• Number of lessons: 8
  • Time to complete: 60–90 minutes
  • Topic: Branding
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Since the beginning of time, humans have used storytelling to share thoughts, values, history, and accomplishments. We use it as a means of education, entertainment, knowledge exchange, and business.

As marketers, we need to start harnessing brand stories that both engage customers and achieve business goals. This course will show you how to transform marketing messages into purposeful narratives using proven storytelling tools, so you can help customers develop emotional, personal connections with your brand.


  • 1 Identify and apply storytelling techniques used by brands to create content marketing assets
  • 2 Utilize proven storytelling tools across multiple channels and formats to create emotional, personal connections with customers
  • 3 Create relevant brand story messages that meet engagement, delivery, and business goals


  • What is Storytelling?

    For millennia, humans have used stories to share history, educate, and entertain. They resonate most when they create emotional connections with the audience.

  • Understanding Story Structure

    From cave walls to laptops: many stories share a similar structure. While the outcome might be unknown to the audience, they understand from experience that the best stories will deliver a resolution worth waiting for, no matter how many twists and turns the narrative takes. In this lesson, you'll learn a methodology for discovering and telling business stories. You'll learn how to transform marketing messages into compelling narratives that persuade audiences to take action, whether it's to buy your product, adopt a new concept, or change their behavior.

  • Developing a Brand Story

    This lesson covers making your brand the focal point of a story your customers want to hear. You'll learn how to turn your brand message into a good story and start telling this story consistently with examples from real brands who do it well.

  • Defining Your Audience

    Marketers must have an audience in mind each time they create a piece of content—or tell a story. This lesson covers how defining your audience will focus on your messaging and help you select the right story to solicit the emotion you want from your readers, listeners, or viewers (and the action you want them to take). You'll also learn about using archetypes that align with your defined audience and time-test storytelling methods like The Hero's Journey and The Narrative Wheel to tell customer-centric stories that matter to them.

  • How to Humanize Your Brand Through Video

    Put away that jargon and corporate lingo. There's a better way to connect with your customers! You'll learn how to connect with your customers using relevant and appealing video content that does more than just push your products.

  • The Power of Infographics in Presentations

    Using infographics in your presentations is an excellent way for information to be quickly consumed, understood, and remembered. You'll learn essential best practices for using infographics to help you communicate more effectively.

  • Engaging Your Audience Using Podcasts

    Developing your podcast may require a little technical prowess and production skills (though not nearly as much as it used to), but the important part of a podcast isn't the audio recording but the story being told. If you have insights to share and can do so through Q&A sessions, interviews, roundtable discussions, and plain old storytelling, your customers will want to hear them.

  • Delivering Your Story and Meeting Business Goals

    The stories you tell should work toward your business goals, whether that's awareness, revenue, market share, or something else entirely. In this lesson, you'll learn why not every asset needs to mention your products, services, or experts to achieve those goals and how to harness emotion and logic to influence buying decisions.

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