I recently took to the Internet in search of a podiatrist. After an awkward incident last summer involving my right foot and ill-fitting sandals, I realized it was time. I am a big proponent of leveraging the World Wide Web for answers to common questions, problems, and, of course, self-diagnosing random medical issues. Because I'm in marketing, however, my mind quickly drifted from my need for a foot doctor to a lesson in Content Marketing 101.

My Google search led me to a pretty darn good site all about podiatry. A podiatry association, in fact! The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) has done an excellent job of pulling together some pretty fabulous resources on what many may consider a not-so-fabulous subject. We are talking about feet.

Sites That Stumbled Along

Prior to visiting the podiatry association site, however, I came across a few others sites that just didn’t quite do it for me. The first site--- spine-health---left me bewildered. Sure, the content on the page addresses foot pain, but spine-health, really? My problem is with my foot, not my spine (thank heavens). Right away, I felt like I was in the wrong place.

Two other sites I came across either offered either too much information or too little. You don’t want to overwhelm (or underwhelm) your visitors upon what could presumably be their first encounter with your landing page. Much like the little bear's porridge, your web page should be just right based on the needs of your visitors.

Content That Works

The APMA site is a very inviting site that is not only easy to navigate but chock full of useful content for the industry as well as laypersons seeking them out for information. The association has done a great job of showcasing needed information in interesting, engaging ways. (Yes, we're talking about feet, but the content works!) The site includes...

  • Checklists and charts to assist in understanding and diagnosing a potential foot problem.

  • Video format FAQs with real doctors. (At least, I hope they are real!)

  • A nifty “find a podiatrist in your ZIP code” search function

You can learn more about feet if you are so inclined or manage your practice as a podiatrist---all while keeping up on the latest state and federal regulations and advocacy initiatives.

A Helpful Call to Action

There is a link to not only join the association but also to further one’s learning in the podiatry profession through various continuing education options. The association has also done a great job of incorporating its Twitter feed onto the site and prominent links to find them on other social channels are easily accessible at the bottom of their home page.

What Marketers Can Learn From the APMA Website

So many of you are thinking, “A lot of people have websites like this one...  What’s the big deal?” The point here is that whatever industry you are in, own it! Having relevant, easy to discern, valuable content is critical to your business, no matter what you do.

Your website is generally the hub of your content and, ultimately, the first place people will engage with you. Keep your messaging organized and consistent so that your customers (or random people like me doing a search about foot problems) will find you and, most importantly, tell others about you (sort of like I’m doing right now … ) Just remember it all starts with putting your best foot forward!

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Courtney Bosch is a content manager for e-learning and events at MarketingProfs, managing content for seminars and virtual events.

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