to explaining the procedures and requirements for litigating in the courts of the United States, no question should go unanswered."
Lesson Learned: "Make it your duty to educate your clients by allowing them to enter any market with ease," says Guzov.

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Building a Global Brand: Start by Educating Your Customers

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