• Number of lessons: 4
  • Time to complete: 60–90 minutes
  • Topic: Management
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A good marketing plan isn't merely a spreadsheet of your upcoming tactical schedule. It's much more significant—and more important—than that. But what makes a winning marketing plan, and what all does it need to include? And how do you get started? In five targeted lessons, this course will cover that and more, from creating a framework and establishing your goals to crafting the pieces that'll win over key decision-makers.


  • 1 Define the differences between a marketing plan and a business plan, why those strategies are essential, and how they impact your marketing plan
  • 2 Understand the fundamental principles of marketing plan development
  • 3 Describe attainable goals and summarize how the implementation of your marketing plan will reach them
  • 4 Explain your goals and objectives and how your plan achieves them
  • 5 Distinguish the difference between tactics and strategies


  • Developing a Framework for Marketing Success

    Let's start with what you need to prioritize before you sit down to write your marketing plan and how to set yourself up for success. This lesson will give you a solid framework to get to work and provide you with the tools necessary to begin building your marketing plan.

  • Achieve Your Goals With a Thorough Marketing Plan

    Your marketing plan is a written document that identifies a goal and the action to achieve it. In this segment, you'll learn the real purpose behind a marketing plan and why it is crucial to stay focused on that goal.

  • Eight Key Components of a Winning Marketing Plan

    Your marketing plan plays a vital role in defining and guiding your more immediate-term marketing activities. That means how you structure your marketing plan—and how you approach standard marketing plan components—can be the difference between winning and woefully lackluster program performance. In this lesson, you'll learn the best way to structure your plan, each section you need to include, and proven must-haves based on industry best practices.

  • Crafting the Executive Summary of Your Marketing Plan

    This lesson covers the necessary steps for crafting the most critical section of your marketing plan—the executive summary. Done correctly, it will clearly communicate your marketing plan to decision-makers, serve as a roadmap to gaining new customers, and improve your organization's success.

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