The increasing impetus to green up corporate modus operandi has companies scrambling to find ways large and small to protect the environment–and to position their businesses to connect with like-minded customers. Let's face it: it makes good business sense to do this, and it's the right thing to do.

I've blogged about B2C environmentally friendly business concepts in the past, and a new article on the BtoB online site has focused on the B2B sector's efforts, and I think it has value.
"New Companies Sprout Up to Help Marketers Reach Green Businesses" highlights a number of media and marketing companies that have been founded solely to assist companies that are making inroads in having more efficient, environmentally friendly operations, and to position and market them as such.
Of course, being green means different things to different companies. As the article warns, companies must determine what they are legitimately doing to protect the environment.
Saving natural resources, using predominantly recycled products, employing renewable energy/alternative power, streamlining supply chain logistics, improving transportation efficiencies, and/or offering greener products to their customers, have to be legitimately proven before beginning any marketing efforts to state their green position. That includes messaging on their web sites, in newsletters, multi-media channels or social networks.
"We always counsel companies that it makes sense to get your own house in order prior to touting any green attributes in products and services," stated Kyle Cahill, in the article. Mr. Cahill works for a non-profit organization known as Environmental Defense. He counsels companies to perform comprehensive internal audits of their environmental efforts before they launch any green marketing programs.
While companies feel good about doing business with like-minded companies, especially those who are going green, or getting greener, it is even more important for them to feel confident that their business partners are being authentic in their positioning and can back up what they say they are doing. As many bloggers have pointed out on the Daily Fix before: Authenticity is crucial.
Sites the article mentions and Daily Fix readers may want to check out for more information on adopting green initiatives and making them part of their marketing strategies:
Earth Advertising
Greener World Media sites:,, &
Trade show organizer Green Media Enterprises
Environmental Defense
Thought for the day: Legitimately going green and marketing green can make green.

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